Demonte Colony Telugu Full Movie – Latest Horror Telugu Movies – Arulnithi, Ramesh Thilak

Good morning, sir. Air of festivity, wherever
the movie was screened. True, add this line next. Creating a sensation
in every single region. So what if it’s only the 2nd day. Only we should boost our film. Start a controversy
in Facebook and Twitter. Pack up the old bandicoots. Are we running
a home for the aged? Have you come to narrate a story? In those days directors
Bharathiraja and Bhagyaraj… …will narrate their stories to me. You go inside, sir. He’s a pest of the first order! You asked me to come
and narrate my story. Did I tell you to come today? Please sit. If the movie isn’t doing well… …random strangers tear us apart. Is this your story? Of course, sir. Because tomorrow some chap
shouldn’t sue me… …claiming it’s his story
just before release I won’t have money then to defend. Okay, what’s the title? ‘De Monte Colony’ ‘In 19th century
in Alwarpet, Chennai…’ ‘…lived John De Monte
a wealthy business tycoon’ He suddenly shoots with a gun. Building blasts, sir Suddenl- That’s enough, stop. You said it’s a small budget film. But now you say
it’s a period film. Building blast. All that can be done
with graphics, sir. Is graphics done in
MGR market free of cost? Have you seen their charges? A snake attacking its prey
costs 1.5 million. It all works out the same. Is this a true story? No, sir. De Monte colony actually exists, sir I made a script with
the stories I heard. Plus my own imagination. God knows what you did! Do you have a comedy script? What kind of story? Absolutely no story! Throughout the film, hero and
comedian should talk nonstop. Viewer shouldn’t be able to guess… …who is the hero and
who is the comedian. Audience should roll
on the floor with laughter. With pretty girls in
skimpy dresses dancing I want 5 song situations. “If life becomes dummy, to no avail.” “Even Jimmy will stop wagging his tail.” “If you’re a burden
to your mummy and daddy” “…you’ll run out of luck
even in a game of rummy.” A girl screams out
‘God will come to save me’ Suddenly someone jumps
through the thatched roof. A big blast. Slowly the camera pans- Bro, tea and cigarette. Fix the shot. We pull back. We show the hero. How’s the suspense? Wowww! Awesome, huh? Thank you. Who do you have in mind
to play the hero’s role? I’m thinking of
doing it myself, boss. – What, boss?
– Nothing. ‘Lady Luck has lost it!’ Let me tell you the love scene. We show a cute and bubbly heroine. She whizzes in riding a yellow scooter,
without even removing its stand. Mom…? What? What is it? Hey! Sajith. Which fan did I
ask you to fix here? Brown fan, madam. Are you deaf or what? Fix the white fan right away. Let me get hold of the watchman. His reference sucks! We’ve come to install your TV. Don’t turn on the switch I don’t know if I can trust him. Why did you do that? How sad, nothing happened. Can you come here? Coming, sir. What, sir? Drill 4 holes where I’ve marked. – Got it?
– Okay, sir. Come here. Go there. Who will fix that fan? Do you know the job or not? Don’t step into this house. How can you be so useless? I finished all the work, madam. What about the plug point? I fixed it. How much should I pay you? Rs 700 for the materials. Rs 700 for labor, madam. For the kind of job you did
1400 is way too much! Round it up to Rs 1000. Madam, I’ve also fixed
the wiring for the air conditioner. – Madam?
– Yes. Installation charges Rs 1500. ‘He charges 1500 for just
lifting a TV set and fixing it?’ “This dumbass donkey
dilly dallying with Inky or Pinky.” “He’s worthless and wimpy.” “Self respect and dignity
are off on a vacation happily.” “Waste product in totality.” “Even the mosquito, dude
will think twice to bite you.” “Gone for a toss.” Tell me, Sappai. Vimal, a little while ago
Raghavan called me. But his phone is switched off now. He called me too I spoke with him I believe he’s going
directly to the room. – You join him.
– Okay, Vimal. More than enough for this nitwit. Bend lower. Let me kiss you now I gave you, right? It’s your turn now I was so sweaty
I removed my vest. Aren’t you sweating? Hey! Gawd! He’s looking at her. He’s looking at me too. What are you up to? Drying my clothes! Go away, boss. How indecent can you be! Be fair, boss. Did I peek into your cabin? You’re the peeping Tom! You came, you saw. Now please go, boss. Dai! Get lost. You and your scarecrow body. Clear out! Baby, too many cockroaches. My privacy! Wolf in a sheep’s clothing
drooling over my girl! Get lost. Tell me, Vimal. Hey! Sappai Where are you? Didn’t you hear your phone ring? I’m in the room I fell asleep Tell me. You’ll give a complex
to RipVan Winkle. Is Raghavan there? He said he was bugged. And he went upstairs I’m feeling the same way too. Both of you come to the wine shop I’ll meet you there. Okay, Vimal. Hey, I’ve bought petrol. It’s near the fridge. Bring it with you. Raghava, Vimal called just now. He asked us to
meet him at the wine shop. Shall we go? I’m going out tonight
regarding some work. You carry on. What’s so important? You can run your errand later. Don’t act pricey. Why are you pushing your bike? No petrol, dude. Sappai, hand me the petrol can. Ooops! I forgot, Vimal. Don’t know what you’ll do. Push the bike till our room. Keep this inside. Sappai, give me money I don’t have any money on me. Neither do I. Why did you guys come
to drink without money? Go to the curb and talk. Even toddlers are making
a beeline to wine shops I wonder who will save our country. “Rakamma, clap your hand.” “Tune a song by waving your wand.” “Night bird, beat the drum, start.” “Touch a chord in this king’s heart.” Yes, Vimal. Srini, where are you? I’m here. You mean in Jillu’s house? Come to the point. Can you come here now? Why…? We were at a loose end
and decided to drink. But none of us have
a single pie on us. – Can you come now?
– Tough. Wait, I’ll check and get back. What did he say? Jillu…? What? The boys want to meet me
It’s kind of urgent. Shall I go? I’ll be right back. What the hell do they want? Didn’t you tell them you won’t
come for the next 2 days? I told them. Then why are they bugging you? If they call you once again… …tell them I’ll send them to jail. Driver, bring my suitcase in. Let me somehow cover up. Jillu…? My husband is back. Leave immediately. What the heck?! You said he’ll come
only after 2 days. God knows why. Maybe he wanted to surprise me. – Just go.
– Get lost! – Hey, come here.
– What now? Will you bang into
my husband like this? He’ll be suspicious. How else- How else will I go out? Shin down the pipe? Why should I? I’ll walk out of the front door. As it is people are saying
we are having a steamy affair! What is it I do here? I peel garlic, sweep and mop
the floors, polish your shoes I’m pretty much your slave. Baby…? How could you
say that to me, Srini? Do I treat you like a slave? Won’t you understand me? Your husband is ringing
the bell like a siren. You are giving me
an Oscar award performance. Don’t talk too much. Climb down the pipe. Hey! Wait. Here’s 2000 bucks. If you want more money… …call me only after 5:00 p.m, okay? Leave now. “A stale bun too
stands before you.” “To spit on your face
with scorn in place.” “Even if you apply oil, roll on the street
you need luck for mud to stick, isn’t it?” “Don’t roam around the city
as a jobless nonentity.” “Escape, boss.” “If life becomes dummy, to no avail.” “Even your pet dog
won’t wag his tail.” Tell me, dude. Vimal, have you guys left? We are still at the bar. We’ll be leaving now. You guys wait there
I’m on my way. Soooper, dude. Can you also get me
1 liter petrol on the way? Okay, fine Hang up now. Hey! He’s here. ‘We know to put our arms
around our friend’s shoulder’ ‘We also know to
skin our enemy alive’ ‘We prefer a face to face duel’ ‘Not backstab like you do’ ‘Not just me’ I’m so fed up with life. Thought I’ll do a photo shoot. But my clients want to look
like actors Ajith and Arya. How a chap looks
is what the camera clicks, no? I’m thinking of selling my camera I’ll be better off cleaning
camel’s dung in Dubai! In the end we need to
look at only such options. Why do you keep whining like this? Keep trying. You’ll succeed. Easier said than done. You walk right into a posh bungalow. Nobody knows what you do inside. But you come out
with your wallet bulging! How many are lucky enough
to get such a cushy life? My actions disgust you, right? If I were in your shoes… …I’d think the same way too. But how I’m caught between
the devil and the deep sea inside… …only I know. Only silver lining is… …I’ll get money whenever I ask. At least I’m able to
take care of your expenses. You guys settle down first. Then I’ll never again
step into that house. But don’t keep moaning
and groaning in front of me. Instead of having
a long face like a loser… …thinking you’ll win someday …put your collars up and
walk with a cocky assurance. Advice is always free! Look there. ‘Life is a circle, dude’ ‘Winners will lose’ ‘Losers will win’ ‘You still haven’t understood that’ Ready? “Our life is like a match stick.” “If damp, it won’t flare when lit.” “If you walk with temerity
you belong to the winning party.” “With an abrasive string
other kites you’ll easily win.” “Show off in style openly.” “Fling your feelings away furiously.” “Dude, life is like a cool beer.” “Be the fizz in it with cheer” ‘Life is a circle, dude’ ‘Winners will lose’ ‘Losers will win’ ‘You still haven’t understood that’ “Your heart will whisper a word.” “If you pay heed, you’ll move forward.” “If you’re caught in a quicksand.” “I’ll be right behind you to lend a hand.” “Kith and kin like the hen in the slum” “will share only good times wholesome.” “Only friends will give their lives
in selfless sacrifice.” “Clasp your hands tighter.” “Climb up the ladder.” “Show off in style openly.” “Fling your feelings away furiously.” “Dude, life is like a cool beer.” “Be the fizz in it with cheer.” “Looking at the bell in a bell tower.” “Don’t lie back in awestruck wonder.” “Your time starts now, dude.” “Don’t lose your fortitude.” “That chap will win, so will he.” “But don’t lose heart, buddy.” “If you win, with awe he’ll look up.” “March ahead, with fire in your step.” “Show off in style openly.” “Fling your feelings away furiously.” “Dude, life is like a cool beer.” “Be the fizz in it with cheer” (HUMMING) Looks like it’s going to rain. Shall we leave
a little while later? If I look at the sky
just once, it’s enough. Sun will shine even at midnight! It won’t rain. Hello…? Tomorrow if you go to
Alka Jewellers at 5 p.m… …they’ll have the cash ready. Okay. Collect the cash and call me. Okay. You’re alone, right? Can you say it just once? Tell me. Jillu. Shall I disconnect? Okay I always wanted to ask you. Why do you call that lady Jillu? Have you seen the film
‘Jillunu oru kadhal’? Yes. The hero Suriya will call
the heroine Jyotika ‘Jillu’ I’ve also been ordered
to do the same. In that movie the hero
will drink and call her ‘Jillu’ The shoe is on the other foot here! Hey! Just once. From your lips. Can you call me ‘Jillu’? What is he up to? Jillu I asked you to laugh. Heartily. Laugh the way
I did now and then say. ‘Jillu’ Tell. Go on. Jillu. Don’t stop. Repeat. Again? Once more. ‘And you call this
a story worth telling’ Today’s liquor was too good, right? Different level. Shall we go for a drive? Let’s not go anywhere. As soon as the rain stops,
let’s go home. – You go if you want.
– What arrogance! Raghava, let’s go somewhere. Let’s do something really interesting I know a place. Shall we go there? Where? Do you know De Monte Colony? In Alwarpet? Yeah, I wanted to go there today. It’s supposed to be
a haunted bungalow. That’s what everyone says. Shall we go check it out? I’m not coming. Why? Why won’t you come? I have some work
to do in the morning. At 7:00 a.m I must meet
the family astrologer. In fact my mom has asked
all 4 of us to meet him. True, she has asked us
to go without fail. Will the astrologer
predict everything correctly? He will be spot on! One look at you… …will he immediately
know you’re gay? Let go of me. Srini, I’m going to my room
as soon as the rain stops. He’s behaving like a rowdy. Started their squabble! Rowdy?! I’ll make mince meat out of him. You know he’s scared of the dark. And you want to drag him
to a haunted bungalow. Poor fellow. Why do you feel sorry for him? Raghava, all the more reason
we’re going to De Monte colony I’ll take Sappai inside. Just watch the fun. You are taking this too far. Don’t force me. Gawd! Specimen I’m not coming anywhere with you. Leave me alone. Vimal, listen to me. Hurry up. Vimal, help me get down. Don’t make a fuss. If you don’t I will- Hey! He’s biting me. Where are you going? Wherever you take me
I won’t come inside. – Listen to me.
– Let’s see. Please let me get down here. Don’t do this. Let’s go home. Get down. Get down! Lift him. Hey! Listen to me. Leave me alone, Raghava. We’re already carrying him. Keep moving. Please let go of me, Vimal. Watch your step (DOOR CREAKS OPEN) Why is this place so spooky? Vimal, let’s go. In the heart of the city… …how is such a large place
left untouched? There are many stories
about this place. Each one spins a fresh one. Why should we poke
our nose into those stories? Is it a snake? ‘I should play
some prank on him’ Vimal, why did you push him there? Keep quiet and follow me. Vimal…! How dare he call me a goon! I’ll make him go on
his bended knees! Vimal. Srini…? Hey! What happened? Nothing. Sajith would have pissed
in his pants hearing this sound. My heart is thudding in my ears! And he’s all by himself. Sajith…? Vimal… Vimal…? Where are you guys? (THUMPING SOUND) Vimal. Don’t overdo it, Vimal. You don’t intend stopping? Simply follow me I should’ve pushed you
instead of him! Guys, where are you? Srini…? Vimal…? Too much, right? What’s your problem? One last time (CLEARS THROAT) (HOWLING) Srini…? (HOWLING CONTINUES) Srini… don’t do this. This is just too much. Raghava, come. Sajith… can you hear me? Sajith…? I can hear him on that side. Raghava, he’s here. Where are you guys? Sajith…? Why are you doing this to me? It’s just a prank. Why get so scared? Guys, let’s not stay here any longer. Hurry up. Ignore him and just come. What happened? Nothing. Let’s go. So early in the morning
astrology and all that crap! Do we have to go? Keep going. Such a fuss-pot! ‘God, let the astrologer
predict good for me alone’ I’m sure He will (PRAYER) What a divine ambience! ‘Lord Vishnu, shower Your grace’ Good morning, boys. Who is first? Not me. Not for me either. If none of you want… …whose future will he predict? Let me look at yours. On this paper I want
your right thumb impression. We’ll check your over-all benefits. Go ahead. Be confident, constant and courageous. That’s good (HUMMING UNDER HIS BREATH) (MATCHING THE RIGHT PALMYRA MANUSCRIPT) Does your name start with K? No. Let me check again. Get the 3rd bundle from that shelf. Does it start with letter T? Not at all I thought as much. It must be in that bundle. Here, sir. Smooth operator, no? How about the letter S? Yes. Is your name Srinivasan? Right. Your thumbprint belongs
to the whorl pattern. Your date of birth is
January 26, 1988 12th day of Tamil month Thai. Your name is Srinivasan. Father’s name Krishnamurthi. Mother Thilakavathy. According to this manuscript
your parents are no more. How’s he bang on? At the time of your birth… …’Rahu’ was in Gemini
Mars and Saturn in Virgo Jupiter in Libra. Sun, Venus, Mercury in Capricorn. This turns out to be… …a worthless and wasted birth. Whatever work you do… …will be a wasted effort. You’ll lead a hand
to mouth existence. Be a burden to mother earth. And breathe your last one day (CACKLES IN GLEE) Let’s check your marital life now. Can’t get worse! When saint Agasthiya wrote it… …even his hands were trembling! You’ll never get married
in this birth for sure. Despite all odds… …like world’s 8th wonder …if a girl is hell bent
on marrying only you …the very same night she will
fly away faster than the wind. Waste… waste… waste! In 6th century BC sage Agasthiya has
written your birth will be a total waste. End of your story. Your thumb impression. Yours is right here. ‘Harakiri’ Lord Shiva! Your thumbprint is called… …the ulna loop. According to this manuscript… …your name is Vimal. Right. Your mother’s name is Geetha. And your father is Ilango. Am I right? (PLEASED LAUGHTER) How will my life be, sir? Life… huh? He’ll at least get food
without working till he dies. But you were born as
a curse to this society. If you can, please die today. Let’s hope in your next birth
you have a better life. In your horoscope
the squares are all wonky. Why are you sending me
to my grave sooner than expected? What about my marital life? Hey! Sonny, shall we see yours? I don’t want mine read. Why not? You dragged us simple souls… …to some half baked block head. Humiliated us from head to toe. And you’ll get away, huh? Give him your thumbprint. Come on, sonny. ‘If he predicts good stuff for Sappai… …I’ll die a 1000 deaths, dude’ Wait… let me go in and check. Help me, God. How will my life
after marriage be, sir? That’s the only thing missing! Raghava, I’m extremely irritated. Don’t add fuel to the fire. Just keep quiet I can’t find it. Lord Shiva! His manuscript is not in our bundle. But on Friday we’re expecting… …a fresh bundle from
Vaitheeswara temple. If you come on Saturday… …I’ll predict his future
from A to Z. It seems he’ll tell in
alphabetical order! Get his also. Making fun of me? Sir, what about money? Anyhow we are here
on Saturday, right? We’ll pay you then. Come definitely on Saturday. Do you want to check
any other chapter in your life? This itself is a closed chapter! Dude, he’s a fraudster! Because he said bad stuff,
he’s a trickster, huh? He was bang on about
our parents’ names. Hello, tell me I’m the astrologer speaking I must tell you something. Come immediately I’m half way back home I’ll come another day. It’s urgent. Come right now. Just for this, I can’t
come to Mogappair I’ll come another day. Please listen to me I must definitely talk to you. – Come immediately.
– Hello…? Listen to me I can’t hear a word. Hello? Why did you stop? You go home I have an errand to run. Where are you going? Just go, I’ll join you. Come, Raghava. “Even when wolves howl long and deep.” “Yama, lord of death will be asleep.” “Like a deer you’re caught.” “To be hunted, believe it or not.” “To die by your own deed.” “This is the right time indeed.” “If you try to escape, futile.” “Curse follows you for a lifetime.” Why are you being so sissy
and watching a TV serial? Come here. Take a look at this. De Monte colony, huh? What exactly happened there? Do you have any idea
how many have died there? No one knows why or how. Each person tells a different story. But some of it is common
in all the versions I assimilated everything. This is what I think happened. ‘In 19th century during
the British rule in India…’ ‘…John De Monte was
a business tycoon from Portugal’ ‘He owned almost half of Chennai’ ‘He fared well in business too’ ‘Wanting to surprise
his wife on her birthday…’ ‘…he assembled many goldsmiths
from different cities’ ‘And ordered them to
make an expensive chain’ ‘His wife who wasn’t well then
became mentally affected’ ‘He wrote to his son in Lisbon
asking him to come to India’ ‘But his son died within days
in an accident in mid sea’ ‘De Monte decided to go
back to his own country’ ‘So he set out to
sell all his assets here’ Take good care of my wife. ‘He went to Kolkata
to sell his property’ ‘De Monte returned to
Chennai after 5 months’ Sir, I need to tell you something. For the past few weeks… …madam has been running
a high temperature. She is also suffering
from nausea quite often I tried different medication. But the fever hasn’t lessened. Sir, she hasn’t been well
for quite sometime. She has been bleeding
for more than a fortnight. We have tried our best
with all the treatment we know. But there’s no improvement. Look here, sir. Guards! Call the doctor at once. You may leave now. ‘When De Monte knew
his wife had been raped…’ ‘…he became mentally unstable’ ‘He told the doctor to keep
this shocking news under wraps’ ‘But she was insistent…’ ‘…his wife needed to be hospitalized
and treated under sterile conditions’ ‘Despite the 24×7 security,
if this has happened…’ ‘…someone working in
the house must be guilty’ ‘Or been an accomplice’ ‘His suspicions turned
into mental instability’ Sir… what happened? Why did you kill
one of our servants? Sir… don’t do anything to me I won’t tell anyone
what happened here I swear I won’t. Don’t shoot me. Hello…? Is anyone there? Servants…? I can hear a gunshot inside (RAISED VOICES IN PROTEST) Our men are lying dead inside, bro. Some of you go in
through that entrance. Come this side. More than 100 years
since all this happened. But the rumor is De Monte’s
spirit is still circling that place. And a general fear that anyone
who steps in can’t come out alive. A Frenchman pooh-poohed this rumor
as rubbish and bought the house. He had the house painted. The workers painted
one whole day. The next day they were missing. When the Frenchman enquired… …he found both the painters dead
in their respective houses. He locked up his house. And appointed a watchman. The watchman spent
a whole night guarding the place. In the morning in the very same chair
he had sat the previous night… …he was found dead. Look how this future director
spins a scary yarn! Let’s assume what you say is true. We went there last night. We are hale and healthy. That’s my point exactly. We are proof that no such spirits
can spook anyone there. Stories blown out of proportion
through passage of time. But when you wanted
to go somewhere yesterday… …I had a specific reason …in taking you guys
to De Monte colony. Remember De Monte ordered
an expensive birthday gift for his wife. When I went into extensive
research for my script… …I met an old man who knew
a lot of facts about this house I’ve lived in this street
for many years. But I’ve never thought of
stepping in there even once. Have you heard the story
of the 2 painters… …who died inside
that house 10 years ago? I know. They saw the gold chain
De Monte presented to his wife. They stole the chain. After they died, when their families
looked for it, the chain was missing. Not in their houses
Neither was it sold. So where is that chain? If that chain is taken
from De Monte’s house… …somehow or the other
it will find its way back. What crap! We didn’t see
any chain over there. We saw only cobwebs
all over the place I found it. Pendant is made of
Russian alexandrite. Found only in Russia
in the Ural mountains I enquired about this gemstone
without saying it’s in our possession. In today’s rate
it’s worth millions. Are you serious? We’ll get caught
if we sell it in one shot. If we can sell it over a span
of 1 year to various buyers… …we can share and
be settled for life. We won’t be caught either. Isn’t it a crime? If we can get over
our hard times… …there’s nothing wrong
in what he did. So many are up to
their necks in unlawful acts. Do they all get caught? He didn’t steal any jewellery
someone had saved for his wedding. This chain was just lying there. If it can tide over our
tough times, it isn’t wrong. Go ahead, Raghava
I’m there for you. Srini, give me the chain. Whoever it is, let them
not know about this. We’ll end up in a soup. What did we do? Srini, open the door. Sir, delivery from
Midnight Masala. Food, huh? How much? Rs 650, sir. If someone has money
you’ll make him a pauper! We have only 50 bucks with us now. As if we won’t get
some scapegoat? Fishermen should not
go into the sea. Storm warning has been announced. Don’t loiter around here. Go… go home. Should I tell you specially? Why is it raining so heavily
for the past few days? Shall we go out
somewhere tonight too? Hyper chap! I must say it was really thrilling. Sappai would have
pissed in his pants. He matched it
thanks to the rain! Shall we go now
to De Monte’s house? How do you think we can? With just 50 bucks on us? Let’s watch a horror film at home. Why is he suddenly
obsessed with spirits now? Why not? Let’s watch. Choose a horror movie
from your collection. Let me check. This laptop is a nuisance. Battery never sustains Annabelle, Ju-on, Conjuring, Exorcis- Oho! This is where
you steal all your ideas from. Don’t let your tongue run. This is my profession I’m looking for a film
because Srini asked me. You asked for it! Don’t get tensed. We’ll go with your choice. Let’s watch Ju-on Japanese film. Worth a watch. Okay, Moshi-moshi! Hey! Why don’t we send Sappai
to some sleeping contest? He might be useful
in bagging 1st prize. Srini, move. Oh! You won’t sit next to- I forgot You’re a celebrity! Behaving like school kids. What’s the name of the film? Japanese film, huh? Japanese girls will be
flat as a pancake. This is a horror film. How do you expect- Why won’t horror films
show glamorous girls? I think he hasn’t seen the 70’s
box office hit ‘Jagan Mohini’? This is not like Jagan Mohini. Shut up and watch. All same bunkum and bull. Go and switch off the TV. ‘What’s the name of the film?’ ‘Japanese film, huh?’ ‘Japanese girls will be
flat as a pancake’ ‘This is a horror film’ ‘How do you expect-‘ ‘Why won’t horror films
show glamorous girls?’ ‘I think he hasn’t seen the 70’s
box office hit ‘Jagan Mohini’?’ ‘This is not like Jagan Mohini’ ‘Shut up and watch’ ‘All same bunkum and bull’ Sit down. Let’s see what happens next. ‘Death awaits you!’ Where are you going? I’ll take a leak
and be right back. Okay… okay I swear I just want to pee. Srini…? Srini…? Srini. Vimal…? Srini, can you hear me? Hey! Vimal. Can you hear me? Srini. Will you take some more time? You go I’ll come. It took you so long to say this. Come soon. What is he doing for so long inside? Who knows! Srini, shall we eat? I’m starving. Wait, let him also come. Some more peals of thunder like this. And our building will collapse. Our walls will crash
even if we just kick it. Light that candle. What’s this? It’s falling from
different directions. Raghava, bring another vessel. What are you doing? Hey Raghava…? (UNDERTONE CHANTING) Raghava? RAGHAVA! What are you up to? Why are you going near him? Please listen. Snuff the candle. Put it off. What has happened to you? Raghava, listen to me. Sajith, wake up. Vimal, switch off the TV. Pull the plug out. Switch on the light. – Who are you calling?
– Wait. Such a nuisance. If it rains, everyone
will start calling here. As if I have the power
to restore power I swear! Torture. Hello Electricity Board. Bro, we’re calling from B block
of Pattinapakkam housing board. No electricity here
Please come at once, bro. No, I just got back
from that area. Power hasn’t been shutdown. Not in our place
Please come, bro. If there’s power shutdown… …will you immediately
call the EB office? Wait for a while. Power will be
automatically restored. It’s urgent, bro. Please come here I’ll pay you whatever you ask. Tell him what happened here. Oh! You’ll pay me whatever I ask. Fine, give me your address. B block. Pattinapakkam. What did he say? Is he coming? What is this sound? Look here, brother! Where’s the key? I gave it to you. When? Check again. Yeah, I found it. ‘Srini, can you hear me?’ ‘Look at me’ ‘There’s blood stain on his hands’ Hello EB. Bro, I’m calling from Pattinapakkam I had called you few minutes ago. Where? Pattinapakkam housing board. B block. Please come immediately, bro. Hey! Are you drunk or what? I was there just a while ago. The fuse had blown
and I even fixed it for you. Remember, you gave me 50 bucks. Hello…? What happened? That 50 rupee note is missing. And that chap says he was here. Something bad is about to happen. All that weird stuff with the TV. Bulbs exploding. Door is locked. We can’t even get out. That’s it. It’s all over, right? Be patient please. Listen to me. After we left the astrologer’s place… …he called me. He was really flustered. When I went back to see him… …he had committed suicide. He died? Why didn’t you share this with us? I believe he was deep in debt I didn’t want to share this. And scare you guys! Looking at the recent events,
I have my own doubts. That man was trying
to tell me something. But I couldn’t hear him properly. Give me your phone. Do you have the call recorder
app in your phone? Yes. Tell me. ‘Sonny, I’m the astrologer speaking
I must tell you something important’ ‘Come immediately’ ‘I am half way back home’ – ‘I’ll come another day.
– It’s urgent’ ‘I must talk to you
Come right now’ ‘Just for this, I can’t
come to Mogappair’ ‘I’ll come another day’ ‘Please listen to me’ ‘I must definitely talk to you’ ‘Please come right now’ ‘You’re in great danger’ ‘Listen to me’ ‘Sir, no signal
I can’t hear a word’ ‘Your friend Sajith died yesterday’ ‘I don’t know who is with you’ ‘Come immediately’ Listen to me carefully. We’re unable to open the door. No one from outside
is able to hear us. Let’s stay like this until daybreak. Let’s hope we get help
from someone tomorrow. Until then let’s not sleep. Or go anywhere alone. Vimal? Don’t you want to use the restroom? Yes, but I won’t go I want to pee now. So…? Didn’t he say none of us should go
anywhere alone till daybreak? So? How much longer will you pee? It’s flowing non stop, dude. Because I’m terrified. Why is your face frozen in fear? I’m even more terrified
looking at you. Let’s be in the loo
till morning, safer here. Give me your phone. It’s switched off. Give me yours. Call one of our boys (AUTOMATED MESSAGE) You haven’t topped up
your phone, huh? Yes. What about recharge
credit and all that? I used it all up. Why the hell
do you need a phone? I can at least get
incoming calls, dude I have an idea. It can’t go wrong. What? What’s this? This is called an ouija board. We can communicate
with spirits using this. We can contact spirits. They will answer
any question we ask. How did it come here? I needed such details
for my script. That’s why I got a planchet- What extent will you
go to for a script? Look what you’ve done. Yesterday how many times
he told you not to go there. Did you listen? I agree, Srini
What I did was wrong. Why rake up all this? Let’s find a way out first. This will definitely help us. Trust me I can’t believe all this crap
Don’t bug me, Raghava. Please listen to me, Srini I’ve done a lot of
research on this. Even on the net. Srini, let’s give it a shot. Listen to me. In a short while
this candle will burn. If it does, there is
a spirit in this room. This coin will move to ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ And answer our questions. Give me your hand. Vimal, hold Srini’s hand. Till I tell you… …and until all this is over …don’t unclasp your hands. Talk. Talk, man. Are you a good spirit or bad spirit? Is this the time to be funny? That’s how we should ask. A good spirit stands
in the sun’s place. And a bad spirit in the moon. Okay, ask. Are you a good spirit
or bad spirit? Thank God, good spirit. Other than you… …is there any other
spirit in this room? Can you somehow help us? Can you help us escape? Raghava, this is spooky
Let go of my hand. Will we escape?
Will we be alive? Raghava, don’t be stupid. – Something is wrong.
– Wait, Srini. Will we escape?
Will we be alive? Raghava, let’s not
step into the unknown. Listen to me. Let go of my hand. We shouldn’t let go
of our hands, Srini. Give me your hand. Burn this goddamn board. You didn’t believe me
But I was proved right. Give me your hand. You listen to me First burn this. We can’t do that. Then whoever uses this last will die. This arrow. Whomever it points at… …will be the 1st to die. Who is it? Who? (INCOHERENT MUTTERING) What’s wrong? Look at our plight!
Being scared of Sajith. Wherever we were sitting… …go back to the same spot. Raghava, whom are you talking to? You don’t make sense. Can’t hear a word of
what you’re saying. What’s he saying? Raghava, can’t hear you. Don’t come near me. Stand right there. What are you looking for? What do you mean? Raghava… Raghava! Raghava. Don’t understand
what’s happening here I’m petrified, Srini. Vimal, what happened to you? We’ll die. We’ll die for sure. No, Vimal. Listen to me. We’ll also die, right? Hey! Hear me out. Like the way I died on TV… …Raghavan is dead inside. We’ll also die the same way. Srini, we made a huge blunder. Shouldn’t have gone
to De Monte’s house. We shouldn’t have taken that chain. Either your eyes or mine
will turn white in a little while. And either you or I will die. Just a minute. – Listen to me.
– I’m so scared. – Look at me.
– I’m terrified. Will you let me speak? Look at me. We both don’t know
anything about that house. We weren’t aware of
Raghava’s hidden agenda. We can’t be blamed. If you think what we watched
on TV will happen again to us… …then did you notice
something else? After you and Raghava died… …I broke the door and went out. But I’m unable to
open the door now. That means definitely there is
another way to escape from here. If we can find that,
both of us can escape. Do you understand what I’m saying? So I’m the one who will die? You escaped, right? Why are you scared? I don’t hear what you’re saying? You won’t be able to hear. How can you? You escaped. It doesn’t matter to you
what happens to me, right? You’re alive. Srini, I can’t hear a word
of what you are saying. You won’t… how can you…? You are alive. As if you care if I die? I can’t hear a word
of what you’re saying. You won’t… you can’t. You won’t be able to hear me. Hey! Raghava…? Raghava…! Vimal…? Vimal, I didn’t do it deliberately. How will I ever hit you? I swear it wasn’t intentional. Vimal, I didn’t mean to hit you. Srini…? Sajith…?! How much I begged you guys
not to take me to that house! Why did you drag me in there? Sajith, I swear
we didn’t plan it. We didn’t expect
any of this to happen I’m very scared, Srini. Take me along with you. Sajith, let’s go I’m so scared, Srini. Take me away from this place. Don’t be scared. We’ll somehow escape. ‘Your friend Sajith died yesterday’ ‘I don’t know who is with you’ ‘Come immediately’ I’m terrified, Srini. Take me from here. Come here, Sajith. We can leave I’m terrified. Take me from here, SRINI. Srini, get me out of here. Nice place. But the buyer is
having second thoughts 2% commission alone
amounts to 2 million. You never know. He might clinch the deal tomorr- Bro, please help. My friends are
lying dead in my room. Please help. Hey! Did you read the newspaper? At 2:00 a.m, a guy
in Thirunelveli… …claimed his father
had a heart attack. He robbed those who rushed
to his aid of their jewellery I’m not like that, bro. Here in nearby Triplicane,
guys called for an auto. They claimed a pregnant lady
needed to be taken to a hospital. On the way they hit the auto driver
and took the auto with them. These days trying
to help others… …is the biggest mistake. That’s why most men prefer
not to lend a helping hand at all. Yov! How inhuman can you be. Can’t you see how desperate I am. It’s raining cats and dogs. Looks like this won’t stop. Wind up fast Let’s leave. ‘Demonte ordered
an expensive chain for his wife’ ‘Whoever enters that house…’ ‘…will end up dead is the rumor’ ‘We didn’t see
any chain over there’ ‘We saw only cobwebs
all over the place’ ‘I found it’ ‘If that chain is taken out
of De Monte’s house…’ ‘…somehow or the other
it will find its way back’


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