Derek and Julianne Hough Dance!

– I’d like to bring out
two of the most talented dancers I have ever met. Here to perform
their Move Live on Tour, please welcome
Julianne and Derek Hough. [cheers and applause] [both vocalizing] – There you go! You guys ready to move? Let’s go! [upbeat dance music] – Everybody move. – Move. [cheers and applause] – Leave her alone.
Get her up. – Hey, baby.
How you doing? – Hello, my love. – Wow. – Thank you. – Oh, my God. That is so fantastic. [cheers and applause] – Whoo! – That’s so fantastic. Oh, my God.
So you’re on tour now, right? Or have you started?
– Not yet. We start this summer.
This is part two of “Move.” This is what we want
you guys to feel, the energy. We go out there,
we get people up, moving, dancing. You can’t breathe.
– It’s amazing. – That’s our–
That’s sort of our slogan. Yeah. [cheers and applause] – It’s always so fun
watching you two. It’s amazing.
You can– For tickets for Julianne and
Derek’s Move Live on Tour, they go on sale March 6th. Go to our website
for more information.


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