Diploma in Theatre Production and Management Prospectus Video – LASALLE College of the Arts

We’re very fortunate in Singapore,
there’s been a lot of investment in theatre infrastructure. There is a real,
large demand for professionals to work backstage. The Diploma in Theatre
Production and Management prepares students for a variety of careers, be it
stage management, lighting, construction, prop-making, costume – and it’s a very
practical programme. I wanted to do something off the beaten track. So LASALLE was something
that offered me a whole new different perspective on things. Curriculum doesn’t work the normal way: every week we will have a workshop;
we will have stage management classes for a week, and then the next we have
production management and then lightning and sound and so on so it’s a very
diverse experience of all kind of things that we learn backstage. When I was in school
we had people who were actively practising in the industry coming in to
mentor us. To work beside professionals
and seeing the manner in which they work, the way they conduct themselves, was just one of the best experiences
you can have as a student. Being able to learn from seasoned professionals
was a very important part. We are blessed at LASALLE with some of the most amazing facilities. We have three theatres, we have a lighting laboratory, a scenic
workshop, a costume room and all the facilities that any student will need. We will know how a set mechanism works. We will know how a stage manager
will react to a situation. So even though I’m a lighting designer,
you sort of understand why they do it, simply because you did it all in school. It became really, really useful
after you start working outside. I’m really proud of the students and the
team that we’ve put together here. The facilities that we have here at LASALLE
are amongst the best you will find in the subject area anywhere in the world. Triangulate that, and you have what we hope is an amazing offer.

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