Disney Princess Carpool Ride

Yeah, Beast. I just need to go
pick up the girls. OK, but will you
be back by 5:00? Yes, don’t worry. I’ll be back by 5:00
for our date night. [MUSIC PLAYING] I see you finally
learned to pick up your shoes after yourself. Can you just drop it? Those were brand
new Louis Vuittons. And I’m still
really upset about. I just don’t want to
talk about it, OK? OK, we won’t talk about it. Let’s just go get everyone else. [MUSIC PLAYING] What are you doing? What? I just got a new one
from the dealership. [MUSIC PLAYING] [PUTTING CAR IN PARK] Hey! Hey! Oh. Did you dye your hair
and get hair extensions? No, Belle. It’s been 78 years. Hair grows. She’s right. Fair enough. OK, wait. Let’s play that
trick thing on Elsa. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wait! Really? Really? Every time? You guys do this every
time you pick me up. We’re just kidding. Come on. You know we love you. Literally every time. It’s because you’re new. Every time. It’s just– it’s fine. You know we love you. You’re just as much a
princess as all of us. Queen. Relax. Relax. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SIGHING] OK, Snow. I know you’re into Apples. But, like, that’s a little
much, don’t you think? Don’t hate. Is everyone buckled? Jasmine, buckle up. My magic carpet
doesn’t have a buckle. I’m fine. Do you really want me to pull
up one of those sad videos? Buckle up. OK, I’ll buckle up. [GASPS] Wait! I see my ex! Slow down. [GRUNTING] (YELLING) You tried to
act like you loved me. But you couldn’t
remember my face! You could only remember my foot! [LAUGHTER] He stalked me for
like a week, you know, just because I danced
with him at the party. Shocker, Cinderella
lost another shoe. At least your ex broke up
with you for good reason. Mine could not get over
my past and the fact that I lived with seven guys. It was a weird time in my life. We were all just friends. Or in my case, I
don’t need a man. I have my sister. You guys are all hopeless. Guys, I didn’t get
much to eat for lunch. So I’m just going stop
by, like, Burger King and pick up something. I’m more into
princes than kings. Will you stop with your puns? Wait! Stop! I think that place is
giving out free Slurpees. OK. We all remember the last
time you got a free sample. Sit down. Just sit down. Lean back. There you go. It’s true. It’s true. OK. I’ll have a veggie burger. What do you guys want? Ooh, I want a Blizzard! Wrong place. OK. I’ll have an Oreo shake. Meh. I’m not that hungry. I’ll just have some applesauce. OK, you always say
you’re not that hungry. But then you eat
everyone else’s food. I know. Can I get a large fry? I want a large salad. OK. Did you get all that? $26.14, thank you. OK. [BAGS RUSTLING] Belle, is that your
boyfriend over there? OK, first of all,
we both know he doesn’t look like that anymore. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING – IDINA MENZEL,
“LET IT GO”] [MUSIC CUTS OFF] I hate that song. [MUSIC – RIHANNA, “WORK”] (SINGING) Work, work,
work, work, work, work. He said me haffi work, work,
work, work, work, work. [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t really
want these anymore. Does anyone want these? (IN UNISON) I want it! OK. [SCUFFLING] Guys, stop! [SCREAMING] I want the fries! I want the fries! No! Can I get two large fries? OK, who wants to
run the aux cord? I got this. It’s going to be fire. You, fire? That’s cute. Can you stop with the attitude? Maybe that’s why your
step mom hated you. [GASPS] I have to go to the bathroom. OK. We passed all the stores. There’s nothing near here. Just pull over. OK. Excuse me. I really have to go. [SCUFFLING AND MUTTERING] You’re just going to pee– All right. All right, OK. Hey, Cinderella. Can we switch seats? I want to control the aux? Yeah, sure. Cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t know about
everyone else, but I’m going to Snapchat this. She doesn’t want to be peeing. Oh my God. Wait, Cinderella. What’s your Twitter? I don’t think I’m following you. And I want to tag you in this. I don’t have a Twitter. Out of all people, I’d
expect you to have a Twitter. What? Is that a bird joke? I haven’t even befriended a
bird in like four years, really? Good one, Cindy. Cindy? Sorry, Jazz. We all switched up the seats. Jazz? I know you’re knew, but we
don’t really go by nicknames. So we are almost there. Hey. Does anyone want
to request a song? [GASPS] No. I don’t have a preference. Oh, I have one. I can’t think. [SCREAMO MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC CUTS OFF] I’m disturbed by you. I kind of like it. I just need to fill up gas. But we’re going to
be there really soon. [GAS PUMP BEEPING] What do I– guys! Anyone know how to work this? I don’t need– Can you just help? Yeah. Are you that’s it? You put it in there? It’s down there. It’s down here. I don’t think so. No, no, no. Put it down there, yeah. Can we get some help? OK, guys. I think we’re here. [CHEERING] [INAUDIBLE] Let’s party! Woo!


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