Dharam Veer {HD} Hindi Movie Dharmendra | Jeetendra | Zeenat Aman | Neetu Singh (With Eng Subtitles)

Your Majesty… Kings from every place have
sent their royal messengers.. to participate in the swayamwar
of your sister, Princess Meenakshi. I request Your Highness
to accept their gifts. And invite them to
participate in the swayamwar. His Highness Pratap Singh
of Shankargarh… sends a necklace of gold coins. His Majesty Devi Singh of Chandanpur
sends a pearl necklace. The one who sent this garland of
flowers hasn’t mentioned a name. Who could have brought
the flowers and sword? Your Highness… The flowers are a symbol
of love, and the sword… is a symbol of the strength that
will always protect the princess. I am neither a king nor a prince. I am a brave hunter and
am well versed in samurai. Who is this impudent brat? How dare he dream about my daughter? Whoever he is, this is
the answer he deserves! Your Majesty, the
beginning isn’t auspicious. What do you say, royal priest? The princess has gone on a hunt.
May God protect her. Sheroo, you’ve done your duty. Now it’s time for me to do mine.
Go on. Here you are. I hope you’re not hurt.
– No. What is your name?
– Jwala. I am indebted to you.
You have saved my life. I didn’t oblige you.
I did it for myself. Pardon me?
– Come along. I live here. Sheroo.. Come… This is my pet Sheroo.
He told me about the attack on you. Come. Welcome. I’ve never seen anyone
as brave as you are. You’ve returned the wealth of life
to me. This life is obliged to you. You can ask me for anything.
I won’t refuse you. That’s a promise. My princess, it’s the poor
that make and keep promises. Those that live in palaces, break
the laws as well as promises. Take a seat.
– I’m not one of those. What do you want? Ask without any hesitation. What is this? This is an image of the lady… for whom I’ve performed penance
through nights and days. The tragedy is, she is hidden
behind a wall of gold and silver. My prayers hit the walls and return. Do you promise to give me the fruit
of my years of worship? lf it’s in my hands…
– It is only in your hands. Then I promise you. Me… ? Yes, and that is why I said..
it’s only in your hands. All right. Come to the palace with me.
I’ll talk to the king. No thanks. The palace
where I’ve been humiliated.. my love has been mocked at… I won’t step in that
palace even by mistake. Humiliate?
– Yes. Like other princes, I too
sent a proposal for you. It was rejected in court. lf you are willing,
we can be married. Now. This very moment. Else you can break
your word and go back. What do you say, Sheroo? Coward! So many of you
couldn’t control one girl. We don’t know who came
to rescue the princess.. Get out of here! Prince.. Man can conquer the world. But he can’t conquer death. Anyone who is born is
definitely going to die. According to your horoscope… you will die at the hands
of your eldest nephew. God has ordained it.
– You’ve told me this before! I will change the writ of destiny! Even Kansa couldn’t fight it.
– He was a fool. He imprisoned his sister, Devika.
And killed her kids. I won’t do that.
I’ll nip death in its bud. lf there’s no sister
how will the nephew arrive? Once she escaped my hands.
But she can’t escape each time! You scoundrel.. Your Highness! This is the country where a brother
promises to protect his sister. And you…
– But father.. Don’t address me as your father!
From this day onward.. I have no relations with you!
I banish you from the kingdom! Get out of here! Wait, dear husband. Your Highness, don’t do this. On behalf of my husband,
I apologize to you! For your sake, I
grant him his life. Or else, for attacking
my daughter’s life… I would have sentenced him
to death! Come, Roopmati. With the Fire God as witness
I accept you as my husband. Tiger! She’s a tigress. She’s come to avenge the
death of the tiger you killed. She might return.
Her going alive would be dangerous. I will come with you. No. Now it’s my duty
to protect you. Listen… No! No! No! For months, you’ve been
treating my daughter. But there has been no improvement. God knows what shock
she has received. She does what she is told to do. Though she’s alive
she’s not aware of anything. Considering the state
the princess is in.. what will you tell the princes
who’ve come for the swayamwar? We’ve come to vie
for the princess’ hand. Not for an idol of stone. Had you written to us about her state,
we wouldn’t’ have bothered to come. You…?
– King of Dheerajpur. Pratap Singh. Your Highness, I accept
the princess as she is. No! Who are you?
– I’m your husband. No! You can’t be! You were not conscious
when we got married. No. This can’t be true! It’s impossible. No! What are you doing?
– Leave me! Let me die!
I’m married to another man! What…? If that was so, why
didn’t your father tell me? Even he doesn’t know this. We had a Gandharva marriage. Where is your husband?
– He is no more. It is a sin for me to even
think about another man. According to you, I am your wife. You
have a right over my body and soul. Now you decide…
do I have any choice, but death? There is. You will live in my
palace as my queen. You’ll be my wife for all concerned. But I will have no
right over your body. This is the word of a Rajput. What’s the matter?
– I think I’m expecting his child. In such a state, my living..
– …is vey essential. I was worried for a while. How will
my family name be carried forth? But you’ve solved my problem.
Your son will be my heir. But I have a request to make. For the sake of the
honour of my family… you will never divulge
this secret to anyone. Brother… Your Highness, I come to my sister
for rakhi. If you permit… Certainly. Brother, how did you
get to be in this state? I am suffering for my deeds.
I am paying for my sins. Unfortunately, she’s the one
at the receiving end. Sister-in-law! It’s a sign of greatness
to accept your mistake. Forget the past.
Henceforth, you will live here. Yes, brother.
– No, I’m a sinner. I’m not worthy of that.
But my wife is expecting. Keep her as your servant
till she delivers… Don’t say that!
– I’m going off to battle. You must look after
my queen till I return. Such honour! Such reverence! Long live our King! Long live our King! Long live our King! Give him to me.
My son! I’ll crown him the king of this place.
I’ll put him on the throne. I’ll make him the king! Long live the king. The queen
has been blessed with a son. A son..? My first nephew
will be the cause of my death. Such a darling child…
will be king. The queen mother has
gone into labor again. My eldest nephew…
I won’t die at your hands. Instead you’ll die
at my hands. Yes! Congratulations.
You have delivered another son. Where is the Prince? Prince..! Falcon! Good God! Queen Mother! A falcon flew away
with your first born! No! This can’t be true! Do something and
get my child back! Where are you taking the baby? To change the destiny of my son. Sister… I wish the falcon had
carried away my son! I could have tolerated the sorrow.
But I can’t bear your grief. Both babies look so good together. They look alike,
the same features.. Come, my baby. And you sleep in comfort. No! I won’t let you
commit this sin! Shut up! Talking of sin!
My father disowned me… and banished me from the kingdom.
Did anyone feel any remorse then? My son will be the prince. And this prince will be his slave. My son will be crowned.
This Nawab will polish his shoes. And I… will sleep in peace. Child..? Listen…
– Yes? A falcon brought somebody’s child.
– A child… whose? I don’t know. We’ve been nursing
this man for 9 months. As a reward, God has
blessed you with a child. He’s regaining consciousness. This child is very lucky.
For so long, no doctor could cure him. He gained consciousness
as soon as the child came home. Who are you?
– I’m an ironsmith. You’ve been lying comatose
in my house for 9 months. For 9 months… ?
– We found you wounded… “on the banks of the river.
Are you the hunter, Jwala Singh?” Yes.
– We took you home. But there was nobody there.
– We didn’t think it right… to leave you alone in that state.
So we brought you here. Thank you very much.
But.. nobody in my house…? There was nobody. Where are you going?
– To find somebody. “Prince, you alone
will get your right.” Not my son… Son of a gun!
Won’t you let me sleep? Why are you screaming?
Shut up…! On the auspicious occasion of… the naming ceremony
of Prince Veer Singh.. we shower gold coins on the people. Long live His Majesty! Long live His Majesty! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! No, Sheroo. Destiny is not so kind. The light of the palaces
can’t kindle poor Jwala’s home. When your loved ones aren’t yours,
how can one complain about strangers? Let’s go. His Majesty was victorious
against the enemies. But he was killed in the battle. No! Dharam, you are Ramdin’s son. One strike of the hammer
should be equal to ten. Is that so? Watch this! Well done. That’s like it. I am sure, one day you
will bring glory to my name. I have started the process. You make royal arrows for the kingdom.
Your son too has made one. Check it. Very good, my son.
– Tomorrow is my friend’s birthday. I’ll give him this arrow as a gift.
I want to make him such arrows.. that will instill terror
in the hearts of the enemy. Uncle, that’s the spirit! Live long, my dear.
Your arms are so strong… you could split the head of the
enemy like that watermelon! Let me protect you from evil eyes. Where are you hurrying away?
I still have to practice some more. This much is enough for today. This time I won’t use a watermelon.
– Then what will you use? This time I’ll use an apple. That’s too small. If you miss, the apple will be safe,
but my head will be blown off. All right. You may leave.
I’ve seen how much you love me. Are you angry? Here… No problem. Even if I die,
people are going to say… the uncle died at
the hands of his nephew. And a nephew he loves
more than his own son. Shoot the arrow carefully. Excellent! You’ve proved that you
are my son, not my nephew. Why are you coming here?
– You blew up the apple. That’s right.
But this grape remains. Uncle, come back!
– No, no! No, no! You son of an ass! Impressed with my aim? Like the prince, I too
have learned to shoot. Now check this out. You son of an ass! Did your Pop
ever shoot that you attempt it? This is a game of monarchs. Go home and do something menial. Father, you always address me
as the son of an ass or a mule! Why don’t you treat me with respect?
Now I’ve learnt to shoot. Today I’ll prove to you that
I’m not the son of an ass… But your son! Son, it’s very late. Now eat
your dinner. He won’t come now. Veer knows it’s my birthday too.
He will come. He’s a prince and
it’s his birthday. Thousands must be standing
at his door to give him gifts. In the melee, he won’t remember
that an ironsmith waits for him. The world knows men have given up
thrones for love and truth. And embraced poverty. If my
friendship is true, Veer will come. Dharam. Didn’t I say, he would come? Today is my friend’s birthday.
May God bless him with a long life. Today’s my pal’s birthday too. May God
bestow the years of the world on him! See what I got you.
Take the one you like. A gift from me. This arrow
will pierce the toughest steel. Is that so?
– Ty it if you don’t believe me. The chest of your friend
is as strong as steel. Greetings, Aunt. Your friendship will be
an example for the world. You are right. People should say
a stone can break… but not the friendship
of Dharam and Veer! Yes father, it won’t. Never. Come on, Dharam. Eat something before you leave. “There are 7 wonders in this world” “The eighth is our friendship” “There are I wonders
in this world”““ The eighth is our friendship “The friendship of Dharam
and Veer can never be broken” “There are 7 wonders in this world” “The eighth is our friendship” “There are 7 wonders in this world” “The eighth is our friendship” “The friendship of Dharam
and Veer can never be broken” “I answer when somebody
calls out your name” “I open my lips to
answer to your name” “I answer when somebody
calls out your name” “I open my lips to
answer to your name” “Life and death have no meaning” “This is what friendship is” “Friends die for each other
but a friend won’t let you down” “Is she a girl or a silken thread” “What a temper she has.
How forthright she is!” “Is she a girl or a silken thread” “What a temper she has.
How forthright she is!” “Don’t give her any leeway.
– Hold her tightly reined in” “It’s impossible to break her in
if the reins are slack” “There are 7 wonders
in this world” “The eighth is our friendship” “The friendship of Dharam
and Veer can never be broken” “We’ll share joys and sorrows” “Everything we possess
belongs to both equally” “We’ll share joys and sorrows” “Everything we possess
belongs to both equally” “If this be a promise
that we share everything…” “I request the Queen Mother
to bestow her love on me too” “There are 7 wonders in this world.
The eighth is our friendship” “There are 7 wonders in this world.
The eighth is our friendship” “The friendship of Dharam
and Veer can never be broken” She’s….the same.. The silken thread…
– Yes, it is her. She seems to be the
princess of this place. Can anyone among the
spectators defeat this lion? Why do you scream? I am present.
– You’ll get us killed! This isn’t our kingdom. Sit down.
– I will kill, not get killed. You..? Thank goodness you recognised me. My dear princess, what reward
do I win if I defeat your lion? Whatever you demand. I hope you won’t
go back on your word. Don’t you know whom
you are talking to? I’m not talking to you.
I talk to the princess. I have given my word. An iron body like mine has
no need for these ornaments. Princess, your lion turned
out to be made of paper. If you have a real warrior…
send him out. I am ready. Your slave is here for his reward. Ask whatever you wish for. Your voice doesn’t sound as
happy as I’d like it to be. Ask for whatever you wish. Your hand. Arrest him! Your Royal Highness… You didn’t give me any reward.
But I will surely reward you. Dharam, let’s go! Pick him up! Throw him down! Crush him! “Raja, crush him!” Stop! I will reward him. Soldiers, the celebrations
are tomorrow. Why have you come to take us today?
We’ve just alighted from the ship. We haven’t come to take you.
We’re here to look for a man. Nobody came here.
– We’ll search for him ourselves. Have you no shame ripping the tent
and peeping inside! Get lost! Shameless! Gomti, where had you been?
Come here. Rub some soap on my back. Here… Hurry up. What are you thinking of? Silly!
Gently, okay? Rub it in… softly! Why do your hands
feel so masculine? You’re rubbing my back,
not a cow’s hide. Lovingly… Why are you so quiet? A while ago you, were chattering
nineteen to the dozen. Now why are you silent?
– Because soldiers are chasing me. I see. That’s why you’re quiet. A man…? For God’s sake, first listen to me. lf you don’t believe me, scream with
all your might. I won’t stop you. I swear on you. Shoot!
– The fact is that I’m a singer. The army chief is forcibly
recruiting me into this army. I know you are going
to the princess’ palace to sing. I too must get a chance.
– Can you sing? I can sing and also play instruments. Get those clothes. Look away. Smart ass! Drink this.
It will clear your throat. Fix this stupid man’s throat.
Else the princess will destroy us! How can she do that? Is there no other singer in
the world but for this jerk? I’ve brought you a singer. Who is he? Where has he come from?
– Doesn’t concern you. Make him sing and that’s it. You don’t
need to know who and where he is from. Of course, I need to know.
I’m the chief of this tribe. And you’re my fiancee.
Don’t forget this. Let go of my hand!
Am I marrying him? If you talk of marrying
another, I’ll kill you! Pervert! How dare you take the
name of my sister, the princess! Who are you? I think your vision is poor.
I am a man like you. The only difference is that you
eat bread in a bowl of gold. And burp with arrogance. We poor eat the same bread in
a broken pot and praise God. Imbecile! I’ll give you such a death
that death itself will fear! He’ll die at my hands, not yours. He has humiliated me.
I will personally avenge it. You may leave. I’m glad you’ve come. I swear I wouldn’t have enjoyed
being whipped by your spooky brother. You’ll remember this
in every incarnation. I held your hand in public
so you can be mine in every birth. Wipe the beads of perspiration
from your forehead. I am confident you will
die for me before I die. You don’t even deserve my hatred! I’ll have to put up with hatred. Since
hatred is the first step to love. I’ll terminate this right
at the first step! Your Highness, the Prince of
Awadhpur, Sujan Singh is here. Princess, I am new to this place. I’ll be lonesome without you.
Come back soon. I will. But before leaving, I swear
till I have your blood on my hands… I won’t touch a grain of food!
– I too take an oath. Till I adorn your hair with my blood,
I won’t drink a drop of water. Shameless! I swear I’ll avenge this too
with great affection. “We gypsies are incomparable” “We gypsies are incomparable” “We love when we love” “And loathe those we hate” “If that be so, we will return” “If that be so, we will return” “If that be so, we will
return to test your love” “We gypsies are incomparable” “We love when we love” “And loathe those we hate” “We don’t give our hearts” “We give our lives” “We don’t take hearts” “We take lives” “This is enmity…
– Don’t consider it friendship” “It hurts my heart
– Don’t think it a joke” “Those who love are a breed apart” “Those who love are a breed apart” “We love when we love” “And loathe those we hate” “These people are gypsies” “They love you” “What will happen” “If the heart cries out
in pain to the one it loves” “We risk our lives” “For our dear ones” “All will be watching” “They will whisk their pal away” “Genuine pals are rare” “Genuine pals are rare” “We love when we love” “We loathe those we hate” “Whatever you say..” “We follow your cue” “Whatever we do…” “that’s what you say” “Let’s wager a bet” “I’ll lay down my youth” “It’s not enough” “I offer you my life” “Real sweethearts are super” “Real sweethearts are super” “We love when we love” “We loathe those we hate” “We gypsies are incomparable” “We gypsies are incomparable” “When we love..
– When we love..” “we love
-…we love” “We loathe when we hate” Your Majesty, the soldiers have
returned empty-handed. They could not arrest Dharam Singh.
– I don’t want to hear anything. I want him here dead or alive
before the sun sets tomorrow. Your slave is at your service. Can’t stay away when you think of me.
That would be an insult to love. Good you came here on your own. You probably disapproved of my
asking for my right in public. Hence I came to
request you in private. I think you are fated
to die at my hands. I came prepared to
carry my killer along. With the promise to bring
you back safe to the palace. Insolent jerk! Don’t you know
Pallavi is my fiancee? I swear none other than ironsmith
Dharam Singh can hold your hand! What are you thinking of?
Don’t you trust your valor? I don’t think he even trusts you. But I have full confidence in myself.
– Then come along. Girls! Arrest him…
I mean soldiers, arrest him! Soldiers! Arrest him! Do you now realise?
My steps towards love… cannot be stopped by either
your arrogance nor your soldiers. These vey steps will one day
take you to your death. I can give up a
thousand lives for you. With such a beautiful killer… I swear death will
be a sight to behold. Keep this in mind… none other will be responsible
for your death. It will be me. “You’ve made me worthy
of being loved by you” “Bless me…” “for I have turned you into a killer” “It’s my generosity that I love you” “I’m the Prince of the streets,
and you’re the Princess of palaces” “I’m the Prince of the streets,
and you’re the Princess of palaces” “It’s my generosity that I love you” “I’m the Prince of the streets,
and you’re the Princess of palaces” “I’m the Prince of the streets,
and you’re the Princess of palaces” “I have changed your life” “I have colored
an empty sketch” “I have changed your life” “I have colored an empty sketch” “I have made your life” “It’s my generosity that I love you” “I’m the Prince of the streets
and you’re the Princess of palaces” “I’m the Prince of the streets
and you’re the Princess of palaces” “You maybe influential in the palace” “But nobody cares about
you in the streets” “You maybe influential in the palace” “But nobody cares about
you in the streets” “I am fire, you are water” “It’s my generosity that I love you” “I’m the Prince of the streets
and you’re the Princess of palaces” “I’m the Prince of the streets
and you’re the Princess of palaces” Ty to rub it off. By all means. It’s the blood of a true man.
Not so easy to rub it away. You’ve got my blood on your hands. And I take you for my wife
with the same blood. My oath and your promise…
both have been fulfilled. Go back and eat something.
I too will drink a little water. And remember one thing. If you look at the
mirror and think of me… lower your head with shame. Not right here… In the palace. When you are
all alone. In front of the mirror. Raja, she belongs to your friend. Take her carefully
to the palace. Do you follow? Yes, you got it. Go on. What are you standing here for?
Quickly get my clothes! You’ve got blood on your forehead… Blood? Princess…
I looked for you everywhere. The skies, the nether world..
– Did you look in hell? No…
– Then look there. You call yourself a man? You’re not even fit to be a woman!
Coward! You’re losing your temper for nothing.
When the time is ripe… I will hunt him down. The day I find
him, I will chop off his head… and lay it at your feet.
– You will behead him? Do your arms have the strength or
your sword the power to cut steel? Steel?
– Yes. He is stronger than steel and
mightier than a tiger. His blood boils like mercury.
– I’m hot-blooded, too. Sprinkle it on steel…
it will wither. Really? Could you show me your hand?
– Sure. Oh Mother! Does that hurt?
– Oh yes… no! Apply that on your forehead. Okay. And now wipe it off. There you are. You call that blood?
It’s thinner than water. The blood of a brave man
is so thick… that once it is applied on someone,
it leaves a scar before being wiped out. I used to have thick-blood too. But I haven’t been
keeping well, you see… Pallavi! Are you all right? That scoundrel did
not misbehave with you, did he? Has Pallavi ever spared someone
who has misbehaved with her? I’ve given him a wound that will
make him beg for death till he dies. How did you get this wound…?
Come with me… come on. You have lost a lot of blood. You aren’t feeling weak, are you? Till men shed blood
and women shed tears… you can never know
what they are worth. This herb will cause you pain.
But your wounds will heal soon. I’m an ironsmith. I can
withstand the discomfort of fire. This is merely a herb.
– Will you take an advice? Stay away from the palaces
and the princesses. Or the injuries of the body
will soon strike your heart. It’s too late now, Baba. I have
taken the plunge into the fires. Whether it burns my body or
the fires go out, who cares? I used to think like this too. Young as I was, I forgot who I was and
plunged into the fires of passion. The fire was put out…
but I’m still burning. To each, his own destiny. Should you help me, I can turn this
impossibility into a possibility. I don’t understand. God has given me so
much of strength… that I can twist iron-bars
as if they were mere cloth. But a sword made with iron,
I cannot wield like you. Father used to say that there
isn’t a fencer like you. If you could teach me…
– Impossible. Why not?
– I have decided. I will impart training
either to my son… or to a true-man
who is worthy of it. Take me for your son then…
and teach it to me. No. I have no son.
And I’m not a father to anyone. So take me for a brave-son to
someone, and teach me the art. To wield a sword, you need nerves
of steel and a heart made of iron. You’re still a kid.
This isn’t for you. In that case, let’s have a duel. We will know who possesses
nerves of steel. Go away kid. Your wound is
still fresh, may start bleeding again. Why don’t you admit you don’t
have the courage to fight me? You’re scared.
– Watch your tongue! Else… You’re a master at that.
Drop the sword and face me. By my mother! Even in this condition,
I can still overwhelm you. You really have the blood of
a brave man flowing in your veins. I will train you. Well done, Sheroo. The first lesson in Samurai, Dharam.
Place your left hand ahead. The second lesson:… The Samurai is meant to protect lives.
It is not intended to take lives. So attack me… I’ll show you
how to defend yourself. Stop it! The third lesson; never take
your eyes off your opponent. Keep looking into his eyes…
you will never be let down. “Expose your stomach, and you will
find the sword going through it.” I’ll show you. My word! He’s better
than me at fencing! No! This is a friend! Veer Singh! He thought we were
engaged in a fight. Bravo! I meet two
brave men today… not one. Come along. Mother, I met an amazing man today. Superb display of sword-fighting!
All I could see was his sword… which struck like lightning, and
he inflicted one blow after another. Dharam has taken him for his Guru.
He’s learning sword-fighting. Why didn’t you bring him along?
We would have made him our General. I asked him to accompany me.
But he wouldn’t agree. He said he wouldn’t come to the palace.
– Why not? He wouldn’t tell me.
But he has a falcon… A falcon…?
– Yes! A falcon that is more
intelligent than man! What is his name?
– Jwala Singh. The Queen of Dheerajpur ought not
to call on a trappist… at this hour of the night. Why didn’t you return if you were alive? Why didn’t I return?
I did. But it was too late. That night, when I went to
look for you, I found a dead body. I thought it was yours.
And I fainted. My father got me married
in that condition. When I regained consciousness,
my world lay shattered. I was not in my senses either. When I regained consciousness,
my world lay shattered too. My Meenakshi was dead.
– Dead…? Yes, Queen. The day someone else
anointed her as his wife… my wife Meenakshi had died. No!
– I have personally cremated her. She was the woman I always worshipped. And now, I use her ashes
to apply on my forehead. Destiny isn’t nice to everyone. If only my Meenakshi weren’t dead…
she’d have been the mother of my child. No,… For the honour of our clan, you will
never reveal this secret to anyone That your child, I have not sired How will I explain to you…?
– What will you say? That you were not in your senses?
When you regained your senses… your world was shattered?
– It’s true! Now you are in your senses.
You ought to realise… that you are the Queen of Dheerajpur. You are a mother to
an able and strong son. And I… I’m a stranger to you. Listen… Let that be the wall of decency
between you and me. Do not cross it. For me, you’re just a Queen now. Go. Return to your world. Greetings, Uncle. – God bless you. You’re all alone? Where’s Dharam?
– It’s a week since he has worked… eaten, or even spoken to anyone.
He’s keeps brooding all the time. Strange. Where is he?
– Over there. What’s this I hear? You’re said
to have turned into a rat? You neither talk nor eat…
nor even take up any work. I don’t like doing any work.
– Why? It’s ten days since I last saw her.
– Who? Your sister-in-law.
– The Princess…? So things have reached
this stage, have they? Veer, take me to her once. By God! I’ll eat up food
for the whole village! And once I pick up the hammer… I’ll finish my entire work
in just two days. Is it happening?
– As long as Veer is here… everything is happening.
– I trust you. The old man whose son got killed
at your hands, wants to meet you. He even has a palmist with him.
– A palmist? Show him in. How many more atrocities will a
poor old man bear, Princess? My son’s body is lying
on the riverbanks… but this palmist isn’t
letting me cremate him. Why not?
– That’s because… till such time as his deeds
are accounted for… his cremation cannot take place. I have seen the lifeline
on his son’s palm. They’re so long, that
they stretch to your palm. I don’t understand. I mean, yours is a hand that
gives life. Not take it away, lady. She’s a Princess! I know she’s a princess.
But she is what afflicts your son! The writ of the Lord
cannot be changed. Do not interrupt me, old man!
I order you! Lady… this old man has yet to experience
the joys of having a daughter-in-law. He has yet to carry
his grandson in his arms! You mean… he’s still alive? He isn’t, but he could be. That young man has renounced life.
He’s knocking on the doors of heaven. But the Angel of Death
is not letting him in. Can life be breathed
into his body again? Absolutely! If you could, with love in
your eyes and a smile on your face… give him five kisses! Kisses…?
– Yes. Two kisses on the heart.
Which was wounded. Two on his forehead. And one on his lips…
which desire you. This is the only way you can
bring that young man to life! What if he still does not come alive? No! Please don’t say that! Or else, I will end my life,
suffering near my son’s body! And you will be responsible for
the death of two innocent lives! If your kisses can bring his son back
to life… why should you object? Five kisses, after all. Right! It’s in the interest of all of us.
Not just this old man. You may leave.
I will think it over. You will come, won’t you?
– I told you! I’ll think about it. Of course she’ll come! If she had to come,
she’d have arrived by now. You’re only wasting our time.
– Of course she will turn up! Apart from those five kisses,
I’ve ignited love in her heart. And I think, if she
does not turn up… she will certainly help me light
this funeral-pyre you’re lying on. Shut up! She’s coming! Down!
– I told you so! Why would she not come? Dharam! – Yes. Your feet are showing!
– The shroud is short. Your tummy is heaving!
– What is heaving? What is heaving?
– Your tummy! Lie down! Stop it… she’ll hear you! This has happened because of me.
Do please forgive me. My hatred, my anger…
it wasn’t for real. I want you to come alive… and I will obey everything you say. You have yet to kiss my lips. You’re alive! Absolutely! So you were cheating me? I’m not the only cheat…
you’re one, too. You were in love with me.
But you pretended you were not. To get your love, I pretended
to be dead. Two cheats meet…
and profess their love. How about the fifth kiss?
– No! “O my love…” “my sweetheart…” “Go away, if you must” “Little can I do
against your wishes” “Should you walk away in a huff…” “with your departure, you
will get news of my death” “O my love…” “my sweetheart…” “Go away, if you must” “Little can I do
against your wishes” “Should you walk away in a huff…” “with your departure, you
will get news of my death” “O my love…” “my sweetheart…” “Go away, if you must” “Little can I do
against your wishes” “What happens of my love story…” “What happens of my love story…” “what happens to your
passionate youth…?” “I’m your lover…
I live in your heart” “I speak for your heart,
not for myself” “God forbid…
what happens then?” “You will regret this one day” “And these seasons of love
will be spent in separation” “O sweetheart…” “my love…” “go away, if you must” “Little can I do
against your wishes” “My desire for you has
robbed me of my peace” “My desire for you has
robbed me of my peace” “But you won’t ever be
able to go to sleep either” “I’ll die, with
your name on my lips” “and give you a bad name” “God forbid…
what happens then?” “My memories will haunt you…” “when you depart, I will
have news of your return” “O sweetheart…” “my love…” “go away, if you must” “There’s little I can do,
against your wishes” Dharam! Dharam! Dharam! You used to bathe once
a week earlier, Rupa. Why bathe everyday?
– Watch your hand, Gomti… it’s fun bathing like this. Particularly when you’re
waiting for someone. In the hope that he will arrive.
And gently he’d… He’s a Prince. He won’t be
coming again and again. If you so keen on meeting him,
why not go over to the palace? Hey girl! Where are you going?
– Watch your tongue! If the Prince gets to know,
he’ll throw you out. Go on. Tell him that I’m here. Who are you? And where
have you come from? Who am I…? And where from…? From there. What’s happening here? She wants to meet the Prince, sir. So you want to meet the Prince.
– Yes. Insolent men! How dare you
stop her? Follow me. See? He knows who’s going
to be the princess here. Bow your head.
– This way, princess. Why have you shut the door? Because the doors to my heart
are all open for you, my love. My love, you call the
womenfolk in your family! Watch your tongue when
you talk to me! My tongue, I will watch.
But who controls my heart…? To hell with your heart! Get out of my way!
– Stop being stubborn… and I’ll get out of your way. Lay off! Or you get carved! I go every place, where even the
angels fear to tread, you rascal! Prince.. What do you mean by breaking
into my chambers from the window? When thieves shut the doors
of their houses… people like me have to take
recourse to the windows. Curse you, you bastard! What brings you here?
– I hadn’t met you for many days. So I came over.
– Did you have some work? Do you meet someone only
when you have some work? You meet the Prince
only on business. You may be the Prince
for everybody else. For me, you’re my gypsy. I talk to you for a while and you
think I’ve fallen in love with you! What…? Have you no love for me? You seem to be mistaken.
– Mistaken? The Queen Mother! Leave at once!
The Queen Mother’s headed this way. The Queen Mother! Now let me
see who was mistaken! Wait… listen! Queen Mother! I’m Rupa, a gypsy-girl. What do you seek?
– Justice. Your laws, aren’t they…?
Blood for blood and a life for a life? So what do one get when
one loses his heart? A heart for a heart. Has someone left you heart-broken?
– No. He has stolen my heart. There’s this man from the palace
who met me as a poor man… and now he spurns me. Did he ever tell you that
he’s in love with you? No! Prince… You? Actually… your horse-carriage
is waiting for you. You will get justice, my dear.
Come with me. Convey it to him, Veer. To break a heart is worse
than breaking the law. Ask him to seek Rupa’s hand
from the Chief of the Gypsies. Or he will be punished.
– Well, he… he will certainly go over. Happy? I’m happy… but you don’t
appear to be happy. Forget it if you think I’m
forcing myself on you. What’s the point anyway? I’ll spend
the rest of my life with the Chief. If you say such a thing again,
I’ll kill you and that chief! Go and tell the Chief… I’m coming to ask for
your hand tomorrow. Really…?
– This is a palace. Seven…? Seven… I’ve lost! I have nothing more
to gamble with. You have a lot of things left.
– Our ship. Want me to stake that? What will I do with a ship?
You’d rather use the heart. Heart… ? I don’t understand. I mean Rupa. Rupa…? She’s my fiance. Not to worry. She’ll remain a fiance.
Mine, if not yours. What are you thinking about? Put her at stake! If you win,
all this money goes to you. If I win, I take only Rupa. All right. I put Rupa at stake.
– That’s like it! Rupa, the Chief is
gambling you away. What…? Looks like the
one-eyed guy is asking for it! Whose fiance will Rupa be…?
Yours? Or mine? Mine! I’ve won Rupa!
Rupa belongs to me! Chief! D’you think you own me
to gamble me away? And, you swine!
You’ve come here? Come on! Let me go!
– I’ve won you. Why will I let you go? Let’s go.
– Aren’t you ashamed…? Let me go! Leave me alone! C’mon, sweetheart… C’mon! Well? You loved pulling a woman…
Why shy away from pulling a man? Poor man!
He wanted to be my bridegroom! Who are you? To help the poor and crush
the wicked, is my duty (Dharam). My parents have therefore
christened me Dharam. I didn’t expect you play
such cheap tricks, Chief. You’re playing games with a guest
to get back what you’ve lost. You have played with the
honour of the tribe… and yet, you call yourself a guest? Was this the only coward
you guys found, to be your chief? I could let you have the money
you lost and also your fiance. But you must fix this guy. The Chief of the tribe
will lay down his life… to protect the honour of his people.
He does not gamble away their honour… and claim to be their chief! Dangerous man! See how he’s
instigating your tribe? This man has put his
own fiance on stake. How will he ever protect the honour
of other womenfolk in the tribe? Why are you silent…? Answer me! Just as I lost the throne, I think
you’re going to lose your chiefdom. Should you have any self-respect… blacken his face and throw him
out of the tribe! No point instigating them!
That cattle isn’t throwing me out! The day they find a true man
to be their chief… this cattle will turn into lions! That is when they find
another chief, while I’m alive! We’ve found the new chief.
Dharam Singh is the new leader. What do you folks say…? Dharam Singh is our…
– New Chief! We have a rule in our tribe.
Before becoming the chief… he must defeat me in
a bout of wrestling! The chief of a tribe will sacrifice
his head to save his tribe! He considers the womenfolk
of his tribe to be… his own mother
sister and daughter. No chief will ever gamble the
honour of his people for money! Scared of the cattle, chief?
You’re a lion, aren’t you? Chief, my bridegroom is
attracting the evil eye. Better ward it off
with some blackening! I’ll get even…
just you watch! Ranjit Singh.. Because you stay in palaces, you think
the honour of the poor comes cheap? Go away quietly. Should these
poor men forget their decency,… your self-respect will be
trampled under their feet! “No, Dharam! Let him go!” His punishment will be
decided in the court. Forget it, uncle.
I’ve forgiven my cousin. So why punish him over something
so trivial? No, Prince… this isn’t trivial. This bastard has dared
to attack you! You… the rising sun of our empire!
We have all our hopes pinned on you! Had something happened to you, our
world would be plunged in darkness! Queen Mother! Do you see
this depraved man…? This man who has lived off
by the prince? And today, he dares to make an
attempt on the life of the Prince! I am considered to be the oldest
and most faithful man in the kingdom. I will give him a punishment which
will serve as a lesson to all! No one will ever dare to raise
an eye at the Prince again! Ye be my witnesses, courtiers! My name will go down
in golden letters! I cared not for my own son
to keep justice alive! Bastard! You said you were
a brave man, didn’t you? You set my blood boiling! I will quench these fires
with your blood today! Father!
– Don’t call me father! You aren’t my son! You must’ve been
sired by a cheap, lowly man! Scoundrel! Swine! Stop it…
– Out of my way! He has tried to kill the prince!
I will not spare him! To tell you the truth,
Veer Singh is not our son! What?
– Yes! He’s the Queen’s son… and Ranjit is our son!
I had swapped the babies. Don’t touch me!
– Don’t say such things, my son… Son…? Wasn’t I sired
by a cheap, lowly man? Don’t I set your blood boiling?
– Forget what has happened, my son… Now you tell us!
You’ve ruined all my efforts! And don’t stand and watch my face!
Get some almonds and milk for my son. Go on!
– Okay. Your mother is responsible
for the whole mess. Had she not changed the babies,… you’d have been the King in
the future, not Veer Singh! The king…? You think I
still cannot become the king? The mother and her son. We have
to eliminate only the two of them. Not two enemies, son… we have three.
– Who’s the third? Dharam Singh, the ironsmith.
He’s Veer Singh’s shield… and till such time as he’s around,
our attacks will go in vain. Halt… you cannot go inside. Insolent women! You dare stop me?
Your future king…? Forgive me, Lord.
The Princess is fast asleep. So wake her up. And tell her that
the prince of her dreams is here. I cannot awaken her.
– All right. I will awaken her then. Excuse me…
– Out of my way. What is this, Princess? Here I am, wide awake.
And you’re fast asleep? It’s such a beautiful night.
A night for lovers… to be lost in each other’s eyes.
You aren’t supposed to sleep. So wake up and come with me.
I’ll give you proof of my love tonight. I will also prove
my manliness to you. Wake up… Princess…. wake up. Wake up! Take care while you can, Dev Singh.
Else, you will lose the throne. What happened?
– A lot has happened! At this rate, Pallavi is bound
to marry that lowly ironsmith! That’s impossible. Just as it is impossible for you
to ascend to the throne! Only I can make it possible!
Only I! That too, when Pallavi marries me. If that ironsmith succeeds
in marrying Pallavi… he will become the king and you
will lay your head at his feet! That will never happen!
I’ll go and see her right now! Whom…? Her…?
Or the puppet? What do you mean? Right now, she must be
congratulating the ironsmith.. ..for becoming the chief of the gypsies. Do you understand? Chief! The soldiers are coming! Hey ironsmith…
– Mind your tongue! You are talking… to the chief of the gypsies. Where’s my fiance?
– Has she run away? You can’t take care of a woman. How
will you handle the whole kingdom? You’ve made her run away with her.
– The brave do not run… nor make anyone run away with them.
But if they happen to like someone… they will carry her away from
a crowded court! I want to search the place.
– By all means! Go ahead. “Keep the secret buried in your heart.
Don’t reveal it… be silent” “A secret kept is worth a million” “Reveal it, and it’s worth nothing” “A secret kept is worth a million” “Reveal it, and it’s worth nothing” “Keep the secret buried in your heart.
Don’t reveal it… be silent” “A secret kept is worth a million” “Reveal it, and it’s worth nothing” “A secret kept is worth a million” “Reveal it, and it’s worth nothing” “Fragrance and love…
you can never contain” “Those in love,
do not fear the world” “They bear atrocities
and injustice…” “We are strong-willed…
we do not speak of our woes” “Let the flames be alit…” “Let the flame burn…” “take the sorrow in your stride…” “with a smile on your lips” “A secret kept, is worth a million” “Once revealed, it’s worth nothing” “A secret kept is worth a million” “Reveal it, and it’s worth nothing” “What would be the consequences,
if the secret were revealed…?” “love would succeed…
love would be spared slander” “The dancing-bells
make life miserable…” “but the tinkling bangles
will see every scheme succeed” “Protect yourself
from the wicked men…” “Protect yourself
from the wicked men…” “do not reveal the secret;
just be silent” “A secret kept, is worth a million” “Once revealed, it’s worth nothing” “A secret kept is worth a million” “Reveal it, and it’s worth nothing” Hurry up, son. You son of a… Come on! “No, Queen Mother!
I’m innocent!” I swear it in God’s name!
I had changed the wheels! Silence! No one is allowed to talk out
of turn and insult the Court! Prem Singh…
what justice do you seek? Just as his negligence has cost me
my hands and driven me helpless… “his hands be cut too,
so he becomes helpless.” Coachman! Think it over again. Ramdin has been a loyal ironsmith
for many years. He gave us no cause
for complaint earlier. Prem Singh, we will give you
so much of wealth… that you and your family
can lead a comfortable life. Give it another thought. I seek not compensation. I want
justice, which has been… the hallmark of this great empire!
Blood for blood… and hands for hands! Mercy, Queen Mother!
My husband is innocent! Have mercy on him! The verdict has been
delivered, old hag! The Queen cannot change
her decision now. I have grown old serving the empire
with these vey hands. And what a reward I get
for my loyalty of years! Father. Father. Father. Father. What has happened to you? The fiends have had
my father’s hands axed! If it were proved that
the blame lay elsewhere… will you be able to return
my father’s hands to him? I was helpless, Dharam. Our coachman lost both
his hands in the accident. And it was your father who
was responsible for that. If such is the justice those
in power continue to dispense… God alone can save
the poor countrymen. You are not in your senses, Dharam.
You’re getting emotional. Emotional…? Your laws
have hurt my emotions. But you must remember something. If you continue to play with
the lives of the poor… on the basis of the whimsical laws
you have framed… your reign will not last!
The poor will revolt! They will raze the palace
to ashes! Insolent man! Watch your tongue!
Else… Else…? What’s going to happen? You will sever my head
like my father’s hands? I come prepared to die today! Your threats will not prevent me
from the speaking the truth! No one is above the law. Be it an
ordinary citizen, my son or even me! I will wait for the day when
the law strikes the palace! I will then see whether
the palace crumbles… or the laws are broken to save them! Let’s go son. We are poor. Our voice cannot reach those
who make the laws. They cannot restore
your father’s hands. Dharam. I’m terribly sorry about whatever
has happened, Dharam. Keep those tears and feigned
sympathy to yourself, Prince. You can use it again.
– Don’t say such things, my friend. Friend…? What friend? The Queen orders my father’s hands
to be severed. And her son, who claims
to be my best friend… stands by and watches the fun.
– What could I have done, Dharam? You could have done nothing. But I’m hurt… I can do so much! Go away, Prince! Or I’ll be sentenced
to hang for your murder! Give me just one opportunity, Dharam. I’ll lay piles of wealth
at your father’s feet! Wealth…?
Wealth can buy food, Prince. But where will I find the hands
that fed me every morsel? Welcome! This is my son, Ranjit Singh.
And that is Azad Singh. Meet Mr. Dev Singh
and Mr. Sujan Singh. Like us, they’re enemies
of Dharam Singh and Veer Singh. I must mention here that I have the
General and the army under my control. If the five of us get together, we can
finish Veer Singh and Dharam Singh. How? Ever since the Queen ordered
Dharam’s father’s hands severed… there has come to exist a rift
between Dharam and Veer. All we need to do is
to spark off a fire… to turn their friendship
into enmity. And it’ll make our job easier.
– How come? This is a royal arrow, meant for use
only by the Queen and the Prince. For once, however… I will use it. Go on! What happened…? My son…
– Mother! A royal arrow? The one with a plea may be brought in. Dharam, whose body is it?
– My Mother’s.” Has someone killed her? Yes. Do you recognise this arrow? Go on… show your Queen
this arrow. It’s a royal arrow!
– And that royal arrow… has pierced my mother’s heart!
It has caused her death! Who shot the arrow?
– I don’t know. But what I do know is that either
the Queen or the Prince use it… to slay wild animals or human beings
who are worse than beasts! We have not shot the arrow. My father claimed that he had changed
the wheels. But you paid no heed. How am I to believe then that
it wasn’t either of you who shot? What justice do you want? Just what the laws of
this land decree. Blood for blood!
A hand for a hand… “I want for the mother I’ve lost,
a mother!” Dharam! Do you realise what
you are asking for? A mother. Very well. We have made these laws.
And we will abide by them. Should my death give you justice,
I’m prepared to lay down my life. It’s those in the palace
who cause death, Queen Mother. We, the poor… have always
given up our lives. So what do you want? If there is any room for justice in
the laws you have laid down… you will have to leave this palace
and live with me, in my hut. As my mother!
– What rubbish are you talking? Bloody ironsmith! Watch your tongue!
Or I’ll have your tongue cut off! Satpal Singh, no one has
any right to interfere. Please sit down. Dharam is right, Prince.
He will be given justice. I will leave with Dharam,
as his mother. Veer Singh, you are now
the King of this empire. Come forth… it is inauspicious
for the throne to be remain unoccupied. Come here. Let’s go, son. Wait! As the king of this empire,
I order Dharam’s arrest! I knew it, Prince.
Remember what I had said? I will wait for the day when
the law strikes this palace. I will then see whether
the palace crumbles… or the laws are broken
to save it! I will destroy every obstacle
that comes in the path of the law. I will not the law be abused. And I will see how Dharam
takes you away! And I will see who stops Dharam
from leaving with me! Let’s go, my son. “In happiness and sorrow,
we shall remain together” “Whatever we have we will share equally” “In happiness and sorrow,
we shall remain together” “That’s our pledge” Whatever we have… “we will share equally” “If your promise be true…” “if we are really to
share everything equally…” “may I have some love
from the Queen Mother…?” Your Highness, this is no time
to think. We ought to act. Here we are, spending a
comfortable life in the palace. And my sister, a Queen, is sweeping
the floor in that ironsmith’s house. She must be cooking for him.
She must be washing his dirty dishes… Uncle! That your friend would turn out
to be such a traitor… I had never imagined. I wish I were a young man!
I wish I were still as strong! Your Majesty, I would not
have sat here, twiddling my thumbs. If you do not bring the Queen Mother
to the hill before dawn tomorrow…” “you will have to fight
a final battle for your life” I provoked him and Veer Singh
challenged Dharam Singh to a fight. In other words, Veer Singh
has invited his own death. Ranjit will bring to us
details of Veer Singh’s death. And we… we will sentence Dharam Singh
to death, for the crime! Remember my words, my son?
I said whatever changes… Dharam and Veer’s friendship
will never break. You are out to break it today?
– I have never wanted… our friendship to break, Baba.
But Veer has challenged me. We are not fighting
out of hatred or enmity. We are fighting for our rights. Queen Mother! What happened…?
– For your sake… Dharam and Veer are out
to kill each other! What?
– Do something… please stop them. I’ve lost everything, Queen Mother.
I’ve lost my wife, too. I have only Dharam, whom I have
brought up like my own son! Isn’t he really your son?
– No. 20 years ago, a falcon had
left a baby here. A falcon…?
– Yes. 20 years ago, a falcon had
carried away my elder son. Dharam isn’t my son, is he…?
– Your son? One moment! This is the cloth
the baby was wrapped in. This is the vey cloth…
it’s the same! Dharam is my son!
– Really? Yes. I’ll go to the palace
and stop Veer. Go and inform Dharam that
Veer is his own brother! Sheroo, go and call him! Sheroo.. What is it, Sheroo?
Is someone in trouble? Do you know where…? Let’s go then. I bear the anguish
of the world in my heart. Brother! Listen! Stop Dharam and Veer
from fighting! I don’t want a brother to kill
his own flesh and blood! Brothers…?
– Yes! See this cloth! I found it
in the ironsmith’s house. The falcon carried my elder son
to the ironsmith’s house. Dharam Singh is my son!
Your elder nephew! My elder nephew! The bearer of my death…? No way! What are you thinking about?
Leave immediately and stop them! I’ll go on my own! Sister… Brother…? You…? Brother…? You…? Queen. I’m dying… you must stop Dharam and Veer
from fighting. They are brothers! What…? Brothers?
– Yes. The King had sworn me to secrecy. If the truth be suppressed today,
there will be a calamity. A brother will not be able
to recognise his brother… a father will not meet his sons!
– Father and sons? Yes. They are your sons. What…? My sons? I find them today.
But in what state? You lie in a pool of blood… and my sons are baying
for each other’s blood! Hurry up! Go and stop them. They will not stop, if I ask them to.
You must accompany me. So let’s hurry up. Before… Have faith in my blood, Queen.
They’re my sons. Their fight isn’t going to
be decided in a hurry. Shut the gates! Archers! Go for your target! Dharam! Stop, my son!
Veer is your brother! “Stop, Dharam!” Don’t fight! Stop it! Dharam! Dharam! Dharam! My son… my child!
– Mother! You are my son! The one the
falcon left at the ironsmith’s! The two of you are not just friends.
You are brothers! My brother! Veer!
– Brothers…? Thank this angel first.
He has staked his life… to bring me here from the
jaws of death. Or I wouldn’t… Will Ma be all right?
– Yes. There’s no need to worry. Dharam.. Satpal Singh, Veer Singh and
Sujan Singh have got together. They’re going to attack this ship.
– What? That ship belongs to us.
– Ours, yes… but they seem to have taken it over. Use the explosives. Blow that
ship to smithereens! No! Father, Rupa’s in that ship! You promised me that she would not
come to any harm! If something… You don’t understand my son.
If I try to save Rupa… ..hose two bastards, Dharam and Veer
will escape! And I will be finished! I know nothing. We are not blowing up
that ship till Rupa’s there. If you care for your lives,
turn Dharam over to us We give you our word.
We will let you folks go Here I come. No, brother!
– They have canons, Veer. We have nothing. And I don’t want
everyone to die because of me. If I am destined to die,
nobody can save me. And If I’m destined to live…
no power on earth can kill me either. I’m going with you…
– No. Look after Ma. Dharam.. What happened…?
Where’s Dharam? He dived in the water.
So why isn’t he surfacing? He’s trying to fool us! Give me the torch! Don’t look there
in the waters, Uncle. Here I am. Above you. Here I come, uncle… to you. Why are your men scared, uncle? I’m unarmed. Ask them
to catch me. Get him! I will see the bearer of my death
die before my eyes today! Kill him!
– Hold it. I have a score to settle with him.
He had once blackened my face. I will blacken his face today.
And I will enjoy slaying your death! Tie him up! I wish we had canons too. Prince! Look! Where did the other ship come from? It belongs to that traitor.
My brother! Scoundrel! You had promised to
spare the lives of the others. Promised…? Wise men don’t believe..
in promises, young man. Prince! Let me go! Let go! Attack. The prince… Look after Ma, Sheroo.
C’mon, Veer. Let go! Let me go! Help! Prince! Prince! Halt there, Veer Singh! You hide behind a woman? Coward!
Use your chest for a shield… if you’re man enough! Soldiers! Get him! Hold it! A jackal has walked into the
lion’s den. It will die on its own. Step back, all of you. If you do such a thing again,
I’ll break your wrist! Understand? Watch out, joker. What big deal
in breaking a woman’s wrist? If you have the guts,
try my hand. ‘An example in bravery he has set’ ‘He has left, having paid
for their lives, with his blood’ ‘The names of Dharam and Veer
will always be remembered…’ ‘such is the lesson he
has taught the world.’ “There are seven wonders in this world.
The eighth is our friendship.” “There are seven wonders in this world.
The eighth is our friendship.” “The friendship of Dharam
and Veer can never be broken”


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