Dishoom – Audience Reactions

I thought it was absolutely amazing! We were in hysterics. The quality of the acting was absolutely
out of this world. I could have been in the West End. We loved it! We thought it was really hilarious and really thought-provoking at the same time. I think it was absolutely brilliant. It really celebrated disability; the struggles and the triumphs that people go through. A very memorable play with some very powerful messages about what people had to go through to get to where we are today. The best part was the story – I felt it really came across well my eyes didn’t come off the stage. The best part for me, I think, was the way it showed how you never give up on your
beliefs. A very very emotional opening scene. Bibi is fab! I think the way the
the show brought back the whole Sholay movie and at the same time playing the real time as well. It was great see the fusion of both together. I would describe the show as invigorating. Electric! Very intense. Excellent! Memorable! Energetic! Amusing! A rip-roaring success! It’s absolutely hilarious – go watch it!

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