“Death of a Nation” Trailer | Official Theatrical Trailer HD, In Theaters Now

Voiceover: Lincoln was elected to unite
a country and stop slavery. Democrats smeared him, went to war
against him, assasinated him. Now, their target is Trump. [Crowd chanting] Host: Donald Trump wins the presidency.
Trump: So help me God. [Protestor yelling] Voiceover: They say he’s killing America. Green: There will be a vote to impeach. Voiceover: They say he’s a racist… Jones: This was a whitelash. Voiceover: And a fascist.
Who are the real racists? [Whip cracking and man screaming] Guelzo: Northern Democrats had
conspired together with Southern Democrats to take away the fruit
of other people’s labor. Voiceover: Who are the real facists? Hitler: [Speaking German] [Crowd yelling] Mussolini: [Speaking Italian] Paxton: Both Mussolini and Hitler
set up and ran welfare states. Black: This is done by the
do-gooders, the liberals, the people who wanted to improve society. Voiceover: Which party attacks
our free speech… SS General: How dare you speak
against the Fuehrer? Voiceover: …our religious liberty,
and our personal safety? [Gun cocking and firing] Voiceover: A nation dies when
its people are not free. We too must fight for freedom,
regardless of the price we pay. Scholl: An end in terror is preferable
to a terror with no end. Voiceover: The stakes could not be higher.
We’re talking about America… [Soldiers yelling]
Voiceover: the greatest nation on Earth. Lincoln saved America for the first time. [Choir singing] Voiceover: It’s now up to us to
save America a second time.


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