Dev Anand – Biography

This is the story of such
a passionate individual.. ..who came to Mumbai to fulfill
his dream of becoming an actor. But to earn bread for life,
he had to join the military. “Tell my darling, for her, I swear on her.. ..I did not get a darling.” But what fate wanted, it happened. Leaving that job, this
individual started entering.. the world of movies. At times he was CID and at times, a taxi driver. At time he became an accountant.. ..then at times a paying guest. We are talking about the evergreen Dev Anand. “The eyes gave a signal, I got a
support for life just like that.” Although Dev worked with many famous directors.. ..but there also came a time when he.. ..started his own company, named Navketan. And it was decided that he would make movies.. ..through this company. In this undertaking, two of his borthers, named.. ..Vijay Anand and Chetan Anand joined him. “In the journey of life, travelers meet.. ..only to get separated.” “And they give memories to
make us suffer when alone.” Very few people know this, that in Dev Anand’s.. ..childhood, a juice vendor in Amritsar had told.. ..Dev Anand that he had sun on his forehead. Meaning that one he will become a very big man. And his words turned out to be completely true. And till date Dev Anand kept
looking for that juice vendor.. ..that he can meet him and treat him. “We both got lost in each other’s eyes.” “And in our talks, we became a short love story.” Dev had a very good team, which clearly.. ..understood each department of the film industry. Especially the music department. Dev Anand’s team with S.D.Burman.. ..became as strong as music and beats. “Your eyes are carefree, see
the weather is beautiful.. throwing an arrow in my heart, bow a little.” At one place, the songs sung by Mister Rafi.. ..suited Dev Anand a lot. Then on the other hand, the upcoming voice.. ..of Kishore Kumar too matched footsteps.. ..with Dev Anand. “Understood that you didn’t ask for me, isn’t.. acquaintance not agreeable to you?” “Walking with an attitude,
there’s no match for you.” “Understood that you didn’t ask for me.” After making one after another
hit movies, Dev Anand.. ..thought of making the movie Guide, which.. ..will be made in both Hindi and English language. So that the movie is appreciated not only by.. ..Indian but also by the foreign audience. “This world will ask, this world will ask.. “This world will ask, this world will ask.. ..when u met, what did you talk about?” “Don’t tell this to anyone.” “This world will ask.” But Dev wasn’t aware of the
fact that Satyjeet Ray.. ..also wanted to make this movie. And the both of them had approached.. ..Waheeda Rehman to enact the role of Rosy. “Why do you win, why do.. keep your hand on your heart?” “Why are you so lost, what happened?” “This is your circumstance now.” “The eyes gave a signal, I got a
support for life just like that.” But like it happens with all big movies, the.. ..same thing happened with guide. One after another, the directors were changed. And when the movie released, its response.. ..was quite lower than the expectations. But in today’s time, Guide is considered to be.. ..a legendary movie. “I was a stranger, you were unknown.. ..settled in each other’s hearts.” “How did this romance boil between us?” “Do I know or I don’t?” “Such was the impact of Dev Anand’s popularity.. ..that people told him not to wear a black coat.. ..because girls faint after
seeing him in a black coat. And Dev Anand even agreed to this. “Even I want to talk to you about many things.” “Raju, are you actually going?” “Don’t stop me Pushpa” “You won’t forget me, right?” “This distance cannot separate us.” There came a time in Dev Anand’s life wherein.. ..he decided that he will
direct his movies as well. And he made a movie like Hare Ram Hare Krishna. “The society is also crazy about your style.. ..what can I say?” “Leave my saree, what will the society say?” “The society is also crazy about your style.. ..what can I say?” Dev Anand is also known for giving chances.. newer talents. Zeenat Aman and Tina Munim
are live examples of that. “If anyone asks that why
does your eyes drop down?” “You tell them it’s their habit.” “These eyes just shy away.” “You do not tell this to
people that your eyes are.. ..attached to you lover, your.. .. eyes are attached to your lover.” “This world will ask.” And when legendary Dev is asked about.. ..his philosophy, he just says that he kept.. ..accompanying life and vanished.. ..all my problems into smoke. “Isn’t my acquaintance not agreeable to you?” “Isn’t my acquaintance not agreeable to you?” “Walking with an attitude,
there’s no match for you.” “Understood that you didn’t ask for me.” And this passion is alive in him even today. And his spirit to make new movies proves that. “Your eyes are carefree,
this weather is beautiful.. ..after shooting an arrow into my heart.. ..bow down a little.” “Your eyes are carefree.”


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