Discover DMACC Episode 26 – DMACC Ankeny Theatre

Welcome back to Discover DMACC. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to perform
in front of a live audience? How about acting on stage while riding a bike? We talked to DMACC’s new Theatre Program Chair,
Professor Carl Lindberg on the Ankeny Campus, about the Theatre Program and how being on
stage impacts the student actors. Theatre at DMACC right now is in a brand new
phase, a brand new life. I think that a lot of people aren’t aware
that we have a theatre program here at DMACC, and we are a small but growing program. You can really sink your teeth in and work
with someone who’s been working in the professional theatre industry as an actor and get real
training from someone who’s been in the business. As a student here at DMACC, I was looking to
try and get more into film and story telling with, like, creative writing and all that. It’s a, it’s a very productive, kind of pretend,
make believe. Finding it’s own enjoyment in that, and just
that, that whole world I didn’t know existed has really drawn me into almost exclusively
being interested in theatre. We have a wide range of plays in an intimate
space where you actually can reach out and touch the actor and engage in a really special way,
in terms of the actor-audience connection. Our most recent play was a play called Ghost
Bike, and we did it as a co-production with Grandview University. Which means that we rehearsed both here and
at Grandview. We had students from DMACC and Grandview and
we all worked together to put a play on together that performed for four nights at Grandview and
for five nights here at DMACC. It was really eye-opening, just for discoveries
about myself as well as interacting with all these different kinds of people all working
towards the same thing in that capacity of theatre.

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