Dictator Theatrical Trailer | Balakrishna, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan | S.S Thaman | Sriwass

Hail Lord Ganesha,
you always stay in our hearts Your blessings are a confidence to us We pray you Lord Ganesha,
you are in our hearts You are the support and saviour of us Whatever you are expecting,
I am going to give that to you He looks like a Farex baby, but is
like Mr X for all the babes in the city Hey zero size jasmine, you are very crazy You put the cell phone before
and said selfie WhatsApp baby what’s up baby,
tell me, tell me what’s happening baby I am ripened in faction and dirtied in mafia.
I am dry so using these knives and bombs. No punch dialogues with me,
look into your work You are super boss! Our economy is dropping down
because of people like you Who is he?
– My bodyguard Ours is the couple that shakes
both Andhra and Telangana People seeing us should whistle
either in Cuddapah or Kurnool This is not fighting between two
gangs, but looks like a hunting He is more dangerous than everyone. When a problem occurs, he clears
ruthlessly from roots but not just on the top. I will not start anything,
once I start will not stop. Chandrasekhar Dharma, I will not
let you be in this Delhi. False! A lady in ego and a man in corruption
will have to go into the dark someday. Nothing else other than your death
scream should be heard now. There will not be a question mark
to what I do, but just a full stop. My real name is Chandrasekhar,
name of the ego in my body is Dictator. Touch it and see, if you want to
witness your death. I want that Dictator. I will come on time and do what
I wanted to.


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