Dilraba new drama, Xiao Zhan upcoming costume drama, Top 10 Hottest Chinese Drama Actors right now

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update October 3rd 2019 edition. In this edition, Dilraba’s new drama, Xiao
Zhan’s upcoming costume drama and the top 10 hottest Chinese actors at the moment but
first.. Standing in the Timestarring
Xing Zhaolin and An Yuexi premiered yesterday, October 2nd, on Tencent and iQiyi. It is also available on Viki where it has
English subs. I caught the first two episodes and was impressed. This is the second Xing Zhaolin drama to premiere
in a few days, Lucky’s First Love being the first,
and just as I had a good first impressions of that, I have the same of this. In fact, I might even like this one more because
where Lucky’s First Love is a light rom com, Standing in the Time is more mature and serious
if you will, and that’s more my taste. Like Lucky’s, this drama get a thumbs up for
no overdubbing so we get to hear the actors’ real voices. Xing Zhaolin’s portrayal of a difficult writer
looks to be his most mature performance of his career so far. An Yuexi is a doing a great job too as a character
whose straightforwardness draws ire from the higher ups of her company. And the rest of the supporting cast really
complement the leads perfectly. It’s been a while since I’ve done a new Dilraba
drama update but here’s one now. She stars with Johnny Huang in a new modern
drama tentatively entitled Love Advanced Customization, a literal translation of it’s Chinese name
and although there are no official stills
yet, some fan and paparazzi taken pictures have been floating around. The drama tells the story of fashion designer,
played by Dilraba, and the boss of an e-commerce company, played by Johnny Huang,
and how they are forced to work with each even though they hate each other’s guts. Of course, eventually they see the positive
sides of each other and fall madly in love. The drama has been kept very low key. No word of a booting ceremony, nothing on
their Weibo page, we don’t even know who the rest of the cast is
although there is rumor that Viann Zhang has a supporting role in it. Dilraba’s last drama was Sweet Dreams with
Deng Lun whereas Johnny Huang was in The Thunder as a narcotics
officer. Here he is on a motorcycle for Love Advanced
Customization. I’ll update when they release some official
stills. Dou Lou Continentis an upcoming
costume drama starring Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi. Recently, some of their set stills have been
floating around the internet. The drama is an adaptation of the novel Soul
Land written by Tang Jia San Shao and has previously been adapted into an anime series. According to Dramawiki, it tells the story
of a young martial arts cultivator who sets out to avenge his mother’s death by forming
alliances with various sects and waging war against their common enemy. The drama started shooting in December 2018
and I guess ran into unexpected stoppages because according to Chinese entertainment
site, Sina, it only wrapped in July this year, which would make it a long seven month shoot. Xiao Zhan of course shot to popularity in
The Untamed. I get the feeling that because of that, many
of Xiao Zhan’s unpremiered dramas like Dou Luo Continent are getting shot in the arm. Maybe producers are even thinking of putting
more money for post production or even reshoots because they know people are going to watch
it. Wu Xuanyi is a Chinese singer and a member
of the South Korean-Chinese girl group, Cosmic Girls. Dou Lou Continent is her first ever Chinese
drama. The drama is slated for 40 episodes and I
will give more updates as they provide them. Since the 100 days of broadcasting patriotic
dramas began in August of this year I’ve definitely felt the pinch. I mean we’ve had so many hits this year –
The Untamed, Longest Day in Chang’an, Go Go Squid – just to name a few. The stars of these shows have also reaped
the benefits. It really is amazing how a hit show can raise
an actor’s commercial value. Suddenly people are asking for you – directors,
producers, movies, dramas, commercials – it all starts coming in. In other words, the higher your commercial
value, the hotter you are. According to AI Man Chinese entertainment
index, here are the Top 10 Chinese Actors with the Highest Commercial Values at the
moment. The website scored these actors commercial
values out of a hundred and based it on four ratings criteria:
Popularity rating, Endorsement rating (meaning the number of commercials and ads they do),
Gossip rating and Professional rating (meaning the number of shows they do). And here we go. No 10 Dilraba. Dilraba scored 91.97 out of 100. She scored the highest out of everyone in
the endorsement rating at 97.28 but was low in popularity, only 80. This is probably because she hasn’t had a
new drama in a while. No 9 Li Xian who scored 91.98. No doubt the popularity of Go Go Squid this
summer gave him a boost. No 8 Wang Yibo with 92.1 points. He’s one of two castmembers from The Untamed
on this list. I’ll give you one guess who the other one
is. No 7 Yang Yang with a score of 92.18. He is just coming off The King’s Avatar and
has Glory of the Special Forces coming up. No 6 Deng Lun who scored 92.55. After the success of Ashes of Love, he’s been
quite consistent starring in three dramas since then including Mr. Fighting with Sandra
Ma. No 5 Zhu Yilong with 92.75. I was a bit surprise he made the list, not
because I don’t like him, I think he’s great, but I believe he still has more second male
lead roles than first male lead roles on his resume. No 4 Karry Wang. Karry scored 93.69. Personally, I haven’t seen much of his work
but he did score the highest out of everyone for the gossip rating. Just so we’re not confused, this does not
mean that he gossips the most; it just means he gets mentioned the most in gossip magazines. No 3 Jackson Yee. Jackson scored 93.96. Also a member of the music group TFBOYS with
Karry Wang, he really showed off his acting chops in Longest Day in Chang’an. Admittedly, I was surprised and impressed. No 2 Xiao Zhan with 94.44 points. He scored the highest out of everyone for
the popularity rating at 97.45. Indeed, from what I’ve seen on Weibo, entertainment
sites, drama blogs, there’s no one more popular than him in Chinese dramaland right now. And No 1 Yang Zi with a score of 95.26. She’s consistently good in all categories
with 93.3 in her lowest rating (everyone else had at least one category under 90). She also scored the highest in professional
rating at 95.97 as evident with all the dramas and movies she’s had come out recently. By the way, her latest movie with Nick Cheung,
Bodies At Rest, is now available online. So there you have it guys, the top 10 hottest actors at the moment. Did your favorite actor make the list? Who did you think deserve to be higher or
lower? Let us know what you think about the list
in the comments section below. And that’s it for today guys. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
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