Discussing Digital Drama

I’m not going to lie. A little drama is
entertaining. Because that’s why people watch drama shows.
I’ll admit, say someone posts a picture or something and people comment like, wow,
you look really bad in this picture. And I’ll admit, it is kind of fun to read. Just like
oh, that’s interesting. Girls I find are often the gossip queens.
I think they spend more time together. Yeah, yeah. A girl group, they can like talk
even more openly, like more than like a boy group can. Because they’re kind of … I
don’t know, in my opinion, they can be closer. The girls are more sensitive on like how they
look and how they act because they want to be popular.
Girls just like are so sensitive about everything. We turn
everything into a giant dramatic problem or a system that eventually, you can’t even
remember. Like I had a friend who went through this and in the end, she couldn’t
even remember what it actually started with. Guys handle it way more like calmer…
They say their words and they’re done. Guys can be dragged into drama. Maybe someone
likes someone and they’re kind of using that person to explain their fact.
Because some girls might be like, well you’re a girl, of course you think that.
I feel like girls aren’t taken seriously online because like, when there are a lot
of things that girls do that are just stupid fights that turn into something bigger. And
then when they’re actually trying to talk about something important or serious, and
then people don’t listen. They’re just like, oh whatever, it’s probably not important
just like everything else. Drama isn’t real drama in middle school
most of the time. It’s gossip. Gossip, like the way it can start is like,
something starts and then everyone feeds into it. And at the moment, you may feel like you’re
better than everyone else or that you’re at the top because you know all this information.
Like the more information you know, the more popular …
Gossip is pretty like big at my school, but it’s not important. Like the things that
people gossip about aren’t important. They just like, this is who this likes and this
is who this likes. And it gets annoying. Sometimes people don’t even notice that
they’re doing that, though. Like they’re just like, oh they’re adding in mean things
and then they’re just, they don’t even know it’s something like [voice overlap].
And then they get in like arguments and it just keeps going.
You know what I just like realized? Gossip is like a huge game of telephone. You know
how people like play that game and then it usually ends up getting messed up in the end?
Yup. And it’s totally different by the end. It’s so true.
And on social network, like it can go far really easily. It escalates really quickly.
A lot of girls in general needs to stop the drama.
I think the most important thing first off, no guy is ever insulting girls, because that’s
the worst thing you can do. A guy insulting a guy is bad, but it’s so messed up and
it’s so wrong that I can’t even speak about it.
Like I’ve seen girls going from being like, the most popular and like happiest girls in
the grade to just sinking down to like their all-time low. Which is like, I don’t understand
how someone can go and do that to someone that you used to call your best friend.
Wouldn’t like drama goes onto social network, that’s when I feel it crossed the line.
It gets to be too much and it gets insulting and it breaks up so many friendships because
of the things that people say, because they can and they don’t have to face the wrath
right then and there.

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