Dennis Rodman Legal Drama!

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(audience applauds) Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin’? Better because we’re together. Let’s get started. It’s time for… Hot Topics. Come on. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) (deep bass music) All right. Do you need a prayer cloth? Second from the end in the middle. Yes, you. Are you good? You have on underwear? (audience laughs) All right, ’cause we all watch. (audience laughs) It’s cute though, it’s really cute. (laughs) So Suge Knight, everybody, is controlling his empire from inside the prison. (audience murmurs) Now, hello prisoners. (audience laughs) I really don’t understand this whole situation because Suge has two grown sons. But Suge is currently serving 28 years for murder. (audience murmurs) Now you remember, at the Tam’s record store. Burgers. Burgers, sorry, in LA. (audience laughs) It’s legendary. Where Suge ran over the man and backed his truck up and ran him over again. Oh. Well he’s dead, Suge’s in prison, and he called the media from prison to say that Ray J is in charge of Death Row Records. (audience laughs) Look, look. Now you know I have love for Ray J. (audience laughs) He’s the one little man that… (audience laughs)
(audience applauds) He’s so cute to me. And he’s so nice and he’s such his mother’s son and his father’s son and stuff, but he’s got bad ways. Secretly, like you know. Mhm. Which is more enticing. (audience laughs) Anyway, and Nick Cannon is writing Suge’s book. (audience gasps) Oh, believe me you. If I had known this the other night when I was celebrating my star on the Walk of Fame and Nick showed up at the dinner party, we woulda talked about this. But Nick kept this close to the vest. Nick, why are you writing his book? Do you really know Suge like that? Shouldn’t his sons be controlling the empire and writing the book? (audience murmurs) Wouldn’t you wanna keep the money in the family? Yes. I don’t know why but look, Suge called The Blast. Now those are our blogger friends. He called The Blast. It’s supposed to be bread, water, no Facebook, (audience laughs) no phone calls, no visitors. You stay there and you do your time then you come out. In 28 years, I don’t know whether he’ll make 28 years. How old is Suge? 50? He is 54 now. 54. And I think he’ll be 81 by the time he gets out. (audience gasps) (Wendy laughs) So The Blast got the phone call. You must quiet down and take a listen because a lot of it is garbly-goop, and then clap if you’ve ever gotten a phone call from prison. I have. (some applause) Suzanne. You have? Yes. No, it was when I was working for Martha Stewart. (audience laughs) Oh okay. (laughs) (audience laughs) Do tell. And well she had just gotten out of prison and when she left prison, she was wearing that poncho. I had to get in touch with the woman who made the poncho in prison for her. For what? ‘Cause I had to find out what pattern number it was. Now was my manager, Bernie, Martha’s manager at that time? Bernie wasn’t there yet. This was right where she got outta prison and the show was just starting. Bernie wasn’t there yet. And then she hired Bernie, my manager. Exactly. Bernie’s the best. Bernie’s been around. Yeah, he has been around. He’s the best, that’s why. He’s got a cold though now. I feel like where’s Bernie. Oh yeah. At home watchin’. Oh hi Bernie. So do tell, so? But she called me and I found out the pattern number. Sorry, I didn’t mean to catch you with a mint in your mouth. I do have a mint in my mouth. And then, she said, “Please send some money for her canteen.” Oh.
Isn’t that what it’s called? (audience murmurs) Commissaries. Yeah, that. (audience laughs) And that’s it. Oh my gosh, over the canteen. But I could hear a recording going on. Yes, and I was nervous. I was sweatin’. No, no, no, no, ’cause I’ve gotten those collect, that’s the only reason I have a house phone is if you know people in prison, then they can you collect. And then in the middle of the conversation, you’re reminded that you’re on the phone with somebody from prison. Well you’ll be reminded while Suge is talking. But look, The Blast, thank you very much for this. Everyone listen, calm down. Go. I respect Ray J and his business dealings. That’s why I chose him as one of the guys to deal with the business side of the future as far as Death Row Records, anything to do with Death Row. And the other only person involved in that is the person out there that is the most credible and one of the most realest guys in this business today. [Recorded Message] This call and your telephone number will be monitored and recorded. (audience laughs) Which is Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon will be doing the book personally as a writer. (audience murmurs) Okay, so here’s my thought. My thought is Suge is not that interesting. We already know everything about him. He’s a killer. He’s a woman beater. (audience murmurs) All right? Michel’le says it best. And between he and Dr. Dre, I don’t know who whoops better but you know. (audience murmurs)
(audience laughs) Vanilla Ice allegedly was hung by the side of the window by his ankles, shaken down by Suge. You know what I mean, this is not a book I wanna read. (audience laughs) It’d be a movie I’d like to see though. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’d be a movie I’d like to see, but just not a book that I wanna read. Why aren’t his sons, who are grown, a part of this empire? Why wouldn’t you have your sons? Why Nick, who I love, and why Ray J, who I love, but why them? Why not your sons, keep the money all in the family? And by the way, he says he won’t serve the whole 28 years. He says he’ll be home before you know it. (audience murmurs) No you won’t. (audience laughs) Oh no you won’t. And I’ve never had any bad run-ins with Suge, you know what I mean? I think he’s handsome. I think he’s smart. But I also know his ways, you know what I mean? I say keep him locked up for all 28 years. (audience applauds) And Nick, you know I’m a book reader but this is not a book I even care about. I’ve seen three documentaries in the last maybe two months. Right, Norman? Yeah. ‘Cause you and I were on the phone with one of ’em. Right. There was one on BET last year. It was about three or four parts. But they run them all the time. Yeah. Why do we need to read the book? Enough already. And you know what, I don’t even want put into his commissary stay piled Living on the island. Right, oh right. (laughs) Foxy Brown, “Ain’t No N”. You know I know my lyrics. I know. (laughs) Okay, so moving on, Jenna Dewan, used to be Jenna Dewan-Tatum, married to Channing Tatum. (audience murmurs) Okay, okay, okay, okay. First, look at the picture. Look at that dress. Look at them. What a stunning, stunning couple. I don’t know where things went awry. I wish they were still together. (audience murmurs) (audience applauds) I do. In the meantime, she’s saying that she was blindsided by her ex, Channing, dating the singer, Jessie J. She opens up, she’s got a book out. It’s called something or another. (audience laughs) There it is, “Gracefully You”. Hi Jenna. Beautiful cover. Yeah. Right? (audience applauds) Anyway, in the book, she writes, “There I was alone “on the plane, “finding out about his new relationship.” (audience murmurs) Well, you know what, he shoulda told her. I’ll tell you why. Jenna and Channing have a six-year-old son and when you have kids young like that, huh? Daughter. Daughter. (audience laughs) Anyway, when you have kids young like that, you’re supposed to notify the other one that you’re dating someone seriously. I’m not talking about the one-night stands and all that other stuff. I’m talking about if you have a girlfriend. Jessie J, who I love, and Channing, they’re out of the closet with their relationship. So when weekend visitations happen, chances are Jessie J is there. And to me, you owe it to your ex-wife, mother of your child, to let them know who you’re dating and how you’re dating. Whether it’s serious or not. No, no, it’s just somethin’ to do, Jenna. She’s not here on the weekends, I promise you that. You will never see me out paparazzi’d with her and the kids and all. And then Jenna went on, she went hard-body, okay? She went on to her boyfriend, Steve, and now she’s pregnant. (audience gasps) Okay, okay. (laughs) (audience applauds) So she invented a whole new family but here’s over there with Jessie. I just, when you have kids and you’re going through a divorce, there’s certain things that they need to know, and number one is that their parents are happy. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And number two, who is the next girl? (audience murmurs) What’s going on? That’s all, that’s enough shade. That’s enough, I can’t, I can’t. (audience applauds) Marco, is Boof over there? I don’t see Boof, is Boof over there? No (inaudible). Oh, of course, He’s fled the scene. Who’s Djing the show? Jimmy? Jimmy, you’d better play some black people music. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) I’m saying, Jimmy. I wanna hear a Lil’ Kim with full cursing behind the scenes. (audience laughs) And all that. And some Madonna too but you know, Jimmy, you know how we do. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Jimmy has lost an enormous amount, did the lights just go up? Yeah, they did. Okay, I was like oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what’s happening? They’re comin’ to take us. (laughs) Take me, Elizabeth, take me, Louise, whoever. Anyway, so I was telling you last week that my Puerto Rican princess, Joseline Hernandez. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yes. In this picture, doesn’t she look like the sister of Naomi Campbell or something? Yes. She had work done. Well it doesn’t matter whether she had work done or not. Don’t be jealous. (audience laughs) All right. (audience applauds) If you had the money, you’d get work done too, girl. Now look, the thing about her though is that she’s so beautiful, but she opens that mouth, it all falls down. (audience laughs) I mean you know what I’m saying. Anyway, but I love her the way she is and Joseline has a new reality show coming out. We already talked about that. It’s called Joseline’s Cabaret. It’s set in Miami at a gentleman’s club. But guess what I have for you. (audience gasps) The first look. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Take a look. (dramatic music) It’s been three years since I left Livin’ Hip Hop. The show ain’t been the same since I’ve been gone. No more Stevie J. I’m doin’ my own thing. A lot of bitches came through and tried to take my spot, but you can never take the Puerto Rican princess crown. They know what (beep) it is. The baddest bitch is back. And I’m here to say it. Wow. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Not only am I watching this show, but I will watch it when it re-runs. I just have to figure out how to get the Zeus network. It’s streaming, like Netflix. It’s on the Zeus. On the internet, yeah. It’s an app like Netflix.
Can I watch it on my phone? Yeah. All right. (Norman laughs) But anyway, the show looks really good. Just because I love Joseline and you know what, Joseline, I just told my bookers prior to doing this show that I wanna book you to come to the show. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) I want you to bring all this. I want her to bring the whole look. And before you get here, Joseline, just ’cause fair is fair, I got Stevie and Faith’s number so I’m gonna talk to them about the situation at… (audience laughs) Dammit. Look, look, he’s actually in my phone. We actually talk. And he actually makes me feel like he’s a really nice guy. But I can’t, no, not aw. (audience laughs) I give him the rat face every time. (audience laughs) Oh. (laughs) Stevie. Stevie. And everyone’s allowed to change and make mistakes but just so Joseline that you know, we’re gonna book you for the show but I have to talk to Stevie prior, but he will not be here in the, I would not have a surprise, da-dah, and here’s Stevie, go fight. No, no. But anyway, all right, let’s talk about Dennis Rodman. Oh. Well he’s very exhaustive. Because he’s like that basketball player. (audience murmurs) I don’t wanna catch anything so I’m gonna lean this way. Dennis has been here before. He’s been on my radio show before. The thing about Dennis is that he seems like one of those basketball players who just never planned for his future properly. When you’re a ball player, you have at the most 38 years before you have to stop. Everything aches, you gotta retire, you work on your diction, you become a sportscaster or you get a line of underwear or hats or somethin’ like that. Dennis never did anything but play basketball and it’s very, very unfortunate. Now I know that he got around with the women. You had Madonna for a second. If you’d married Madonna then maybe you could get Madonna alimony, I don’t know. Anyway, Dennis is in trouble with the law again. (audience murmurs) Okay. Now it was about a month ago when I was telling you all and I showed you the footage when he was in that Vegas store and he was acting as the decoy while his friends were stealing stuff. Yup. Stealin’ stuff. And so the help at the store were so enamored by Dennis being there that while they’re talkin’ to him and he’s talkin’ them up, they’re stealing. And they were all there together. Dennis was not charged for this, so I guess he talked his way out. Well now, guess what happened. He slapped a man not once but twice in the face. Now first of all, an open hand slap. (audience murmurs) Norman, I would expect that from you. (audience laughs) If you know what I’m saying. Right, right. And I think you do. (laughs) Right. (laughs) You would think that a guy like Dennis, all right, forget the whole slap, you would think it’d be a punch in the face or nothing. There are only certain guys who slap. Who slap. (laughs) Open-handed. And how do you slap not once. Twice. But twice. (audience laughs) Yo, he immediately apologized to the guy and invited the guy to dinner. No, no, no. The guy declined. He goes to the hospital with a scratched cornea. (audience murmurs) Dennis is denying everything. Now I don’t know whether Dennis drinks, smokes, takes pills or what, but Dennis, you really do need to, you really need to get your life together. (audience applauds) Yeah. They say that he could get a year in prison for this and he already pled not guilty. Dennis, we need you to be free. You’re only our connection to Korea. (audience laughs) Okay? And furthermore, Dennis, you know and I know that you’re on probation right now for DUI. You shouldn’t even be out partying. Much less at a bar slapping guys. He is our only connection to Korea, correct? As far as I know. I mean we have secretaries of state and stuff but I think he’s our top diplomat. He’s our top diplomat. He’s our top diplomat. Suzanne? Yeah, well he’s in with Kim Jong-un. They’re best friends. Yeah, they’re like this. These are like this. He’s the only one that can get over there. Dennis, we need you to hold the cabinet position and we need you to get your life together. That’s all. (audience applauds) And you all can hate on Suzanne Somers if you want but I will never hate on her. (audience murmurs) First of all, she autographed an original Thighmaster for me. Yes, that I actually have and I would never sell it on Ebay, but just the idea. And I have it at home and I do use it, actually. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I had her autograph the outside because the inside is where you have to put it and I didn’t wanna rub off her signature. So she autographed it on the outside with a nice message and stuff. So Suzanne, who I’ve known since radio days, she and her husband, I love them both dearly. Excuse me, how dare you slam her. This is a 72-year-old woman, 73. Excuse me. Listen, listen, no, no, no, listen. Suzanne was celebrating her 73rd birthday and this is how she chose to celebrate. Yep. (audience gasps) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) I love it. I love it. This is goals right here. She loves her husband. They’ve been married forever. There they are, age appropriate. She’s got grandchildren and children. Remember, she lost her whole house in Malibu during the brush fire, but she’s got plenty of money. She bought everything back I guess. Life is, she’s best friends with Barry Manilow. She can sing and dance. Three’s Company is not the same. When I see a Three’s Company, if Suzanne’s not there, I can’t watch. I don’t know about, I just can’t. Suzanne, happy belated birthday. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) You look terrific. And we’ve got more great show for you everybody. Up next, (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Tyrese Gibson is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (dance music) ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪


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