Deewangi – Episode 04 || English Subtitles || 8th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Viewers, breaking news for you, we are at Pakbus travels where we have found out another incident of
acid being thrown at a girl. These incidents have been increasing
in Pakistan day by day. Why are they happening?
Where are they happening? We will find out. Lets move to the people and
ask them what they have to say. Come on. Hello, how are you? Fine. Tell our viewers,
tell us how Faryal was, how was her behavior,
how she used to live here? Faryal was a good girl, her behavior
was good with everyone, she was from a good family. People we will break this news to you that there has been a development
in the Faryal murder case. Our channel has got the
CCTV footage, where you can clearly
see the killers face. The killer argues with woman
and then threatens her, when the woman resists he throws
acid on her and runs away. The killer has been identified and
will be captured soon. The woman’s staff say that the woman
had relations with this man and later she refused to marry him,
he threw acid on her. There was something between them. They loved each other,
then he started bothering her, then a stage came where
he threw acid on her and when the boy used to come
Faryal used to go with him. Okay, you tell me, did she tell
you something clearly. No, she was the secretive type, she wouldn’t share anything with anyone. She had some relations,
that is why this happened. What nonsense is this? Faryal didn’t have an affair with him. Who was he then? He used to travel in the bus, to look at Faryal, he also wanted to be friends. When Faryal told him to send his family with the proposal, you know what he said? He said he would not marry someone
as ordinary as her. If she wants to be friends, she can keep the card. Faryal threw the card in his face. After that he blackmailed her. Faryal was even engaged to her cousin. Then he threatened her, he stopped her way twice in front of me. Why don’t you tell this to the media? It won’t make a difference. The media people need spice, they don’t care how Faryal’s
family must be feeling. Who was it? That was murdered? Her room mate I think, it would have been fun if
she was in her place. Are you by any chance behind this murder? How can you even think that? Me? I would murder someone? And dad doesn’t even know
about all this. I know you well, I am well aware of your father to. You can go to any length for your benefit and taking someone’s life? That is ordinary for you people. Mom, you should trust your daughter. I may be madly in love with Sultan, but I will not take anyone’s life. Leave Sultan alone.
Leave following that girl too. You will not get anything. The elections are nearby, don’t do anything that ruins
your father’s respect. Are you going somewhere? Yes, we are going to Faryal’s home and then Hyderabad.
Will you come along? No, I have my duty. Hello. Yes, this is Nageen. What channel? Look, I have told you earlier that Faryal was
my roommate, I was her friend too but I don’t want to comment
on her personal life. When I have nothing to do with this,
why should I talk about it? Will you people stop disturbing me? Yes viewers, I am at Faryal Ahmed’s home,
who was killed in an acid attack. She was really happy go lucky
and full of life Faryal Ahmed, didn’t know that her life
would end like this, her dreams would break, she would never be
able to smile again. Viewers lets talk to
Faryal’s family on this. Come, we will talk to Faryal’s father, who has been suffering
from cancer for 3 years. Faryal’s father is here,
she was your only daughter, and the bread winner for your home,
she faced such a big tragedy, do you want to say something on this? Did the government offer
you any support? You are Faryal’s friend and were
with her on the day of the incident, can you think your friend
will be killed like this, do you know the reason
behind the murder? Look, I came here to meet her parents, I am here to console them
in the tough time. We have been facing tough times,
its hard to answer your questions for us. Come lets find out information
from the family. This is the mother who’s
child was killed brutally, think what she went through. What would the mother be going through
when she saw the face of her daughter. Where were you when the
incident happened? I was at home, how would I know what
my daughter going through. Viewers you see we are
breaking this news to you Where were you when
this incident happened? As per our information,
she had some relation that this happened. As per our information… You tell us what happened? Do you know who that boy was?
Tell us what happened. Hello. Yes this is Nageen. Nageen, Faryal’s friend. You asked me to come to
your show that day, yes I want to come. Fine. Bye. What was the need to go to that show? Your brother saw you
talking on that channel, people will make stories about
your friendship with the girl who was killed by her lover using acid. Faryal had nothing to do with that boy. She was a good girl. She was treated badly and
you people are saying this. Fine she is from a good family, but she had to be vigilant. What was the need to love such a man. Such girls, she marries someone and
loves someone else. Sister, please. Nothing like that. Its not that, but people will say. People say, this is what they do.
I didn’t expect this from you, this could happen with anyone.
What if it happens to me? God forbid this happens to you. God protect us from such a death. I used to tell you not to do a job, you wanted to. I was looking for proposals for you. You are talking about Anwar. That marriage planner told you
many other proposals but you were not ready. You wanted to do a job, did you see, how insulted we feel. Listen to me, girls are protected in their home,
not outside. Sister, no woman steps
out for a job out of fun, she does it out of helplessness. After all, one person cannot run the house. I am surprised, actually shocked at women like you, who instead of supporting
Faryal are cursing her. Our society is like this, and this is how it will be, so please shut up and
don’t talk to any channel. The channels are after me. They are asking me weird questions
about Faryal and her personal life. Why you? Why are you being asked? Fine, you were her friend, but it doesn’t mean you go on channels. If any channel calls you now,
then you don’t answer it and say no. I have said no already.
But I have changed my mind now. Faryal’s character is being
doubted and I don’t like it. Sister, Faryal was my friend, I have a right to talk about what she
went through. Don’t stop me from this. Sister. We have invited some experts
to talk on this topic, we have also invited Faryal’s friend
Nageen on the show as well, we also tried inviting Faryal’s
parents to the show but that didn’t happen, so in this show we will have
Nageen Fayaz, let me invite her. Hello Nageen. Hello. How are you? Fine. Have a seat. Nageen tell us,
do you work in the same company and tell us did you see what happened?
What did you see? The two of us went together on duty, and this incident took
place in front of me. Who was that boy? Did he have a relation
with your friend? He liked Faryal. He followed her often. He used to threaten her on call. When he found out that
Faryal is going to get married… So did he want to get married to Faryal
and did they have some argument? Look, there is no point talking about this on the topic of the show. Ms. Nageen, we only want to know…
Who that boy way? How was he related to Faryal? Did he want to marry her or be friends? What is the point of all this? Nageen is on TV? What channel. Tell me the channel. One minute. The reason for me coming on the show is…
I will call back. don’t keep your daughters at home
cause of the fear of this incident. In fact, educate them.
Give them confidence. All the parents, who focus on the upbringing
of their daughters, do the same for your sons. The incident Faryal faced, that can happen to anyone, with you. To your daughters, anyone. Faryal was not just her parents daughter, but of the whole nation. The incident that happened to her, the daughters of the nation should unite. If today, the media and the audience
stand up against this, then the problems women
face can be reduced. For that we need all of us to be one. Just. Put on a drama. What drama? This is the best.
Lets clap. Daughter of this home…
This girl talks so well. Yes, she is absolutely right.
This show has gone viral in the country. Yes, I didn’t know she could speak so well. I have to agree to one thing, I have never seen such a bold
and confident girl in my life, she speaks so well. She has shut up the host.
The show must have got great rating. I had told you, I fell in love and she is no ordinary girl. You don’t need beauty to love someone, that girl is capable of loving. Finally you accepted you love her. I think that was love at first sight.
I felt the time stopped. I couldn’t stop looking at her. But I felt something that her work
her duty is not of her caliber, I saw a spark in that girl,
that I have not seen before. When are you expressing your love? For that I have to talk to her. The situation currently
doesn’t allow that. She is short tempered,
I don’t think she will come meet me alone. What do you think? Will you send the proposal directly? I will talk to her, I mean I need to know
if she likes me or not. What do you think?
Will she say yes? Why not? She must not have thought
of this proposal in her life, but don’t waste your time,
go talk to her tomorrow. Your family will agree right? Never. Bi Jaan is not status conscious but to convince her will be hard for me. Tougher than that is you
expressing your love. Come You are back, where are the cameras?
You got us insulted, you do what you want, I said no,
now see the freedom she got. She got us insulted. When everyone said no,
why did you go? I had to go, the type of things they were saying, what could I do? Faryal was my friend. You are an iron lady, you were her only sympathizer, her own family didn’t
want to come on TV She likes going on TV, being famous, that is why she went. Mama, nothing like that. It is this, that is why I was against this job, I knew she would do something like this. She went to Karachi.
Why did you go, tell me? Why did you go for this cheap girl. The whole locality is making fun of us,
you shameless girl. Why? Why are people talking like this?
What have I done? What have you done? If it was in my hands,
I would have kept you at home, you want to hear the truth? To hear the truth, your sister has put a
committee of 300,000 for your wedding. Listen, once the committee is complete, get her married and get out of the house. Once the committee is complete,
I will marry her to Anwar. Anwar? I have already said no for that. its not like before Anwar has changed.
He has changed, and become a good man,
has setup his own workshop. The man who cannot talk
to a woman properly, he cannot respect a woman,
I don’t even want him mentioned. Or I will leave forever. Listen…Hey. Look at her,
she is bossing us around. look at her. What do you want?
What are you doing here? I am here…I saw you talking in an interview,
you speak well. Is this it? No, I have a lot to say, please don’t cut the phone, hear me out once. I don’t want to talk to you, its best you leave or I will call the security. What if I don’t leave? You are forcing me to call the security, please leave and don’t try
to follow me again. You are taking me wrong, hear me out once, I am from a good family, I don’t like following you,
just hear me once, I will leave. What do you want? That is what I am saying,
I want to talk to you, I want to tell you something. I don’t want to hear anything,
I am not interested. If you don’t hear me out,
then I will stand here. I will stand here till you
don’t come and talk to me. Fine, don’t go, stand there. Who is this idiot? I am standing here. What are you doing here
at this hour? Is all ok? Bi Jaan, I am waiting for Sultan, its late night, he has not come yet. What Sultan hasn’t come home? You are short tempered, I knew that but I didn’t know you
would be stone hearted, I have been waiting for the past 10 hours, its midnight and its raining too. Have mercy on me. What are you doing here? Waiting for you. Are you mad? You made me mad, you have the cure for it. Look, I request you to leave before someone sees you
and a scandal is created, I could lose my job, please. I can also get into a scandal, you don’t know who I am. Whoever you are, I don’t care. Why are you looking to get me insulted. I want to give you respect. I want to marry you. Will you marry me? No. Even after knowing who I am. If you think I will be impressed knowing
your status, then you are stupid. If you really want to marry me, then send your family over in the
day to meet my family. If you were really interested you wouldn’t be sitting here outside my hostel
at night in an attempt to get me insulted. How did you think I
want to insult you? Listen to me, I am respectable girl. You will find a girl your status to spend
time with you knowing your status. But I am not one of them. I told you, if you don’t agree to me,
I will stand here all night, do you believe my love or you
want to test me further. I am not interested in you or your love. Cant you give me a chance.
What chance? A chance to love you.
I said I really like you. You are a stubborn man. You will regret losing me.
You are mistaken. Don’t you understand what I am saying, I am saying I love you. I stayed here in the rain for you,
to talk to you, what are you worth? You do such an ordinary job. I am trying to tell you that this job is not
for someone as intelligent as you, you don’t deserve it. I am taking you to the skies and you… You can keep your sky, I am happy with the land I have. Even if I want to go to the sky, I will not go holding your hand.


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