Dementia – Tyneside Cinema Intro

I’m Kerry Allibhai i’m a City Councillor representing South Jesmond Ward. We are here today outside the Tyneside Cinema, the reason for blogging outside of this lovely venue is they actually are quite hands-on when it comes to being Dementia friendly, on a Thursday at one o’clock the cafe the staff make small changes to make the cafe Dementia friendly. For example the mats will be removed from the door screens will be turned off etc. There are lots of things that the staff do to promote Dementia awareness. People do come along who are living with Dementia, with their loved ones and its a very pleasant afternoon and the staff seem to enjoy it, alot of the staff are Dementia Friends already and there is a Dementia Champion in there as well which is absolutely wonderful and they are absolutely setting a fantastic example on what Dementia awareness is all about. You know if more business could do this that would be super. It’s nice to take responsibility and to just go out there a little bit to do something for others.

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