Development of UK Gurushaktidham (Meditation Hall) – A Beginning… (Part 1)

Good morning everybody. My name is Carl Norris and my company Kedleston Design and Construction Services Limited has been employed by Samarpan Ashram UK to project manage the construction of the ashram and the first ashram as a new build in the UK and what an absolutely fantastic morning to make a start on day one. The sun is shining the rain has stopped and the ground is starting to dry out. The machines are coming soon so we can break ground and commence the construction process This is a 42 week project and we hope every day is going to be a lovely day like it is today with the sun shining. We’ve got a fantastic team on board.. Jaya and the team at the house the bungalow – are working behind the scenes and also the construction team here Heather Bank who are doing the ground works, and we’re now in the process of procurement for the main construction. So all is good all looking well, and it’s a positive start on day one. So thank you very much everybody. And like I said, it’s day one and we’re going to start as we need to go on, smiling, happy and looking forward to our journey together to build this fantastic wonderful building Thank you very much What we’ll do now we’ll just have a walk over to the site where the ashram is going to be constructed and as you can see the guys have already made a start, just removing some of the existing fencing We’re going to be removing the shed shortly and then breaking up the concrete it is over there now Because where we’ve got the shed at the moment, we are going to put a Gadhisthan in there now Which is currently being designed by the engineers and once we’ve got that We’ll be able to construct the Gadhisthan and then move that one forward Which is in addition to our contract later on but looking forward to doing that. I mean the number of challenges that they bring, the ground being as wet as it is Anyway we will carry on walking forward What we’ve got as well The building itself is a glulam beam timber frame structure and it will have the pyramid on the top that will have block work walls throughout the side and then that upper cladding in timber and then inside will be the stone tiles and the marble floor and that will build the Gadhisthan and then the plinth for the Murti to sit on which will sit directly under the pyramid point. So we’ve got that straight line down through the pyramid through to the Murti and then down to the Gadhisthan So all lines up and we’ll get that GPS. So we make sure that it does So like I said It’s day one we’ve got a lot to do and what I’m going to do now is leave you guys to it And I’m going to carry on with checking the drawings and making sure we’re doing the right thing. Okay? Thank you very much, and I’ll speak to you again soon. Bye bye

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