Deewangi – Episode 06 || English Subtitles || 22nd Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

He has taken a lot of stress. Doctor, nothing to worry about, right? You know because of extreme
anger and stress, his BP increases. For a heart patient this
can be dangerous. I am giving some medication but try to keep him away from stress. Sultan. Sultan. Sultan? Sultan. Get up. Why are you locked in the room? Are you afraid to face the world. You have been smoking since yesterday. Are you in your senses? Do you want to commit suicide? Someone else will have to
commit suicide, do you think I am so weak? Stop this nonsense, forget her. The world is filled with pretty girls, what is lacking for you. Get up and get out, face the world. I am not afraid of anyone Bi Jaan, I am helpless. I know the media must be waiting for
me to step out, as soon as I do, they will throw questions at me. I am worried for Mujadid, his BP shot up. Even after the doctor advised him not to, he kept a press conference and he
wants that you too should be there. What was a need to have a press
conference in this situation, when the whole media is against us? All this is your fault Sultan, your stupidity got us here. If you had cared for your position, you wouldn’t have done this. Excuse me. Hi Mrs. Nageen, how are you? I am fine. I have been calling you for 2 days,
but you are not answering. All ok? I wanted to invite you to my show. I don’t want to come to any show. Hey, listen to me, at least let me speak.
You need to come to my show. Look, you need to come to my show, if a bold and confident girl like you,
if you raise your voice against Sultan Durrani… Look, I don’t want to raise
my voice against anyone. Look, you know my show is about women
empowerment, sexual harassment. Last time to came to my show
in the acid victim case, you know that is getting a lot of publicity and
on social media it is still discussed. People are really impressed by
your confidence. Recently the incident that
occurred with you, we were shocked to see that. You beat up Sultan Durrani in
front of a lot of people, such a high profile man, its nothing ordinary. We need women like you in
our male dominated society, I want that you raise your
voice against this and so that more women get awareness. Look, I don’t want to talk about this. Ms. Nageen, I won’t take a lot of
your time. Please no. Please listen to me.
Ms. Nageem. Damn it. If I was in your place, I would have accepted
the offer immediately and become a star. I don’t want to be a star, I made a big mistake that I went to
the show in Faryal’s case, I got scolded by the family real bad. You are such a confident girl
and you think this. You don’t understand my background
that’s why, you live in Karachi, you won’t get the issues us girls
from small cities have to face. Then these news channels, they are after me. Really? They want me to come to their talk show and talk about my harassment. Wow, you became a star, a video made you great. Although your face was not prominent
and the media people didn’t take your name. That is why. Think if they would have found out, how would the family react? For me doing this job is really difficult. You do one thing, take a few days off and go home. This news wont die down so easily, the leader of a big party is
involved in this news, so will my name be involved. I wont be able to show
my face to anyone. We appreciate your bravery
and you are not happy. I am afraid Ameena. I cannot sleep at night, I am scared that he might harm me
to take revenge for the slap. You don’t know these people. Women harassment in
Pakistan is nothing new, we have spoken on the topic of
sexual harassment a lot of times but today we will talk of an incident
that occurred at a bus station and you have already seen the
footage for it on social media. Pakistan’s biggest political party’s
leaders are involved in this case. Yes, I am talking about Mujadid
Durrani’s nephew, Sultan Durrani, who can clearly be seen
harassing that girl. Yes viewers, these are the people who
come into power with our votes, and as soon as they do, they are so lost enjoying their power that
they forget about their responsibilities. So do we continue to give
power to the people who can’t even do proper
upbringing of their children, how will they handle the country? Think about it. Did you count them? Yes sir, they are 50 million. You sit. Its dirty work but we need to live too. I need this. Will you not involve us in this happiness? Chaudary, you prepare to win the election. Really? What is in this video? Victory. Your victory. Really? Show me. See. No. Its good. Now I feel I will win. Mr. Chaudary, the victory will be confirmed once
the video gets viral and reaches from one home to another. What are you thinking about? Send it from home to home. Make the bomb explode. Because of this cheap action of yours
the whole media is throwing dirt on us. I had such an important gathering that I had to cancel cause of you. My report has gone to the party, with them my respect is on the line too. Why did you have to do this? You have gone around the world, you have known all type of girls and still you are restless for this cheap girl? What was the need to hold her hand in a
public place and express your love, did you not feel any shame. You have ruined all that I did. Who all will I answer? My fore father’s respect, their family name, you have ruined it all. I cannot face anyone. You know how the family servants are laughing at us, the media is outside the house,
who all will I face. I didn’t realize that things
will get so out of hand. I don’t know who made this video,
and why Maybe that girl is also involved, they made the video with the
opposition to give us a bad name. She cannot do that, she doesn’t even know me properly. I think you didn’t see that video properly, the whole focus was on you, you cannot hear that girl,
her face is also not shown. They only showed that she got
her hand out of your grip and slapped you and people
there started cursing you. You are right, this video has been made to insult me, so that my political career can be ruined. I am sure that girl is involved in this. I will not leave her, I will kill her. That’s it. You won’t say anything to her. Sultan Durrani. Shame. Shame. Their party. Shame. Shame.
Roshan Party. Shame. Shame. Sultan Durrani. Shame.
Shame. Their party. Shame. Shame. Roshan Party.
Shame. Shame. What is happening outside? Boss, everyone is chanting
slogans against you. I had told you there should be
no scene outside my house. Call the police, call the security forces,
have these people removed. I have my press conference tomorrow. Hurry up. Idiot. What are you looking at? Get lost. Sultan Durrani. Shame. Shame. Their party. Shame. Shame. Roshan Party. Shame. Shame. You don’t need to look away from me. Sultan, I am with you. I can understand what you
are going through. Whatever these people say, I know you have not done
anything like this. Even if the world is against you, I will stand by you
cause I trust you. After all, the media is escalating this, I am sure there is a big
conspiracy behind this. But don’t worry, a friend of mine is an
IT specialist abroad, I will have this video
removed from the internet. What had to happen, has happened. Deleting the video will not bring
back our family’s name. Man, you came really late. You know the press conference just ended. What press conference? The uncle and nephew called a press conference to tell people that
this is a conspiracy and the bus hostess is involved
in the conspiracy. Did they say that? What an amazing scene, people were throwing eggs on them, one man threw ink on them, live. Okay. What else were they saying? They didn’t take your name, they just said that you were involved in
the conspiracy to ruin their party’s name. Then? Then what, some people started hooting and
some threw eggs at them. The situation got out of hand and
they had to end the press conference. Come on, lets go uncle. All this isn’t good Sultan, its not good. I know that, you come home,
we will talk at home. Call that girl. One minute, what is the point of calling her? Call her! Hello. This is Mujadid Durrani, I have to meet you. What? Why do you want to meet me? To find out that how much money you
got for ruining my respect and who are the people
who are behind you. Listen, why would I do this? I don’t even know you. You have no idea how much disrespect I had
to face and my party’s name is getting ruined. Look, only you didn’t get disrespected, I did too. The person who has a name in the world
is worried about getting disrespected. Girls like you don’t care about
your name and respect. I am talking to you respectfully and you are crossing your limits. Now you will tell me my limits? Listen to me carefully,
I will give you a blank cheque, in return you will call a
press conference in which you will not only accept this but also apologize to us. When I didn’t make a mistake,
then what do I accept? If you have doubts about me, you get an investigation done. On the other hand,
don’t try to blackmail me, I know you have a lot of money and
you can do what you want, but I won’t be scared, but I know I am right and
my God is with me. Goodbye. Damn it! She is a shrewd girl! She will not tell the secret so easily, she will have to pay heavily. She has made fun of
Mujadid Durrani around the world. She is a simple, naïve girl. She is not involved in all this.
I don’t know anything. You will say this, you are in love. If loving is a sin,
then I have committed it. I don’t know why
she slapped me for my love. I wish you had not done something so cheap, I wouldn’t have had to get insulted
in front of these cheap people. I was about to do the biggest
gathering of my life, because of this action of yours,
I had to cancel it. I had worked hard for 5 years, you have no idea how big
this election was for me. Because of this action of yours, all my hard work has gone to waste. Did you see Sultan Durrani, he is a good man. Now agree to me, he is still defending you after all this, he is fighting with his uncle for you. You should have given him a chance to talk, you insulted him for no reason. Had you listened to him,
this mess wouldn’t have been created. What are you doing here? Waiting for you. Are you mad? You have made me mad, you have the solution for this. You will regret losing me. You are mistaken.
Don’t you get what I am saying? I love you. I have been standing in the rain
all night for you, just to talk to you. Sultan Durrani. Shame. Shame.
Sultan Durrani. Shame. Shame. Sultan Durrani. Shame. Shame.
Sultan Durrani. Shame. Shame. Run them over with the car. Don’t you guys hear me? I will kill you all. Move! What was the need to hold her hand in
a public place and propose her, did you have no shame? My fore father’s respect, their family name,
you have ruined it all. You have joined this company
3 months back but you never took your job seriously. Your focus is not on work
but on other activities. I have heard that some NGOs
want you to talk to them. Sir, I have said no to them, I will not be pressurized and
do anything in their pressure. Look Nageen, this issue has been on media for 10 days, its still a hot topic. Sultan Durrani’s family
respect is being ruined. You have no idea,
this one mistake of yours, Sultan Durrani’s family has
faced disrespect and insult. Yes sir, I can understand. Whatever happened, you should be apologetic for it, you should be so proud. Anyway, I will give you a chance to fix your mistake, you go and apologize to sultan Durrani. Sir you apologize for doing
something wrong, and what is my worth that
my apology is so important for them. Nageen, you need to go on Media and
accept your mistake or go to Sultan Durrani’s
family and apologize. Sir, I won’t go on media
and I won’t apologize. Till now my name is not being used,
but it will be after this. This one news will be
presented as a hot news, I will get insulted, I won’t be
able to get out of the house. If you want to fire me, then go ahead. As far as your second condition
is concerned, fine, I will go apologize to Sultan. There are 2 weeks to the elections, and you don’t step out of the house, the one because of whom this happened
is roaming around the city, Bi Jaan is telling me that he
went to the office today. What can it matter to a selfish man, it matters to me, my political career has been
ruined by his mistake. The man who runs this city, someone ruined his respect. Today cheap journalists are
pointing fingers at me. I cannot forget. I cannot forget. Sultan will be punished for this mistake. I will not forgive him for
the rest of his life. I know you are worried but think about Narmeen, she really loves Sultan, one mistake of yours can ruin her life. She can die, but not marry someone else. What should I do? Should I beg Sultan to
marry my daughter? Sir, some woman is here to meet you. Meet me, why? Sir, I don’t know, she is not
even telling her name, I told her you cannot meet
her but she is insisting. Fine, send her inside. Okay sir. Yes, go ahead. I wanted to talk to you, I won’t take a lot of your time. You? Yes. I have been thinking for the past few days
to talk to you but I don’t have the courage. Why did you come behind a veil? I didn’t want your family or
the media to come here and a new scandal is made, you have been insulted enough. At least you accepted this. I am really sorry for what I did that day,
but trust me, I didn’t know that all this would happen. Whatever happened that day,
I didn’t have such an intention, I made a mistake judging you, I thought you were like everyone else, those who put an evil eye on women. Another thing, that video or the videographer, I have no relation with them. He made me face the same
disrespect like you and your family. I am lucky that my face
is not prominent in it. Trust me, I didn’t want that someone is hurt by me. Whatever happened,
I had no idea about it. I am sorry. You said sorry so easily and want
to lighten the weight on you. What do you think? You saying this one word, will bring back my family name
and respect? I am really sorry, for what happened. I didn’t want that no one is hurt by me. I have the same request for you that on the media or any report,
don’t take my name. Keep me away from this matter, I am from a respectable family. I beg you. Forgive me, please.


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