are our microphones on? Didn’t think I’d see you on this couch? Yeah, I didn’t think I would be here again either I thought that would Id be done What are we talking about though, there’s ad revenue you could talk about Youtube going downhill you can talk about you talk about Jake Paul you can talk about team 10 you talk about Charlotte Billy talk about not sneeze you How about there’s so many things we’ll talk about. I mean the diss tracks though the distracting to talk about oh Oh my gosh. See this is this is kind of misleading because the videos called Sorry’s dis track but the very first text sort of Hate the show contradicts what the video is up wait, okay? So clearly for for someone like me IIi actually I don’t know who this guy is you don’t know who this guy is he was just down the street from me do Something about business. I feel shy all the time are there. What’s the back story behind this mean? There’s these two brothers and and and they were like on dude which ones on Disney both of them both of them over I don’t Know one of them. I think this one. He wasn’t a show called Bazinga Bazinga wasn’t kid friendly they said No And so now he’s in some drama with some guys and everyone wants to fight. That’s it That’s really the back story behind this game. Yes that he wants to fight some call of duty phase guy and some other rice guy and then uh Ksi, you remember that guy yeah, so everyone’s just fighting. It’s a disaster are they fighting through music videos. Yeah, oh Okay, that’s kind of unique Like a sprout, that’s a ralph You’re an idiot dude. You’re an absolute imbecile I’m so sorry, you’re ruining everything dude come on What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you have a sledgehammer? My d. Have a sledgehammer I was just a hold the light up cuz it’s falling over oh man killing men yeah Okay Make a wish in me to be my girl Kaley, then I should change me He didn’t make a wish you know that where were you at when he was doing Make-A-wish I mean, I can’t say I recall specifically but I’ve also done Make-A-wish your agging now You’re just fuckin brag. I gonna make a wish what three times. You’re a fuckin bragger dude You’re a big brag or big brag stir. You are once you write a song about it Idiot hate people that brag What there’s more distract well this one this one’s about how ksi sucks cuz he left the seidman I just want to keep you keep you up to date. I know that wait wait wait, wait wait Yeah, I need what’s going on on this ball? You’re so annoying dude keep up with you – I thought he was Gonna Do yeah, but he came back And he was like I don’t wanna be part of the seidman anymore And now the seidman are all like let’s make a diss track But then one of them leaked the sky message where this is all a setup. So it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense This one’s a banger, whoa To be honest actually do you like this one? It’s funny because he’s actually mean and crosses the line of like is this a joke or not There’s a soccer guy right. Yeah, did he play soccer the big feaster? I think they call him? Fifa Fifa, I would have never thought like they would have this level. You know I go a level Beyond this tracks are the new thing today like I’m super saying the Super Saiyan – That’s your own monitor my fun. Why would he do that? He didn’t you just evolved into the first male with it You said you have to get things off your chest so plumbing white epoxy you fill a frack Yeah, you’re leaving the side man, but thankfully make the other guy But you didn’t make me like if I’m here on my own beauty as a black shit about you on the cold scooby Let’s get voidable damn now. Let’s think of it it conclusive I’ve them over how the foxes make you uncle brother. She gave birth to you the truth I have another he’s probable reported and the other oh I mean, it’s good. Yeah, I’m saying Forget this, that’s me his brother didn’t like this, okay? So he made a diss track how far does the rabbit-hole go? Whatever cool wait what no, I think something else today. Yeah, that’s his brother Did you not keep up with what I just fucking told you to I straight up? I waited out for you, all right? He made fun of his brother by calling him retarded all right. I asked his brother. He’s about to Drop a fucking diss on on all those guys in the sidemen because two of those guys made diss tracks and tonight He’s dissing all of them at once at the same time. I think you’re pretty Great, just make the most noise with his Minecraft easy lifting off the process Mike Ross 20 You know oh? My God, this is this is just precious whoo Well, thanks for filling me in on the latest and then KSI also dropped the verse dude Are you little boy wait? This is more? Yes, dude kiss I have to respond dude to all I hate boys really women get a good Product is true I think you just threatened to murder somebody so I’m not sure if that’s if we’re can be vicious or a lot of songs that had to click clack click clack boom But then they stop doing that 50 cent. He got click locked. Yeah, tupac it could put same story. Oh Kurt Cobain, oh he click like himself This is unrelated, but I want to search up nazi look at this guy. You know some people what? Lucky cause the answer Got to be ah see that’s how I drive on my way to work. What it be? One in Virginia. I was under party. What are you doing in the minute? There another better ankle why there’s a better angle. Let’s see it our best angle here This is actually called duck. This is like from the inside of the group. This is going to get flag That was not the better angle. He’s get out finger though the fucking lens Goddammit, Trevor’s, not satisfy the ID number five car attack number five ouu’ Yeah, man. That’s kind of what’s going on. No, you forgot something very very big ah Chris pratt and Anna Faris are getting a divorce dude Yeah, cuz she went funny hold on hold on let me do that again. All right. We can redo that um Did what? Chris pratt dude my favorite actor and and His wife. No way Yeah, well she didn’t fucking star an emoJI movie. Maybe he could have had a longer relationship I have reason to believe because he’s moving up in the world and She’s moved down if him and Jennifer Lawrence Could you look it up the reflux? Chris Brad no that’s not it. That’s the best bloopers. It’s kind of same thing is it not? Are you saying that his marriage was a blooper? That’s fuck. That’s pretty good. I like that. Yeah. Have you seen this? Hello, I’m Scott mills from BBC radio 1 and I’m krista and today We’re here with general Chris pratt about to play another game of playground insults now Jennifer and Chris already here set obviously each other very tense staring each other out don’t hold back What’s in this room is just a game don’t take the insults per I take fucking cute together dude I love them starla this and you can do the results we’ll leave the room when you do all you got to do is try and make one another laughs so the sillier the insult the Better for us and remember the game ends when someone absolutely loses it or delivers the killer insult I think today Jennifer Lawrence deserve, this kind you Are so forcefully strong? If I was give it a choice of you or your wife oh No, too soon. You are so special That your three-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know This is – fun. Do you do you want to do this? you are Not as funny as you used to be That’s true Because I care ten times less than I used to is this Shitty Scott damn, I’m suck dick my how it works is first installed me next oh You’re single


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