morning morning its day one ah I can’t believe we’re here, its crazy I slept so well last night he did well so
hopefully you enjoyed our travel day and if you haven’t seen that yet then
I’ll put a little link up here so you can see what we got up to yesterday but
today is day one we’re heading over to Magic Kingdom
we’ve got a reservation for Crystal Palace for breakfast we got some fast
passes Big Thunder Splash Mountain something else and then later on this
afternoon we are heading over to Epcot we’re gonna get the monorail over to Epcot
see illuminations last time not the last time we’ll see it but yeah we’ve got
Emily yeah ends at the end of the month so but yeah so come along mister check
out Magic Kingdom thank you the first time at the Crystal Palace as many as you want
yeah and sausage and bacon and syrup I might pay for the fruit and you go
yogurt yogurt nicely for and it’s great we just
started to drizzle it’s too bad and your about what are the options taking it
serial okay oops breakfast lasagna right say waffles we go
very good yeah so I prove it the mixture sausage bacon
and cheese some cheesy potato mash thing some Salmons onion some omelette pizza
and Joe when contacts and cheese
how much of the earth subjects and bacon oh yeah and now my mimosa is here cheers
Joe first one is a noose hang on
hay rides alma maters who’s your meeting the background right yeah I mean coffee grinds on the alcohol
I’d take care of everyone in the pillar around please tell everybody it’s quite
it’s quite nice in here just type OS pigley as well
Ryan you’re much in piglet today we’re imperious little fans your mates come in
behavior and I how Erica Ryan thought the drink died because there is accident spillage and all three you don’t crease lip color didn’t get
much footage in that because well Joe quiet quiet can be get my footage in
there as Brian got attacked by Tigger yeah there I was sat there enjoying my
mimosa and ticket comes along bouncing around and decides to spill it all over
me I am drying but you can see it a little
bit it’s a bit sticky now but no it’s pretty good that’s quite nice food is
very good it’s really cool full name I think that
was a good way of like just filling yourself up for the day and then you
don’t find yourself nothing you get today okay but it’s on camera
the window gets I’m hungry in a minute but quote there did we do that
no I need it whenever I’d like a small about first it’s true my cell phone in
Mickey pretzels Chris so all of a mixed pretzel right Big Thunder Fast Pass
let’s do this here we are 20 minutes standby that’s
not bad for a lot of fast pass so not 20 minutes for us thankfully busy
man here here we go dad oh yes please I always get close we normally get up to
like the porches and then it goes oh no it’s closed down the airport amenity 9 so if you’ve been disturbing you before
you’re gonna be like yeah this is what it’s like but we’ve never played at this
time of year so it’s quite but think how it fucking gets it’s cool though right
in dogs you is white black skirt nice stuff rhythmic
attacks variety second entertain each other strike users very she appears la danza
Davy Jones it’s not run they want Pyrus John
and you have ever walked ah man it’s been like five minutes and it’s still
still five-minute way thank you connexes edge I think that’s the reason
why what’s up Alex to the edge that’s the reason why making I like these dead
how many right can we do command to Kingdom in one day accepted the magic carpet which inevitably do
think of in like that never done it though never done this
right I’m ready my child simply weird amazing rolling the bumping them Tiny’s get wet and cool it’s gonna call
me refreshing you stay safe or not in my suggested on the sun’s too bright oh you yeah where yeah yeah a little bit sure you who’d I know that we’ve done Splash Mountain we’ve got a
little bit not too bad taste right yeah too bad could have been worse I’d
say I felt like I got more wet and to win her but I did now and I’m Ashley get
work so we’ve got a fast fast fast fast pass for Snow White so but a little
while about an hour to kill so I say we go and check what Morgan mansions like
try and get a haunted mansion here where you see paintings of some of our guests
as they appeared in their Colorado State haunted mansion done I just think this
one yeah and it was cool it’s nice and cool so we are just going to sleep fantasy
and does he have a Fastpass Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs seven doors
maintain whatever is called ten minutes for a fight from going to do either Philharmonic yeah yes in a better theatre I think MARY POPPINS in the background jim
chiminey chim chiminey chim chim haha breeze is amazing and okey a village we’ve seen Tron in
the background being built see 7/12 done during the day we have
done it in the day before wait no first time in the day and we didn’t have to
queue an hour and ten minutes for it but we did manage to get it passed password
buzz as well yeah the shoot month so never endure a ride where the AC is on
full because it is kind of the day everyone my hair is
Wow it really bad sweaty man I know it got where the area was is Tim anyway
hopefully fingers crossed we’ll see them every shit well that’s the way I remember hey stitch he was trying to look right
over here all right perfect thank you think over bath happy Fastow Pittman see g’yahhhh M of USC Magic Kingdom’s day fall under the
Crystal Palace the thick thunder slashed mime in Pirates Aladdin nothing’s magic carpet we did pointed
mansion we did hit the meet set we met met
Standish bitch it’s been a long day yeah we met stitch we did little mermaid we
did mine train yeah just did was like yeah see yeah it’s been pretty busy so
now we’re opportu we’ve managed to get a flat spot for a test track so we’ll go
check that out get the monorail it made its Epcot there it is behind
more relatively the monorail River bib Q to get in a bit of a cute head
yeah 20 change dinner do they expect different yeah
is really changing really to continue that bit gray blue in the distance they so hopefully
we didn’t get a downpour it’s me weird that this is going to be
changing so much I love that pot hope they didn’t change it too much that it’s
like a completely different part yeah I’m hoping it keeps its by the fountains
have gotten from one all this had be gone
crazy just as I was saying was a bit cray it wet so back in the room jam-packed
day juice chilling tired very very tired we did loads at Magic Kingdom and then
full on day and then we went over to Epcot didn’t really feel much in Epcot
just because it was a bit round and we got absolutely drenched downpour we did
get a few things got some pins that um I’ll show you some pictures in of the
pins got a new pass holder magnets old mini see it’s been a massively long a
day but it’s been really good pretty good fun so great animal kingdom
tomorrow it should be good fun we need to get the bed yeah tired but thanks for
watching if you enjoyed it then give it the thumbs up and make sure you
subscribe to our Channel I’m really bell ring the bell to see more of our videos
but that’s it from us for now it’s adios from me cheerio


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