Disney Pixar CARS & PLANES Movie Theater Storybook & Projector – Demo and Review

hi everyone this is Keith’s Toy Box and today we’re going to show you the Disney Movie Theater Race & Rescue storybook and movie
projector this hardcover book is available for about fifteen dollars in
Amazon and it already comes with the unique
projector and five discs so let’s take a look this one shows you how to use the projector
and the book already includes two stories Cars 2 and Planes Fire & Rescue the discs are actually numbered one two three four and
five it’s designed for you to project the images as you read along with the story. so for
example here it says disc one image 1 so you flash Disc 1 Image 1 then image 2 and so on. then when it’s time to change the
disc you’ll see this number will change to Disc 2 so let’s try the projector! so let’s try to get the first disc slip it in the slot and turn off the lights, and try it
out okay lights out, now let’s turn on the projector there you go! It’s Dusty! if the image is not sharp enough you can actually turn the focus knob to make it as sharp as possible. there that’s a really clear image of Dusty. let’s try image 2. It’s Maru! Cabbie and The Smoke Jumpers! now let’s try the 2nd Disc It’s Dynamite! Blade Ranger Wind Lifter and Dipper! There are 5 discs all in all. The 5th disc is not part of the story. Sort of like a bonus disc. It’s Lightning McQueen! Mater, Mayday Dusty! okay lights on again. This is the focus
knob that i was telling you about so you can use this projector from
any distance just turn the knob to make the image sharp you can flash the image on the wall are on the ceiling. the recommended distance is around five
feet so the ceiling is a great place to flash it
and it’s great for bedtime stories you can even use it for your reading light at night just remove any disc when you’re done using it you can just
simply slide it back into the holder this book is really great for bedtime
stories you can look at the pictures while
reading the story so that’s the Disney Movie Theater
Race & Rescue story book and movie projector this is a really fun book to enhance
your storytelling time before bedtime and lets you create
your own home movie theatre of sorts This is Keith’s Toy Box thank you very much for watching and remember to subscribe!

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