Deb Margolin: Theatre and Humanity

For me the Theatre is the answer to
everything. Life is very short, it’s very sweet, it’s
very full, and the Theatre is the place where we go to see each other. The people are there. It’s in the flesh- it takes place live. Anything can happen. There is it’s
like life. The lights go down, the lights come up on the stage, and there is humanity spread out in
front of you. You stare at these people’s bodies. You evaluate their morals and their intellectual… capacity, you compare yourself to them, you think about the society you live in. For the actor it makes out of a community of people a concerned group of witnesses. And when you reveal yourself your humanity you say something about the whole human condition. Your life, your feelings, your choices, your struggles, your grievance, your grief, your loss, your love, the thing that lights you up
and make you want to go on living… Every single one of the stories is
profound and compelling. Both in the telling and in the
audition of those stories are profound acts of
kindness I consider it a sacrament to take and receive on
either end.

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