Desolation Center Theatrical Trailer

(eerie music) – [Man] Back in the 80s, we
put on parties in the desert and we called ourself Desolation Center. – Is the punk movement
part of the Nazi movement? – Nah, it’s the police,
that’s the Nazi movement. (air whooshing)
(rock music) – [Man] The early 80s was a time of experimentation and rebellion. – The LAPD freaked out about punk rock like it was the second
coming of the Black Panthers. – [Man] I started thinking,
I need to apply some of the out-of-the-box punk rock thinking. – Why couldn’t we put this
kinda really cool music into this desert environment? How many things could go wrong, you know? – I completely understood
the element of danger and the element of feeling
alive are actually connected. – [Man] Everything that I
found exciting at the time, all here in this remote spot. (intense rock music) – Total anarchy. (canon fires) – That desert environment is
awesome for acts of freedom. – [Man] Desolation center
was one of the inspirations when we started doing burning man. – It was beyond a theory
you know, it was made real. This gig makes total sense. – [Woman] And I just remember thinking, this is transformative. – [Woman] Those shows
reflected that spirit of, I’m going to make it happen. – It was definitely one
of those doors that opens and you’re kind of
different on the other side. (banjo strums) (loud bang) (crowd woos) – I was kind of hoping to see the hillside come down on everybody, but
that’s my disappointment. (rock guitar note) (static)


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