DIY Outdoor Movie Theater

– My name’s Aaron Massey
from and today I’m gonna show you how I built this DIY
backyard movie theater. Nothing says summer like
outdoor movie nights so I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to make that possible for a while now. The problem is that putting together any kind of outdoor theater system can get really expensive really quickly. So keeping that in mind I tried my best to keep my spending within
reason for this project. I decided to create an
all-in-one theater unit that can be put up easily
when I want to use it and taken down when it’s not being used to avoid getting damage
from any rain or weather. So here’s what I came up with. The briefcase as I call it
has a DVD/Blu-ray player, a Roku player that has
Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO NOW, and a built-in speaker that can be set up in under 2 minutes. So here’s how I put it together. To get started, I did
have to spend some money to buy a projector and a screen, and I picked out both on Amazon. I went a little over budget from what I was hoping for a projector, but I wanted to get something that was HD and well-reviewed, so I ended up buying this BenQ projector. I’ll link all the stuff I bought in the description down below, in case you guys want to
purchase any of the same stuff. So once those came in I
installed the pull-down screen onto my backyard pergola first. This is a 100-inch screen, and
it was super easy to install with just a few screws. Next, I started laying out the briefcase. I measured the projector and
cut a piece of scrap plywood slightly larger than the projector. I measured and marked where
the mounting holes were on the bottom of the projector and drilled out the corresponding holes to attach it with some machine screws. I decided to add a handle onto the plywood because I wanted to be able
to lug this thing around and be able to take it down easily. So I laid out a basic shape
and cut it out with the jigsaw. Then I used some forstner
bits to drill a couple holes and connected those
with the jigsaw as well. And then I used a router bit to round over the edges so
it was smooth on my hand. From there I cut down a
couple small strips of plywood to act as the sides for
the box and attached them. Then I cut a larger piece of
plywood for the other side. So that’s the basic form for the box. Next I installed the
cheapest Blu-ray/DVD player that I could find from Best Buy to the bottom of the box with some heavy-duty double-sided tape and I mounted the Roku to that. Next I mounted a power
strip to plug everything in and ran all the wiring. And then from there it
was time to figure out how to actually mount the box. So I thought about building
some kind of basic shelf off the pergola, but I didn’t like the
idea of it sitting empty and being this big eyesore
when I’m not using it, so I decided to use some stuff I had from my camera and lighting
gear that I use for my videos. I mounted what’s called a baby plate to the top of the box with some screws. I had these installed in
the ceiling of my shop to hold my production lights as well and I happened to have
an extra one lying around so it ended up working out. From there I used what’s
called a gobo head, which is this adjustable
cam clamping bracket. It makes it really easy to
adjust the angle of the box up and down to line up with the picture and can be easily hand-tightened. So I figured it’d work great for this. Then I had to figure out how
to mount it to the pergola. To keep it easy, I decided to
drill a hole in the pergola and add a small piece of threaded rod and a few nuts and washers
to hold it in place. It’s pretty minimal and you
don’t really notice it too much when the box isn’t on there, so I liked that you don’t have an eyesore. For now I just ran an extension cord over the top of the pergola
to power everything. Everything plugs in via a
single cord from the power strip which makes it really easy. And then finally I had to
figure out the audio situation. The speaker that’s built
into the projector sucks. So, I went and looked at
as many options as I could and I found that most of
them required a receiver and wiring up additional speakers, and when you added up all that extra cost it got pretty expensive. So rather than go that route, I decided to use a portable Bose speaker which I already owned, and built it right into the unit itself. To mount it to the box, I
just made a simple holder out of some small pieces of plywood, drilled some holes for the wiring, and hooked everything back up. In hindsight, I would have
done all this on the front end if knew I was gonna go that
route with the speaker, but I didn’t know. The speaker isn’t crazy loud compared to exterior sound systems
you can buy, I’m sure, but it’s plenty loud for
anything I’ll be using it for. And since I already owned
it, the price was right. So that’s it for this project. I’m actually really excited
about how it came out and how easy it is to
set up and take down. I’ve sat out there a bunch of nights and watched a bunch of
shows and sports already, and it’s awesome. And it’s gonna be really nice to have when some people come over this summer. All in, I spent about
$700 on this project, which is a lot, but the majority of that was
actually the projector itself. So you definitely could do it for cheaper if you bought a less expensive projector. There’s a bunch out there, but I don’t really have
enough experience with them to know what’s worthwhile, so just make sure you do your research and pick something that’s
gonna work for you. Thank you guys for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video. As I mentioned, I’ll have links down below for everything I used in this project. So check those out if you’re interested. And if it’s you’re first
time visiting the channel, please hit that Subscribe button and also hit that notification bell so that you never miss out
on any of the new content that I put out. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time. (guitar music)


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