DISNEY PRINCESSES MAGIC ERASER. (With Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa and Anna) Totally TV

Do you know what I’m thinking? Now would be a great time to test out our homework assignments. … I don’t… uhhhh, uhhhh… ohhh no, not the hair not the hair not the ohhhh Yah! Art class is always my favorite class of the
day huh, but you guys know that. Of course, it’s always snow much fun. Wait a second, do you guys seen Miss Easel? I don’t, she should be here by now. Look, she wrote a note on the board. “Princesses, my latest work of art is being
featured in the Met”. Wow, good for her. “Had to go immediately, substitute will be
there soon. In the meantime, work on some landscapes”. All right, well, better get to drawing. Wow, that sub is really late. I’ve almost finished my Starry Night Over
the Rhône. Hard class nights, high card class days. Genie, what are you doing here? Sorry I’m late princesses, that annoying Iago
stole my lamp again. I can’t stand that bird, he’s always sneaking
around in disguise. Huh, get it, “dusguise”? Huh, anyway, I’m your substitute for art class. Yay Genie! We ain’t never had a sub like you, boom! Too bad class is almost over now. Oh fiddlesticks. Okay, well here, I have something for you. Huh, what is it? Is it magic markers again? Oh, yeah, I hope so, magic markers are the
best. This is even better. Magic crayons? Magic colored pencils? Magic gel pens? These are magic erasers! Magic erasers, what are those for? It takes anything you don’t want and gets
rid of it. Half the fun of art is starting with a blank
canvas. So, just erase anything that you don’t want. But again, be careful, actions have consequences! Remember the tiger? Oh, there’s the me the “Belle”. We will see you here tomorrow Genie? I sure will, make sure you bring these Magic
Erasers back with you. We sure will. Bye Genie. I still can’t believe Genie gave us this. I know, it was easy to think of things to
draw but… I don’t know what I want to erase. No one walks like Gaston and smack talks like
Gaston. Okay okay LeFou, be cool. Oh, hello ladies. Fancy running into you here. What do you mean, you totally took Belle’s
schedule, you knew she’d be here. LeFou, be cool. I mean… nothing. Gaston, what are you doing here? Yeah, hasn’t Belle told you to leave her alone
like um, a million times. Wrong oh Anna, actually, it’s been eight hundred
fifty seven thousand four hundred and sixty-five. Well, when at first you don’t succeed, try
trying again. Belle… will you go to prom with me? Do it! Prom… Gaston, prom is in May, it’s winter. Yes, well, the early bird gets the worm. Uh, are you calling Belle a worm? Oh Oh, back pedal, back pedal. Oh, what I’m trying to say is I asked you
to prom first, so I get the first dibs. Mm-hmm. That’s not how it works Gaston. I’m going with Prince Adam, always, he’s my
forever prom date. Well, we aren’t going to let you two leave
until you say yes. Right, cuz if at first you don’t succeed,
try trying again. No no no, LeFou, no time for inspirational
quotes, look tough! Oh, uh. LeFou, come back. Pretend, pretend. I can’t hold a muscle Gaston… shhh. It hurts. LeFou, stop. Literally – LeFou, stop it. I can’t lift my arm. Okay um… Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Now would be a great time to test out our
homework assignments. Great idea you guys, sorry Gaston, you asked
for it. Oh no, I don’t like this… I don’t… uhhhh, uhhhh… ohhh no, not the hair not
the hair not the ohhhh. Uh, well, I gotta go… organize the village
mob and whatnot. Wow, these things really do work. That was awesome! I mean, no more Gaston, it seems too good
to be true. All right, see you guys tomorrow. Bye. Wow, what a fun crazy day at school, huh,
time to make an after school snack. Maybe I’ll fry something up in my pan. Rapunzel, I’ve made your favorite… hazelnut
soup. Mother Gothel, how did you get in here? How’d you turn this all a rain system? No no dear, don’t be so testy with your Mommy
Dearest when she worked so hard and slaved over a hot microwave. I mean stove to make you your favorite. True, I do love that soup. But you’re not my mother, how many times do
I have to say that? I am your mother and as punishment for being
so disrespectful, you now have to sing so that I may continue to look at this gorgeous. Not a chance, time to try this thing out. Oh, stop, Rapunzel, listen to your Manzi. Oh, it’s a scary world out there but… but
one of those best. Wow, this thing is amazing! Dad, I’m home from school. What are we having for dinner? Dad? Dad? I’m so sorry, the Sultan can’t come to the
phone right, now please leave a message after the beep… beep. Jafar, what have you done with my father? Let’s just say a little bird told me…
that he’s a bit tied up at the moment hmm hmm hmm hmm. A little bird? Iago? Jafar, I’m going to find my father and when
I do, you’re going to be banished. Oh really, is that so? Well I’ll only tell you where your father
is if you agree to marry me and together we can rule over all Agrabah. Yeah, that’s obviously never going to happen. Thank you… next. Don’t sing Ariana Grande lyrics at me. Oh, I’ve got more than just lyrics. What is that thing, a school supply? Target called, they want their back-to-school
list back. Nooo, but I am a diamond in the rough. Hey Jafar, I’ve got the salting… his a – Oh,
Jafar. Tell me where my father is or I’ll erase you
too. No no, don’t do it! He’s in the [Inaudible] , don’t you
hurt me, I’m just a poor bird from a poor family. Woohoo, finally home from school. Um, hey Elsa, do you want to build a snowman? Anna, you know I want to but we have hard
and we have mid-terms coming up, we have to study. It doesn’t have to be a snowman. Anna! Okay, fine. Who could that be? Oh, maybe it’s the pizza delivery guy. Did you order a pizza? No, just wishful thinking. Come in. uh, if it isn’t my two favorite princesses. Yes, it is I, Kristoff, the poor raised by
troll charming farm boy you both two love. Wow, “Kristoff”, it’s not really like you
to announce yourself like that. Ah blast, foiled by my brilliant articulation. Yes, it is I Hans Westergaard. What! We had no idea. Yes, I am known for my brilliant disguises
like this dyed hair and now princesses, I have come to take over Arendelle, so if you’re
both steps, I shall commandeer this kingdom. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It’s the eraser time. Take that and that. I’ll get the other sides. That’s for joking about “sandwitches”. What… what’s happening? What is the meaning of this? You can’t do this, I’m a prince! I’m a Westergaard! I’m a – ohhhh! You’re a blank canvas, uha. Got him, good work. Oh, thanks to Genie. Oh, these are starting to smell so good! I can’t wait to surprise the girls with my
holiday cookies… they’re gonna love it. Ha ha ha ha, Tiana is making her famous cookies,
is she? That’s perfect. I will cast one of my spells so that all the
princesses turn into villains once they take a bite. The perfect plan. All of princess land will turn into villains,
ha ha ha ha. Mmmm, I just love the smell of the sugar and
the dough and the – not me. I smell villain! Oh this is a marvelous plan. Oh, wait a second, where did she go? Maleficent, I know you weren’t staring
at me through my window trying to put a spell on me and my friends! Um, no, I was – I was uh – you aren’t even
the villain from my movie. Well, I was just walking by and uh – oh you
are never just walking by, I bet you were trying to ruin my holiday cookies by putting
a spell on them. Well, not on my watch. Hey… what are you doing? Quiet. Hmm, this is fun, now it’s time to finish
the job… hmm, sounds like my cookies are done cooling, just in town for good taste
test. Wow you guys, this magic eraser came in super
handy! Seriously, after Belle erased Gaston earlier,
I erased Mother Gothel. What! That’s awesome. We erased Hans. What! You did! That’s great. I also erased Jafar. Well, I erased the worst of them all… Maleficent. Wow, if you think about it, we have a lot
of villains in our life. All right, its art class time. Did everyone get to use their magic erasers? We sure did. Yeah, we erased all of the villains from our
movies. Yup, no more scheming, no more plotting, no
more disguises. Wait, you did what? We erased the villains. No no no no, you can’t erase people! Wait,
you can’t? Well, why did you give us the Magic Erasers
in the first place? Huh, I thought you would use them to erase
your vegetables at dinner or something, not people. But, what’s so bad? Isn’t it better to have a world without
villains? That’s not how it works, you can’t just
erase a person…. they just end up coming back, look bigger. Bigger? Like 10 times bigger! Genie, why did you – free, five, four, form. I smell the blood of an English
man, it’s me, Hans Westergaard. Oh no! Genie, what do we do? I don’t know, this is pretty strong magic,
I can’t undo it. Oh no, I probably should have mentioned that
earlier. We’ve got to think of something. I wish this never happened. Wait, that’s it, we need to turn back time. Genie, can you do it? Sorry, time is beyond my limitations. No time reversal, no marriages, ai yai yai
yai! We are in a pickle. I could go for a pickle right now. Oh gee, this is no time to think about food. I get hungry when I’m terrified. How can we reverse time? Rapunzel! Yes. You can reverse time, remember your hair. Do you think it’ll work? I don’t know, it’s never been used on anything
like this. So um, what should we do now that we’re giant? Take over New York City! New York City? It’s what they do in the movies. I bet I could eat so many eggs now. Gaston, stop thinking about the eggs when
you can be thinking about all the “eggcellent” kingdoms you could be ruling over. Silent you fools. I say we go stomp on princess Academy and
teach those princesses a lesson. Yeah! Yes. Let’s go. Mm-hmm. Rapunzel, you have to at least try. Okay but you guys say it with me; Flower,
gleam and glow Let your power shine, Make the clock reverse and do this eraser reverse. Do we think it worked? I don’t hear giant footsteps anymore. Where did Genie go? I don’t see him anywhere. Hard class nights, high card class days. Genie! Sorry I’m late princesses, that annoying Iago
stole my lap again, I can’t stand that bird. He’s always sneaking around in disguise. Huh, get it, “dustguise”? Anyways, I’m your substitute for art class. I brought you these erasers. Oh my gosh, it worked! We reversed time! No thanks Genie, I think we’re better off
without those. Oh okay, time to go, see you tomorrow Genie. Anyone want ice cream? I have a sneaking suspicion we’re gonna have
some villains to deal with if we go back to our castles. Let’s go, I’ll “erace” you there. Finally, my favorite class of the day, art
class. I wonder what I’ll paint today… maybe
a boat, or a giraffe or a pineapple… uh, there’s so many possibilities. Hey, Rapunzel. Hey, Elsa, huh, hey Belle, wow Moana, you’re
in this class too? This is so exciting, I didn’t realize we
all signed up for the art class at the same time… this is gonna be so much fuuun! Of course, we all loove art class. Phew! I was worried I wasn’t gonna make it on
time… so much air traffic. Hey, guys! Hey Jasmine! Let’s go wait, I think class is about to
start. I’m snow excited, let’s go. All right ladies, welcome to art class. Today we will be drawing with colored markers
that are under your desk, please draw anything you want… anything at all. Maybe something from your movies or… ha,
a-achoo! Abu, I think I saw him as I flew in. No, sorry it seems I’ve come down with a
rotten cold. As a matter of fact, I better go call a substitute
teacher and go see the nurse, continue drawing. Oh noooo, I hope she feels better. I wonder who our substitute teacher will be…. I hope it’s someone nice, but anyway, we
should probably start to draw. Mhmm, but what to draw. I think I’m just gonna draw Olaf, he’s
just sooo cute. Arabian niiight, except it’s art class niight! Huh, oh my gosh Genie, you’re our substitute
teacher… this is so exciting! Genie is the best, to be honest, I’ve never
had a friend like him. Hey Jasmine, hello princesses, and weeelcome
to Genie’s art class. Ahh, I had no idea you were an artist Genie. Yeah, do you paint Genie? 10 thousand years of being in a lamp will
make you pretty good at painting, not a lot to do in there. So, what are working on so far? We’re drawing things with markers. Are they maaagic markers? Umm, they might be magic markers. No, I’m talking about maaagic markers, they’re
really magic, it’s a blended genie magic and fairy dust enchanted by fairy godmothers
wand, yadi, yada, yada. The point is, that with these markers, anything
you draw comes to life. Now, try drawing with these. I’m gonna color a pineapple. This reminds me of Motunui. Draw whatever you want, the world is your
oyster…. hmmm, wait, Genie is allergic to shellfish,
don’t draw any oysters. Wait, what! What do you mean? Ahh, drawings come to life, how’s that possible? Go ahead and draw something. Okay, I’m gonna color in this balloon. Belle, look! Huh! Wow, it worked, that’s amazing! Genie, you’re the best substitute teacher
ever. Thank you, thank you much, well, I wasn’t
expecting this. I’d like to thank the academy, the princess
academy that is, for hiring me and getting me out of this lamp… wait, my lamp where
did it go, I packed it right here? I haven’t seen it, but I thought on my carpet
flight I saw Abu in a tree with something outside the window. Abu? Whoa, that mischievous monkey, okay kids,
be right back, I need to go get my lamp back. Have fun with the maaagic markers and be careful,
don’t draw anything you wouldn’t want to come to life. I’m gonna color Olaf, huh, he’s so cute
isn’t he? Okay, here we gooo. Hey Elsa. How’s my little buddy? Fine, but how did I get here? Oh, I drew you here with magic markers. Magic markers? No, maaagic. Oh, wow, art class, that’s almost as cool
as you Elsa. Whoa, if you were able to draw Olaf, I wonder
if I could bring in one of my friends. Uhh, who’re you going to draw, Pascal? Nooo, I have an even better idea, I’m gonna
draw a good friend of mine who would looove this art class. Where I’m I? How did I get here? One minute I was with Maximus at the snuggly
ducklings battling some royal guards and now I’m here! I drew you here, welcome to art class Eugene! Shhh, call me Flynn, I’m trying to keep
the Eugene thing on the down low. Oookay Flynn, I drew you here so now you can
enjoy art class with us. We’re drawing with maaagic markers and I
know what you’re gonna say, they’re different from regular markers, they’re actually magic! That’s amazing! You drew me with this? Feels like you got my nose right, finally
someone gets my nose right… and my smoulder… feels perfect. Ah, I wish I could color in Prince Adam but
I don’t have a picture of him. Why don’t you try drawing him freehand? Oh my gosh, good idea, can I borrow your marker? Oh, Belle, how did I get here? I drew you here with these magic markers. Wow, those are magic. Okay, so that means I’m the only one that
hasn’t colored something yet, but I think I have a great idea of what to color. Uuu, are you going to color Aladdin? Or a cute new outfit… even better, this
is gonna be a roaring good time. Everyone, meet my best friend Rajah. Oh my gosh, tiger! Ruuuun! We gotta get outta here. Nooo, don’t worry you guys he’s nice,
he actually a vegetarian these days so he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Ohhh, he’s sooo cute, hi Rajah. Whoa, can we pet him? Here kitty kitty kitty. Of course, he’s the best. Uhh, got my lamp back, I had to trade him
five bananas, but I still think I got the better end of the deal… Tiger! Ahhhhhh! Genie, that wasn’t just any tiger, that
was Rajah, remember him, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Oh goodness, I didn’t recognize him, he’s
lost weight, must be that new vegetarian diet. We need to get him back, the other teachers
and students aren’t gonna know he’s harmless. If anyone sees a tiger running around in the
school they’re going to…. Attention teachers and students, there’s
a tiger loose in the school, I repeat, there’s a tiger loose in the school! This is not a drill, everyone please make
your way outside… no wait, that’s a fire drill… umm, crouch onto your desk… no,
that’s an earthquake. Okay, well, um, try to run away and not eaten
by the tiger. Oh, nooo, now everyone is really going to
be afraid of Rajah. And they’ll never let me substitute teach
again, they’ll send me straight back to the cave of wonders.Don’t worry Genie, we
aren’t gonna let that happen. We need to find him, but he’s probably scared. We need to lure him back in with some kind
of bait. Great idea Eug… I mean Flynn. Jasmine, what does Rajah like to eat? Mhmm, his favorite is peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches, but I didn’t bring one in my lunchbox. Uhhh, teaching moment, remember what you learn
today in art class. That’s it! Jasmine you can draw a PB&J. Huh, great idea Moana! Ahem! And you too Genie, okay, here it goes. Genie, you stay here with Olaf incase he comes
back. We will keep a look out… roger that captain,
over and out. Let’s go. Let’s go Prince Adam… okay let’s go
find that tiger. Rajah, Rajah! Come out Rajah! Here Kitty kitty kitty kitty! We have your favorite sandwich. I don’t think this is working. Let’s split up and all check different places,
then we can meet back here. Good idea, he likes to collect things, like
my shoes or anything really, so if we see a pile of stuff he might be close by. Okay, so Prince Adam, Elsa and I will go look
in one of the classrooms. And Flynn and I could check the cafeteria,
I brought my frying pan just in case. Hey, be careful with that thing! What! I meant in case he wants his PB&J grilled…
nothing better than a grilled PB&J. Sounds good, Jasmine, we should check the
football field. Okay, let’s go. Rajah! It looks like everyone ran out of the cafeteria,
they even left their lunch boxes, empty. Okay, this one has chips and an apple, but
no sandwich. That’s a clue… and paw prints! Huh! Let’s go, yesss! Come on Rajah, it’s me Jasmine, I have your
favorite treat…. Rajah! Wait, what’s this? It looks like this ball has been deflated
and look there’s bite marks on it! That’s definitely Rajah’s bite, I can
tell, he has an overbite. Huh, and look at those paw prints, they’re
going right into the gym, let’s go. Hey guys, we followed these… paw prints.
Us too. Same, they led here. Rajah, I have your favorite PB&J. There you are silly boy, whoa, are you collecting
things again? Oh good you found him, phew! I’ll go let the principal know things are
under control, right after I take this guy back to Agrabah. Good work princesses

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