Deewangi – Episode 03 || English Subtitles || 1st January 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Excuse me. Excuse me. Yes, go ahead. I want to talk to you. Why? Nothing special, just wanted to know your
name and where you live. Why? I have established a company… You are the same person I spilled
water on the other day. Yes. You have been traveling in the
bus every second day now. Can I know the reason? You look like a decent man…No, you are taking me wrong, I look like a goon, but I am a good guy. Look, I have no wrong intention, I am not following you for the wrong reason, I wanted to meet you know your name. What? Look, I will tell you. I cannot talk here. We can sit at a restaurant or a coffee café and talk. Look I feel this job is not upto your standard you are wasting your time here. I have recently started a company and
I need a secretary there, you fulfill the requirement, I want you to join me. I will give you what you deserve. I will wait for your call. This is my card, keep it. My name is Sultan Durrani. How did you even think this that
I will come running on one offer? I don’t deserve this job, its not my standard,
you cannot judge that? If you follow me again or
try to talk to me again, I will inform the management. If the need is, I will complain to the police.
Do you hear me? I got it. Come on Nida. Nageen, what are you doing?
Hear him out once. It could have been
something important. Thank God, you found out her name or else for the last month you
had been running after her. What happened? Someone as status conscious, haughty as you, and her position. I cannot digest this. What? That there is a big status gap between you two,
she is a simple bus hostess, its complete unbelievable. I don’t get it either, I don’t know how it happened,
I don’t get it. Sultan you fall in love like that, without knowing in a second.
You don’t even know. You are feeling this because she is a simple girl and maybe for the first time you are in love and got insulted by a girl. I think you have been impressed with her simplicity so you
are running after her. Girls like these know a
lot of tactics to fool you, her smile, her tears, her hair. They try a lot on you guys. Don’t say that, she is not like that. Why do you get upset? It feels like you are really in love. I don’t know man, I feel someone did magic on me. Since I saw her, my heart
and mind are stuck there. I cannot remove her face
from in front of my eyes. That ordinary girl insulted
me so much today and I stood there watching her, I didn’t say a word. I don’t understand what happened to me. What do you want? Will you propose her? I don’t know, I want to stay near her, I want to see her, I don’t know if I will be able
to marry her or not, but I want her attention. Sultan, something that is out of reach, you want it. You are not in
the habit to hear no, so you are attracted to her. That simple girl has warned you, if you go after her she will
complain to the police. Complain where? To the police? She’s so innocent. You be serious once. I am serious or should I say
this is the first time I am serious. Hello. This is Sultan Durrani. Who Sultan Durrani? You forgot so soon, I met you at the bus
station the other day. You? How did you get my number? For me tracing a number is not hard. You didn’t give me a chance to talk, I wanted to call you and tell you that I am restlessly waiting for your reply. What reply are you waiting for? I offered you a job. Look, don’t take me as the wrong person,
I am not flirting with you, I just want to help you, I feel a girl like you doesn’t deserve this ordinary job. If you work with me… Shut up. If you say another word…
You will complain to the management? What if that management fires you
if I ask them, then what will you do? Look, you do what you want to, just leave me alone. I cannot. What do you want? I want to know you, come near you, make you mine. Just shut up. Why are you not giving the ticket?
The bus went empty. Hey, one mad man got all the tickets. The second car will leave after sunset, you guys come then. Excuse me. Excuse me. Yes. Yes, sir. I wanted that. That what? Newspaper. Here you go. No, I want English newspaper, this… Sir we have these newspapers only. Really? Okay, no problem. Thank you. Excuse me. Excuse me. One minute. Yes sir. I am really thirsty, do you have something to drink? What will you have, juice or water? What do you like? I mean, when you are thirsty,
what do you have? Get me water please. Excuse me. Sorry. Nothing. I think that rich man, has fallen in love with you. I feel bad for him. You feel bad for him and I am upset with him. He is really serious about you, he travels in the bus for one sight of you. You should listen to him, it may be something important. Maybe he wants to propose you. I am not mad to hear him out and he is not mad to propose me. Why? What do you lack that you
are from a poor family. Faryal, remember, you said that I shouldn’t get
frank with any passenger. Stop comparing him to that
loafer that was after me. He looks stupid from his face. He tells me that if I
don’t accept his proposal, he will kill me. But he looks nice and
from a good family. So you are saying that,
that rich family guy will propose me. Not a chance. Why not? I know such men well, they have 10 girl friends. He looks like a flirt, if he comes in front of me
now I will teach him a lesson. He will not even come in front of me. I am going to Karachi for a
few days to Sultan. Bi jaan, can I come along? Sure, do come. I will be happy. Sultan will go in the morning,
and come in the evening, I will have your company. No, you don’t need to go. Mom, please let me go. Please let me go. Please. Bi Jaan, I have some news about your grandson. He is traveling in a bus
from Larkana to Karachi. How is that possible? A man who never saw buses, has always traveled in land
cruisers and planes, why would he travel in a bus now? We can expect this from Sultan, he likes getting attention. My sources have told me. It may be possible he is
doing this for adventure, kids of today do this and Sultan you know well is into these hobbies. and he leaves these hobbies easily. We will have to keep an eye on him, I want to know his motive. BNi Jaan, you are going, you talk to him, he is a high profile personality, he shouldn’t go in buses
without security like this. He is the only heir of the family. If something happens to him, our family will have no one. God forbid. What are you saying son. God give him a long life
and make him smart. Don’t worry, I am going,
I will talk to him. Bi Jaan, that won’t help, prepare him to marry Narmeen. This much budget? Be careful when making a budget. I am signing it,
go take it from the finance. Thank you sir. Hello. This is Narmeen. Yes madam how are you? Is Sultan at work? Yes, he is. Is he alone or with someone? He is with a friend. He is having coffee and working. Is the friend a boy or girl? Boy, you know Mr. Fawad, he comes daily to meet sir. Listen, I am coming to Karachi, I have to talk about something important,
be free. Yes… sure madam. I want you to keep an eye
on Sultan’s activities. What he does. Where he goes. Who he meets. You need to inform me
about this on the phone. What are you saying madam? If sir finds out my job…
Your sir won’t know anything. If you do my work, I will give you double of what you make. Look, you have given me some information, I just want to know who that girl is, where she lives and how is
she related to Sultan. In fact, we have to plan something to
get her out of Sultan’s life. But that is for later, investigate right now, the sooner the better. Keep this 5 lakh as advance, rest of the money after the job is done. Nageen. Yeah? What happened?
Why did you stop? This is him. Who? The guy I told you who calls me and threatens me.
He is him. I won’t leave him, see how he will run from the name
of the police. No Nageen, you won’t talk to him. But why? This is my matter, I will tackle it myself.
I will come with you. No, you wait here for 2 minutes,
I will go fix his mind. You are back? I have not seen anyone as cheap as you. What can I do? I am helpless at the hands of my heart, if I don’t see you I am not at peace.
You say yes once, I will stop bothering you.
I will leave coming here. Just say I love you once. I told you to stop following me, but you won’t listen, I will complain to the police about you. Complain to whoever you want, I won’t stop following you. What do you want?
Why are you after me? I love you, a lot. I want to marry you, if you cannot be mine,
you will not be anyone else’s either. I have told you, I am engaged. In 10 days I am getting married. Leave me alone. Leave me. Your wedding will be done after I die, say yes right now or I will teach you
a lesson the world will see. Threaten someone else like this, I don’t even want to spit on you. Getting married to you is out of the question,
someone like you cannot even be called human. You won’t agree. No, I won’t. I won’t, even if I die. What are you doing?
What are you doing? Faryal! Faryal! Faryal! Stop! The situation is really serious. I don’t know man, I don’t get it. You know my temperament. There were so many girls in
my life that left, but I have not focused on one. Maybe this is why I never got married, but this time I am restless. Restless? I can see that. You are dying to see even one look of her. If this is not love,
what is this? I don’t know what it is, I don’t get it. Yes. Sultan, I will have to agree to one thing, this is the first girl who has
rejected your friendship. Not only that she insulted you a lot. This time I am also adamant
that I will befriend her. Will this stay on friendship or
progress any further? Right now I want to win her heart, get her attention. I want her but if she is stubborn, I will tell her who I really am. Be quick. Faryal. Faryal. You wait, please, wait.
Drive fast. Please. Wait a little. Please, have some patience.
How long to go? Her name is Nageen Fiaz. She work as a bus hostess in
a private bus company. What? Mr. Sultan is madly in love with her and he travels in the bus,
just to see her. Viewers, there is another episode of women
harassment that has come out. One unknown man threw acid on a woman
at a bus stop and escaped. The girl is critical, who is just been
shifted to the hospital. Doctor, I am Faryal’s friend, Nageem, how is she? Her face got burned. I spoke to a lot of NGOs they
are ready to help us, get her a surgery, how is she now? Is she fine? Look, not just her face, but her vital organs have been burned, we couldn’t save her even after trying hard. We are very sorry. You inform her family immediately and also the police. Be strong. Why are you not letting us enter?
Give us way. Move out of the way. Why are you not letting us enter?
Give us way. Move out of the way. when a girl steps out of the home, every man looks at her with a dirty eye. Our job is like that, we need to face weird people. Harassment is part of our culture, even in multinationals this happens. How long will we be a burden on our family, we have to save for our own dowry. He looks cheap from his face. He says that if I don’t accept his proposal,[ he will kill me. What are you doing? What are you doing? What do you want? You animals, don’t you get it? What do you want? What are you doing? What do you mean? We are covering the event.
How are you related to the victim? Why do you care? She is also her room mate,
she was thrown acid on in front of her. We have heard the incident took
place in front of you. The criminal escaped after throwing the acid.
Do you know him? What do you know tell us?
Do you know why this happened? I couldn’t believe Sultan will
have such a low standard, he is going mad after a
simple bus hostess. I don’t believe what you are saying. I understand now,
why he is traveling in a bus. Oh my God. I am feeling disgusted thinking that someone like Sultan and a girl who earns a few thousands. If he wanted to have an affair, he should have had it with
someone with a status, someone who could be compared to me. I am getting sick thinking this that he only found that bus
hostess to have an affair. Did you tell Bi Jaan? No, not yet. I have kept an eyes on his activities, have some investigators after him, I will insult him after getting all proofs. What does he think of me? He is giving importance to that cheap girls
on me and I will be at peace here? Be calm child, don’t do anything stupid
that it ruins things. You get what I am saying? Mom, I am going mad.
I am not in my senses. I want to go shoot that girl right now. Sultan didn’t do right with me, I will never forgive him. Never! Hello, Narmeen. Viewers, we have a breaking news for you, we are at Pakistan bus
services right now, here a girl has been thrown acid on here. You are seeing this news
first on our channel. The bus hostess was here on
duty when acid was thrown on her. These issues are increasing in
Pakistan day by day. What is the reason, we will find out.
We will move to the audience now…. Sir, Mr. Sultan has come… Hey. Mr. Sultan has come,
let him come. Yes sir. Hello sir. Hello. Sir, why are you here? I was passing from here,
I saw the rush and stopped. What happened? Sir an acid attack case, the girl refused to get married, so he threw acid and killed her, we have found all proof.
He will soon be in prison. What was her name?
Where did she live? Sir, she is from Jhung, her name is Faryal Ahmed. Don’t worry, we are doing
proper investigation on this. Sir, say hello to Mr. Durrani from me. Hello. Hello. People, this is the back area
of the bus station, where the girl named Faryal
was thrown acid on. As per the eye witness,
the killer was on a bike and ran away. Did you find out? Madam, she is not the girl. Someone else.
Sir also left the office worried, I think he went to the bus station. I am paying you millions to give me
the wrong information? I have been telling you to get a
proper investigator after Sultan, I want every single movement
of his recorded. Now do one thing, give me proper photo and video
proof of Sultan and Nageen. Fine madam, I will try. Nageen Faiyaz, I will not leave you. You survived this time, but I will not leave you. Being friends with Sultan will cost you. I will insult you and Sultan so
much in this city that you will save your face all your life. If Sultan is not mine,
I will not let him be yours either.


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