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I have an important Goal Eliminating that one person which will lead to the end of 100 such criminals I have to eliminate that Criminal I am Coming …. Hello meet my boyfriend I don’t know how to propose. So bare me if I seem crazy. Love is not my type ….Ishika My mind and focus is Different The fate of a common man could be decided by a politician. But the fate of the same politician is ultimately decided by a businessman. He’s going to get thumped (hurt) for the first time. He seems to be interesting The formula of Siddarth Abhimanyu has been decoded for the first time ever. I’ll find out his capacity. Don’t you think anything wrong in this sir? Doing good all the time is not even possible by the god himself. He started treating me specially I will Ensure These Criminals Past.. Present Future Will Be Wiped out Love you sweetheart.


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