DHH vs “DHH” | The Public Theater

I’m David Henry Hwang my initials are
DHH and I am not playing any part in this show but I did write it and I’m
Francis Chu and i am playing DHH no pressure because you’re playing me and
you played my dad we are now going to play this game show thing where we’re
going to answer questions about each other yeah it’s like the newlywed game
it’s that way like the oldlyweds or something. What was David’s first Public Theater production? I’m really grateful that this
was the first question because it’s very easy famous fob. How many shows has francis been in at the public theater not counting soft power? I think this is right okay
is that right ten?! What is Francis’ favorite TV show? I feel like I had to say Madam Secretary
because I appear on it. I could have gotten that. I don’t even know what fleabag is.
you should watch fleabag it’s really good yeah. What is David’s zodiac sign? I don’t really know but I’m guessing ah
I should have guessed Leo because of your hair. Does Francis prefer coffee or tea? I am such a coffee-holic. I
can’t I can’t do anything without coffee yeah I finally got one right. What show did David win a Tony Award for? it’s not
that hard cuz I’ve only won one only I haven’t won one you’ve won three obies.
two. two obies. oh okay. What show are you most looking forward to this fall? both with exclamation points awesome

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