Hi everyone, welcome on my channel for the review of the chinese drama Detective Chinatown This drama was broadcasted on iQiyi And was adapted from the movie franchise of the same name It has a total of 12 episodes, broadcasted during 3 weeks with 4 episodes per week There are 3 different storylines, each of them being 4 episodes long In this video I am gonna review each storyline individually and the drama as a whole There won’t be any major spoiler but still there might be small spoilers on the story and the characters if you haven’t seen it and don’t want to know anything then don’t watch this video before watching the drama Now, I’m going to give my opinion on the story and the characters First of all, the story is set in Bangkok But most of the characters are chinese and speak chinese even though it’s in Thailand The first 4 episodes, which is the first investigation introduces the two main characters Lin Mo and the police officer Sasha From the beginning we see that there’s something between the two of them Something happened in the past, and it’ll be explained later in the drama Lin Mo is a private detective apparently the number one in Bangkok’s chinatown So he really is a good detective and he is mobilized to investigate on this really mysterious case And there’s Sasha with him, a really serious police officer The two of them will start the investigation together on this mysterious case The first scene starts directly with the interrogation of one victim The case revolves around a ghost story linked to religion, in this case Buddhism and some characters are haunted by ghosts more precisely by Buddha And from the beginning there’s a difference of point of view between the police who believes the ghost story and will be scared by it and Lin Mo & Sasha, whom are rational and who from the beginning will think the explanation is more realistic They will start investigating, even though at some point the police closes the case and say the ghost story is true But Lin Mo keeps investigating on his own without the police Even though the story doesn’t differ much from what we usually see in police dramas There are still many plot twists and revelations that are quite logical and coherent. So they serve the story and aren’t there only because they are plot twists. It keeps up hooked to the drama During the 4 episodes we really want to know what’s coming next It’s well made Then the second investigation is, in my opinion, the best out of the three storylines It’s episodes 5 to 8 It tells the origin story of Lin Mo We will learn how him and Sasha met before I’m not going to spoil this one though… During this investigation Lin Mo is not a detective yet And Sasha just entered the police and is competing with another police officer to solve a case it’s quite funny because she is really serious and organized while the other policeman is kinda stupid and just want to solve the case as fast as possible in order to get promoted So these two are competing to solve a case to which Lin Mo is more or less linked. And that’s how we will learn how he became a detective It’s in my opinion, the best storyline of this drama The one with the best mysteries and revelations The drama is worth watching just for this plot It’s the best out of the 3 At the end of episode 8 there’s a transition with the third investigation Which doesn’t involve neither Lin Mo nor Sasha They aren’t present in episodes 9 – 12 Which I find quite sad because at the end of episode 8 I felt like I wanted to know more about Lin Mo’s story Even though all mysteries are solved, it still felt like there was more to know The third investigation is in a totally new setting It’s still in Thailand, but on a remote island so not in Bangkok anymore and the ending is in Taiwan, Taipei There’s a big difference between the 8 first episodes and the 4 last ones A new character is introduced and he is the little brother of the japanese detective Noda Hiroshi which was introduced in the movie Detective Chinatown 2 So the little brother is the detective here He wants to gain ranks on the crime master app Which is the app that was shown in the movie and that is used to rank the best detectives in the world So the setting is an island near Thailand during a e-sport event during which they are trying to solve a 5 years old mystery They are trying to solve this case He and his team of japanese detectives or friends They are 5 And they will try to discover what happened and who was the murderer The mystery is not really original It’s the least interesting of the three storylines there’s still a few surprises and interesting stuff but it’s less original than the two others It’s easier to guess who is the culprit and there are some inconsistencies I am not going to talk about it because the major inconsistency kinda spoils the whole plot It’s the least interesting but is still worth watching My general opinion is that the drama is quite good And I’d recommend it The characters are really interesting, especially those of the 8 first episodes Even though Lin Mo is a classic intelligent detective, that we have seen before in many dramas or series Who is some sort of genius that can solve and discover things before the others So yeah it’s something we have seen before But he is still really likable Especially his relationships with the other characters Like the girl in the second investigation Also it’s interesting to see all the links between the drama and the movie It kinda feels like the extended universe of the Detective Chinatown Franchise For instance there are cameos of the two main characters from the movies And there are references to other characters like Noda’s older brother that we see in the movie There’s the crime master app too And Q, the number one on the app He or she is mentioned but we still don’t know who it is To conclude, I recommend you to watch this drama There are only 12 episodes And even if you haven’t seen the movies, you can’t watch the drama and understand It’s independent from the movies So, bye bye See you in another fast review

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