Department of Theatre & Dance at The University of Texas at El Paso

[upbeat music starts] The University of Texas at El Paso
Theatre & Dance Department [upbeat music continues] Nancy Batres, BFA Performance: I came in and I learned so much. You get hands on experience. You fall more in love with theatre. You have the most amazing professors who are always there giving you opportunities.
You’re learning constantly every day and most importantly, they care about who you are as an artist and who you are as a person
and they want you to grow, just all around. Cristian Barrio, BFA Performance: Well because being with a professional actor
in a college environment So I’m still learning but I’m still getting
to see someone that… she’s already done it. Cristina Goletti, Chair, Department of Theatre & Dance: Our students have the opportunity to work for a semester long, next to professionals that have just spent time choreographing or
directing plays or participating in festivals or conferences. Katherine Harding, BFA Dance: The professors here at UTEP provide such a unique experience and such unique perspectives on dance that a lot of… um, students probably haven’t had a chance to experience before.
You really gain close bonds with those people and with your professors and with everybody involved because you’re just around each other so
much. Jesus Lopez, BFA Stage Management:
I’ve worked as a lighting designer I’ve worked as an assistant lighting designer; as a master electrician;
I’ve done props. The department really lets you explore any
areas that you’d like, even directing for the summer shows.
We have an organization called Playmakers that allows our students to direct and participate in student-run productions, which is amazing because we get to do everything from pre-production, to performance all by ourselves. Cristina Goletti:
We do have small class sizes that allow a lot of attention, that allow a lot of focus
and mentoring and that really allows students to bring out their
own unique voice and talent We are not trying to create cookie-cutter
students. We are not telling them how to become artists. We are letting them figure that out for themselves. We are allowing them the space to realize
their own potentials. Learn more about UTEP’s Theatre & Dance Department at: Special Thanks to the
Film Cinema and Society

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