Deewangi – Episode 07 || English Subtitles || 29th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

I want to talk to you. You, here? Can we sit somewhere and talk? Come. You apologized to me, but you didn’t hear my answer that
whether I forgave you or not. Why? Did you not forgive me? I will forgive you on one condition. Go ahead, what condition? You marry me. What? You please sit, hear me out calmly. Ok tell me something, liking someone or proposing
someone a crime? No, not a wrong thing, but why do you want to marry me? I don’t know that, but when I saw you
the first time I lost my heart, I decided I would marry you. What is the problem in getting married? The religion has given me this right,
I want to make you my wife. I want to spend my life with you, what issue do you have? After what happened with us… Look, you slapped me, I am talking about making you mine.
I will make you mine, I will marry you so what is your problem? The world will talk, let them. I will make you mine, I will marry you today,
no one will say anything. Look into my eyes. Do I look like a liar to you? Do you think my love is not true? If you feel that I am lying or will cheat you,
you say it to me. I will pass like a stranger when I see you,
I will not turn around and look. I will forget you. I will spend my life without you, but please, don’t stay quiet today, I love you like crazy, I want to make you mine. Please, listen to me. Look, you are a stranger for me, nothing else. I got this ring for you. I will not be a stranger for
you when you put it on. Put it on. I hope this time you
won’t break my heart. Goodbye. What is the problem in getting married? Religion has given me this right,
I want to make you my wife. I want to spend my life with you, what issue do you have? After wearing this ring I will
not be a stranger for you, I hope you will not break
my heart this time. Come on sister, empty the bus. We will share the results with you, we will tell you who is leading
and who is losing. We have the first result from NA-120, Larkana, where Shah Alam is
ahead with 50,000 votes, where as Roshan Party’s
Mujadid Durrani is in the second place. Hello. Okay. Sir, Mr. Sultan has gone to the
bus station again after that girl. See, he really loves you and you don’t care. Poor thing, he stood in the
rain all night and you didn’t care. At times I feel you have a
stone instead of a heart. Did he put this on your hand? Oh my God. He really proposed you? You really said yes. You know, when he was expressing his love to me, I felt that he is some other Sultan Durrani. Everything he said,
his emotions seemed so real. It felt that I express my love, but I was not mentally prepared. I saw myself in his eyes. What happened next? Then? Then he made me believe his love, I was feeling bad that I made such
a big mistake understanding him. He is not like we thought,
I thought. He is really good. He said that he wants to marry me. What did you say? Nothing yet. Are you mad? Call him and say yes. Armeena, what do you think? That rich man, will marry someone as ordinary as me? You are doubting him again. You were just saying you believe
everything he said. Yes, but… Leave these buts, believe his love.
Only lucky people get such lovers, and you are lucky to have
Sultan Durrani in your life. Life is giving you such a big opportunity
and you want to miss out. Call him. Are you mad? You proposed the girl because
of whom we became a scene. She has apologized Bi Jaan. You know your uncle has been
hurt by this action, he is already paying for your actions. Yes, I am mentally prepared
for his reaction. He will disown me, or send me away or just say that he will
not see my face for the rest of his life. I don’t care about this. You said all this so easily. Hear me out, till I am alive,
the wealth cannot be distributed. Bi Jaan, I am not interested
in wealth or relations, I just want to tell you
I am going to marry Nageen. My heart says that God has
something great planned for you, you will see, real soon you will get a prince
to hold your hand. What did she come for there? Why did you let her inside? What? She was wearing a veil? How can you guys trust a stranger
and send her to Sultan’s room? You have any idea how big a
scandal this can start. I can’t believe Sultan agreed to
meet that third class girl. If there was someone who had shame, he would have dragged her out. I will have to do something now, I uploaded that video on your suggestion
and dad got insulted. Nothing happened to the girl
but we were at loss. I don’t want to talk to you. I was talking to a friend… Don’t you dare lie to me, I heard all your nonsense. The way you got your
father insulted. I didn’t want this to happen, I did this to get Sultan
free from that girl. Your trap has ruined the whole family, Sultan or that girl were not affected but your father’s political career is ruined. When he finds out that his
daughter is part of this, he will never forgive you, he cares most for his
political career and seat, he loves it the most, not even you. I don’t care about dad, I don’t care about anyone. I only care about Sultan, if I made dad lose a little to get my love,
so what? Little loss? Have you seen him? What did you get? Tell me? Sultan! Did you get him? I will get him soon, did you not see he cannot look dad in the eye. After that he has no option to marry me, he will beg you to marry me.
You will see. You have a lot of faith in yourself. Do you know he wants to marry that poor
girl and he proposed her. What are you saying?
Why will he do that? I am not saying this, Bi Jaan is. She just called she is saying that
Sultan is stuck on his decision, he doesn’t care about anything, not his name, position or respect. He has clearly told Bi Jaan that I will only marry Nageen. Bi Jaan has given up. She will take the proposal to
that poor girl’s home soon. Can I call you by your name? I have this right after putting the ring on your hand that I can be
a little frank with you. Did you throw away the ring? No, I have not. But yes, I will return it to you. Hey, why? Because at our home, the elders put the ring on. When will you talk to your family?
You think they will agree. There is no one but Bi Jaan in my family, I will make you meet her soon. My parents died a long time back, I have no brother or sister. and your uncle? And his family? I don’t care if they agree or not,
I am independent. But he is your uncle, you should trust his decision. What will he think if you
marry me against his will? Okay, tell me why does a
person get married? For his happiness or someone else? What people say or
think we shouldn’t care. We two have to live together,
so we will decide. Ok, Nageen, I want to meet you. Can we meet in the evening. Today? But why? Where? Anywhere in a restaurant
or where you want. But I don’t think we should
meet before the wedding, we should be careful. Nageen, Sultan Durrani doesn’t live carefully and I am not afraid of anyone, you shouldn’t be either. I will meet you in front of the world, hold your hand and announce you are my future wife. Fine. Bi Jaan, how can he do
this with you around? Narmeen,
I know its difficult for you to believe, and I myself am in shock when he
told me he wants to marry her. Lies. You are lying, you have it all in your hands, if you want he can change his decision, nothing can happen
without your approval. The girl cause of whom
we got insulted so much, Sultan is going to make her the respect
of this family and you agreed. What can I do child, if he is blind. You can do a lot but why would you, you don’t care about us. Dad lost the election cause of the girl, people throw slogans at him
when he steps out and you want to make that girl your respect. How are you talking to Bi Jaan? The way she is supposed
to be talked to. Bi Jaan doesn’t care about me or dad, how did she agree on marrying
him to that third class girl. All this is cause of you, had you not made the video,
we wouldn’t have gotten insulted. He had to get married still. He could have at least
we wouldn’t be at loss. You only care about your loss
and dad cares about his seat. No one cares about me. Narmeen, got that video made? Oh God, if Sultan finds out all hell
will break loose. Narmeen, Narmeen, listen to me. Narmeen, don’t dare step out.
I will talk to you later. Mama, don’t stop me.
I will commit suicide. Listen to me. Dad,
come to Karachi with me. Right now. What happened child? You don’t know, Sultan will marry that girl. Sultan won’t marry that girl. You are all lying to me. Since childhood you
said Sultan will marry me, you gave me his dreams, you fooled me. You, mom and Bi Jaan. You all cheated me,
I will never forgive you people. What can I do child? What do you want? I cannot control Sultan. I can disown him, end all ties, but I cannot stop him
from getting married and I cannot fall to his feet for you. I will do it. I will fall to his feet, beg him for love. If needed, I will expose that girl in front of media
that she took away our peace. I will kill her. I will not leave her or Sultan. How can he marry her? He was mine. Mine. Dad, do something, you can do a lot. You get her kidnapped. you can do it.
Please dad, do something. Be strong child. Have patience. What are you looking at? I see if someone can love me so much. What did you see? I mean, am I capable that someone loves me? You can never guess how important
you are for me. Why me? How many times will you ask this? Sorry I am bothering you a llot. You are special for me. I am not special, I may have become special for you, I am an ordinary girl. You are right, you are an ordinary girl,
but with a lot of self respect. I realized this when I saw
you the first time. How is that? That man who was harassing you, you didn’t let him do it, I liked that. That is the day I decided
to hold your hand. But I didn’t know that your hand will get me
disrespected in the world. Nageen? Hey, I was joking. Please don’t cry like this in front of me.
Nageen, I won’t like it. Look at me. I am here, Sultan, can you not forget that incident? You know I was really young
when mama passed away. Papa got married again and left me with sister. They never asked about us or our condition. I always feel I don’t deserve you. Nageen, I don’t care if you have parents or not,
if you are rich or poor, I want to marry you, not your family. What is enough for me is that the girl
I am going to marry is respectable. But Bi Jaan? When she will bring the proposal
she will see all this. No she won’t, I am sure she will
be happy to meet you, she will like you. How is she now? What do the doctors say? You are crying? Children are a big test, I realize this seeing tears in your eyes. I am not sad about losing the election this much that I have for my daughter. This money, this name, this status, what use is it? That it couldn’t give my daughter
happiness or peace. I have decided, I will end all relations with Sultan and if BI Jaan tries to keep a tie with him or attend his wedding,
I will end the ties with her. No, she is your mother. What do I do with such a mother. That doesn’t care of me or my child? Mother. I have decided. I know what to do with Sultan. Wow Nageen, so much shopping. The perfume, it must be worth 10,000. 25000. 25000? The perfumes are so expensive? Yes and he got me to shop a lot, I said no but he doesn’t listen. Did you start shopping for the wedding? No he said we will shop for the
wedding from Dubai. Will you go to Dubai with him
before the wedding? Not at all, I said no. and he agreed? Absolutely, he doesn’t ignore anything I say. He was saying that we will go to
Europe for the honeymoon, shop for that. I told him clearly, I want his support his love. Wow Nageen, you are so lucky, may God make all girls this lucky. Leave it,
tell me what else did you talk about? Say something,
why do you say so quiet? What can I say? You say something. I should ask? Hello. Congratulations Sultan, I didn’t know you would
have such cheap choice, that cheap hostess was
upto your standards. What did I lack? Behave yourself Narmeen, don’t you dare say
a word about Nageen. I love you Sultan,
you cannot do this with me. Shouting like this won’t achieve anything, I told you earlier that I don’t love you,
I won’t marry you. I only love Nageen, if I fall in love, nothing in the world can stop
them from being mine. Who was this? She is a mad girl, I will make you meet her. She is my cousin. I feel bad for her, she must be hurt cause of me. She really loves you? Look a lot of girls love me, will you feel bad for everyone? You should be proud Nageen, that Sultan selected you. Mom. Mom, Sultan is marrying that
girl and we are sitting here. Mom, please do something,
tell dad to kidnap her, or blackmail her, please do something. He will marry her,
please do something. Come to your senses child. Come on.
I cannot be in my senses, why don’t you get it, why not?
She is from a poor family, we will kidnap her, no one will know. Please mom, please do something. Shut up. I am going to Karachi. I am going to Karachi and I will tell everyone
that she took my Sultan away from me. She took over my right. Don’t you dare step out,
you have gone mad. Mom, I don’t want to live here. I cannot see Sultan be someone else’s. Kill me, send me to the asylum.
Kill me, he cannot be someone else’s. I cannot imagine a life like this, please. All this is because of you, now suffer for this. What was the need to join hands with
Alamdar and get Sultan’s video uploaded? You ruined your father’s name, our respect, you have done this to yourself, now you will suffer for it too.


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