Digital Content Design for Theatre and Live Events BA (Hons)

There is so much demand at the moment for video content
designers and operators. The industry have come to us and said, please help us
create the graduates that we can employ… so we are really excited about this course because it
responds to a need that’s coming out in the industry. There is very little training of this kind of available. All the training has to be done post-graduation on the job.
So you’re often playing catch-up. So for us will be very refreshing to have people graduating
with an existing skill set ready to be put to work. This course would be really interesting to anybody
who is very interested in storytelling. This is about telling stories in a very visual
way using digital media. We also work closely with industry professionals who
will come in and work with students on a small project… so they will take on a mentoring role to make sure
that those students get… a lot of up-to-date knowledge of how the industry works. We’ve used the digital production skills on a lot of projects. So notable ones would be Curious Incident of the
Dog in the Night-time… Harry Potter and the Cursed Child makes use of it… So in the first year students will start by learning
foundational software skills. In the second year, they’ll start to apply those into projects
and productions… working collaboratively with other design disciplines. And in their final year, they’ll be going out into the industry
trying to master their own specialism… and really trying to find out who they are in the industry
and championing what they want to be doing. I’m so pleased to see this course coming about in Rose bruford. It’s something we’ve been asking for from the
training industry as a whole. So now we have something and we’re really happy and excited
to see where it can go… and how we can work with the course and the graduates.

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