Death In Venice (1971) Official Trailer – Luchino Visconti Drama Movie D

Two great artists of the 20th century Luchino Visconti, the filmmaker Two artists combined… To tell the story of an artist Dirk Bogarde is Aschenbach The artist at the climax of his career Composer, conductor, maker of great music… … suddenly alone. We once had one of those… in my father’s house. The aperture through which the sand runs is so tiny that… … at first it seems as if the level in the upper glass… …never changes. To our eyes it appears that the sand runs out only at the end. And until it does… it’s not worth thinking about. ’till the last moment… … when there’s no more time. Aschenbach, the artist at the crisis of his life (Jeers) Perfection! The abstraction of the senses! It’s all gone. Nothing remains. Nothing, nothing, nothing! Your music is stillborn! Suddenly alone… Alone in a magical city they say is doomed to sink back into the sea from which, by Venus, it rose. Aschenbach, the artist at the crisis of his life… …. here faces the images of beauty and mortality. Why are they disinfecting Venice? Go away immediately. Don’t delay. Please, I beg you. Take Tadzio and your daughters. I implore you. Please. Venice is gripped by pestilence. The appreciation of this major addition to those few films which join the canon of great art has been expressed by select audiences and critics in England and throughout the continent with repeated use of one word. “Masterpiece”

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