Define Normal (Gay Short Film) – A Paul Davidson Film (2017)

– [Television Actor] You
know, it kind of shocked us (dial tone) He’s just itching for trouble. When Valerie gets a divorce,
the courts may decide I’m not a fit person to
raise him, but I’m still his father, and I’m going to use this… (ring tone chimes) (light guitar music) (door knocks) – Didn’t you hear me knocking? Really? You’re just gonna treat me
like this, after everything we’ve been through? – What do you want, Dad? I’ve got stuff in there! – It’s not important! – I don’t need this right now. You know, we were great. Everything was great, even
after what happened with Mum. And then, you started acting all weird. – I didn’t get weird. I got concerned. You know I don’t like you
hanging around with Will. – Why not? – Because of what he is! He’s a, he’s a gay! He probably sleeps with God
knows how many people like him. – You’re unbelievable. You know, neither of us are even out. – It’s just not normal, though. – Then, what is normal? (cars pass) – What happened with your dad? – Well, he knows about us. He flipped out and started
talking shit about you. (phone rings and vibrates) – You gonna answer it? – No. No, I don’t want to speak to him. – But what if he’s sorry? – Fucking faggots. (phone rings) – [Dad] Mark? (slams phone) – What the fuck was that for? – You need to talk to him. – You weren’t hearing the shit
he was saying at the house. – Mark, he’s your dad. – Unfortunately. – Listen, my shift starts soon. Why don’t you go talk to him,
and if it all kicks off again, you can come back here and see me? – Alright, I guess so. (punches back) – Sorry, princess. – [Man From Restaurant] Oy, faggot! Are you deaf as well as perverted? – Hey, get off me! – You owe me an apology. – What are you talking about? – You and your little buddy
back there in the restaurant fucking touching each other up. Fucking disgusting. Put me off my dinner. – You’re disgusting, and mind
your own fucking business! – I thought you liked
getting touched up by men? Certainly did in the restaurant. (busy dialtone) – [Man On Television] Maybe
they know what the fight was all about. Now that it’s over, why
not let them shake hands? – [Television Actress]
Well, that’s better. Now, you two get over
there and fix up that bed. Go on, both of you! (breaks glass) And Billy, let this be a lesson to you! You just watch Kenneth a little closer. You can learn a lot of things from him. (grunts) (bell tower chimes on television) – [Television Actor] You must
admit, Cal, it’s very unusual for both boys to be out this late. You don’t suppose something
might’ve happened? (cell phone rings) (busy dial tone) – [Voicemail Machine] The
person you are calling can’t take your call right now. Just leave your message after the tone, and when you’re done, press
hash, or just hang up. (machine beeps) – [Mark] Dad! Dad! Dad, I need picked up. Dad, answer the phone! Dad. Dad, I’m not… I need picked up, Dad, please.


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