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The He-man of Hindi movies, the
action king of bollywood.. ..one and only, Dharmendra. “Oh, today the weather is very
notorious, its very notorious.. ..today’s weather.” Who we affectionately call Dharamji.. ..his actual name is Dharmendra Singh Deol. He was born on 8th
December, 1935 in Punjab. His father’s name is
Kewal Kishan Deol and.. ..mother’s name is Satwant Kaur. Dharamji’s dad was
actually a school teacher. And it is a very famous story
that Dharamji used to tell his.. ..mother that she should not
send him school because.. ..his father shouts at him more
than he does at the other kids. Dharam paji (brother) always
wished to become one.. ..of the filmy stars. He would always talk to his
mother as to how will.. ..he become a part of
this fascinating world. And once his mother told him
that Dharam why don’t you.. ..write a request letter to act in movies. And this idea proved to
be a boon for Dharmendra. Dharamji sent an application
in the filmfare’s new talent.. ..hunt competition happening at that time. He sent his pictures as well. Dharmendra got selected
for the competition. “Dark clouds are going down.” After winning the new
talent award, Dharmendra.. ..shifted from Punjab to Mumbai. And here he was signed for
Arjun Hingorani’s movie.. ..”Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere”. Dharmendra’s movie career
started in the year 1960. And the movie “Phool Aur
Patthar”, that came in the.. ..year 1966, established Dharmendra.. ..as an action hero. During Dharmendra’s struggle,
he became friends.. ..with Mister Manoj Kumar. Who knew, that both of them will become.. ..big superstars in the coming future. In the Hindi film industry,
Dharmendra is on of the few.. ..actors who did all types of roles. Whether it be romantic
roles or action roles. But in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s
movie “Satyakam”.. ..Dharmendra’s work was highly appreciated. “Fellow traveler, my
fellow traveler, you are.. ..the wings, I am the flight.” Dharmendra worked nicely
with all the actresses. Whether it be Meena Kumari,
Saira Banu, Sharmila Tagore.. ..Mumtaz, Asha Parekh, Zeenat Aman. But his best pairing was with Hema Malini. Whether it be the movie
“Seeta Aur Geeta”, “Jugnu”.. ..or Dream Girl. And who can forget the movie “Sholay”? Where Viru tried to win
over Basanti’s heart.. ..by climbing on a water tanker. Actually Dharmendra got
married to Prakash Kaur.. ..and they even had children. But when Hema Malini entered his life.. ..through the film industry,
then Dharmendra decided.. ..that he will marry Hema Malini. The news of Dharmendra’s second marriage.. ..spread like fire and was
subject to many controversies. But Hema Malini’s strong will removed.. ..Dharam and Hema from this problem. Where at one place, Dharmendra’s movies.. ..were doing miracles at the box office. There only, it was time for his
elder son, Ajay Singh Deol.. ..to be launched into movies. And Ajay Singh Deol is no one else but.. ..our beloved Sunny Deol. Dharmendra launched his elder son.. ..in the movie “Betaab”. “Fellow traveler, my fellow traveler.” And after almost a decade,
he launched his.. ..younger son, Bobby Deol
in the movie “Barsaat”. And his nephew, Abhay Deol,
in the movie “Socha Na Tha”. There was a surprising time
when Dharmendra and his.. ..elder son used to do main
lead in movies simultaneously. They both even had the same actresses. And producers signed
Dharmendra as well as.. ..Sunny Deol for movies. On seeing Dharmendra’s
beauty and his fit body.. ..Dilip Kumar said that he has
only one complaint from.. ..God, that why didn’t He made him.. ..as beautiful as Dharmendra. As time moved, Dharmendra
started moving towards.. ..character roles. But in the movie Life in a
Metro that came in the.. ..year 2007, Dharmendra’s
work was highly appreciated. “The cold breezes are taking in the winds.” “Everyone has some pains.” This word came in the media
that Dharmendra wants to.. ..launch his sons in movies,
but he wants to keep.. ..his daughters away from movies. And it was pointed towards
his daughter, Esha Deol’s.. ..entry in movies. When the movie Tell Me O
Kkhuda released, then.. ..Dharmendra not only acted
with her in the movie.. ..but also he promoted her. One should pay attention to the fact that.. ..Dharmendra has also tried
his hand in politics. In the general elections
of 2000, Dharmendra was.. ..chosen as a member of parliament from.. Rajasthan’s Bikaner seat. It is astonishing to know
that Dharmendra never got.. ..an award in the category of best actor. Maybe his fate had already
given him this hint. Whenever Hindi film industry’s
history will be written.. ..Dharmendra’s name will be
written in golden letters. “Oh, today the weather is very
notorious, its very notorious.. ..today’s weather.”


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