Do Bol Episode 15 | 16th April 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Clean properly! Cover your head properly, we are going outside. Where are you both going? We are going to market to shop for Neelum’s wedding. Is Nafeesa also going along? Yes, sister will also go along. She didn’t want to go but Neelum insisted. He choice is really good. Sister doesn’t go out often. Okay go. Go for an outing and leave the house on me. Afterall I’m here to guard this house. Sister why don’t you come with us? No, I don’t want to go with you. You go! Why are you talking like this? We are going to do some work. I’m getting everything. I’m not a child. Nafeesa have you asked Iqbal? Yes, I have. And what about his food? I have cooked his food. Shakran and Shano are there. They will serve him in the room. I don’t understand what was the need of today’s event? There should have been one event only. Sister, her documents can only be processed after she gets married. Can we leave now? Yes go! When did I stop you and who am I to stop you? Go! Good-bye! Badar? Badar get up! You are getting late for office. I’m not feeling well. Really? You are having a fever. Get up. Lets go to the doctor. I don’t have the strength. But you have to try to get up. Come on! Good! Try! Wear these sandals. Thanks to God! Put it there my child. Can you give me a cup of tea? Yes father! Badar how are you feeling now? He is having fever so we thought to get him check by the doctor. How did you catch fever? Mother leave the fever. I’m not able to walk properly. I asked you to get yourself checked by the doctor yesterday but nobody listens to me. Go my child! Open the door. Yes mother! I’m checking. How will you go? You are not even walking properly. How are you? Stay! Let me bring my shawl. I will go with you. Mother I … Greetings aunt! Greetings! Look, God has sent his angel. What happened? My child can you take your brother to doctor? Brother what happened to you? I’ll take you to the doctor. Nothing! I had a small injury. Is it a small injury? Bring cab my child and take him to the hospital. Okay okay! I’m bringing the cab. You can not walk properly. Now when he’s here, he will go with you. What is the problem? Come, I’ll help you. By the way Badar, how did you get this injury? Some gangsters surrounded me. Wow! A brave person like you got beaten up by some gangsters. By the way the conditions of the city are also not safe these days. One shouldn’t go out without any important work. And you shouldn’t have taken sister out with you especially. How do you know that I was with him? I just made a guess. Were you there with Badar? Thank God he didn’t get a deep injury. These wounds heel up quickly. Didn’t I tell you that your cousin doesn’t seem a good person to me? He is very clever. I will not leave him. But first recover quickly! What happened? Is everything fine? Iqbal, I saw Gaiti and Badar today. Where? At the corner of the road. They were waiting for a cab. Okay! Our dear daughter who used to ride in cars, had a luxury life in this house, used to wear good clothes and eat good meal was standing like beggars there. Even a needy orphan does not have to face such a condition Our daughter has become a needy orphan while her parents are still alive It was her own choice and her own wish You made her wish your insistence which has put her in such a condition today God knows if she is even eating properly. She looked so weak Send her some money She won’t take it. I know her very well She has passed her exams. Send her something as a reward for that Neelum will go to invite her for her wedding. Tell her to take money from me when she goes Why don’t you forgive her? We can go talk to her ourselves You want me to surrender in front of my child’s mistake? That can never happen Badar, have some porridge You made this porridge for me by yourself? Yes I made it myself. I took some help from Rafia. Now eat it, I can not deal with someone being fussy with me Obviously. How can some one who has been fussy with everyone all there lives, handle someone else being fussy with them. Give it to me Is this porridge or some sort of glue? My throat is choked. What is this? Really? I thought I had made it properly You’re a very lousy person. I will not do anything for you from now on. You ill-mannered person Goodbye aunty Neelum dear, are you going to college? Yes aunty I’m going to college and after that I will go to Gaiti’s place as well Yes, only a few days are left now. Please give this to Gaiti What’s in this? Some money for Gaiti What if she refuses to take this money? Force her to take it I don’t think she will take this from me aunty If you will tell her that her father has sent this money then she will definitely take it. It is her reward for passing her exams from Iqbal Okay I will go now otherwise I will be late. Goodbye Goodbye Badar my son? I was thinking if you could take a few more days off from Mr. Rafiq? Father I am feeling much better now. I will go to work from tomorrow I was thinking of talking to sister myself About what? About Rania and Jamshed’s marriage proposal, what else? Qudsia, why are you in such a hurry? There’s nothing to hurry about? Rania is one year older than Badar I have been unable to sleep since several nights and you’re asking me what’s the hurry? Mother I don’t think Jamshed is the right person for Rania Why? Has your wife said something to you? Mother there’s nothing like that. Gaiti has not said anything to me Then what’s the problem? The other day you got into an argument with Jamshed. Don’t you care about your sister’s happiness? Mother, I am concerned about my sister that’s why I am telling you that Jamshed is not the right man for Rania Rania wait Let her go You think that Gaiti is telling the truth and not your cousin who is like a brother to you, isn’t it? And if I tell you what that brother like cousin has done with me What has he done? Let it go Badar? Don’t leave without completing what you’re saying. Tell us what’s the matter Remember that attack on me by thugs? That attack was also arranged by Jamshed Jamshed arranged an attack on you? Yes I don’t believe that Why don’t you believe in what your son is telling you? Why would Jamshed do such a thing? Why can’t Jamshed do it? First he misbehaved with Gaiti, then he quarreled with me He can do anything to take revenge from me mother Gaiti Gaiti. Your wife is the only important person for you. Your sister’s happiness has no importance Sister is seeking happiness in something which will only lead to hurt and regret Get lost from here I’m going to make tea Are you leaving or should I hit your with something on your head? Look who has come with me Gaiti, you’re happy aren’t you? What do you think? I don’t know When you do not even have an idea about it then leave this question How is brother Badar? He’s fine Won’t you ask me about anyone? A person only misses his own people. No one over there is my own. I am dead for everyone. They have forgotten everything No one has forgotten you Everyone remembers you. Aunty, uncle, mother, father, Naufil, Firdous Phuppo, everyone misses you You’re saying this just to make me feel better isn’t it? Look, that’s why your words are not supporting you I’m telling you the truth. Aunty is so depressed all the time Uncle doesn’t say anything, but his sadness reflects in his entire existence Is father okay? What about his health? He’s fine. He stays at home. I gave him the news of you passing your exams His sad eyes immediately started glowing from joy when I told him. He kept staring at your roll number in the newspaper for so long Is brother Adeel coming from America to take you with him? Yes and you’re also going to attend my wedding ceremony And brother Badar is also going to come with you I will never go back to that house Won’t you be a part of my happiness? Please Neelum don’t force me. When I left I had sworn that I will never return to that house Gaiti, can’t you break your promise for me? The principles of that house could not change for my happiness then why should I give in? After all I am his daughter My coming here has no meaning for you Gaiti? I am getting married. You’re my sister and my only friend and still you’re not going to come to my wedding? Don’t you feel sorry for me? Neelum, Gaiti will definitely come Now it is your responsibility to make sure Gaiti comes And you should definitely come as well Sure I will not come Neelum And you will not force me Badar Now it is your responsibility to make sure Gaiti comes. I will wait for you both Now I am going to go. Aunty sent this for you What’s this? She passed after so much hard work. She deserves this reward I don’t want this reward I can not take this back with me. Give it in charity if you don’t want it You’re leaving? Nafees, what should I prepare for dinner? Which just had a meal in the plane. I’m not hungry Okay fine. You can go Fazeela Okay Anything else madam? There’s nothing else. Did the gardener come on time? Yes but he didn’t show up for two or three days He will never learn Okay then. Did anyone else come? No madam no one else came Okay then you can go Madam, a girl came to meet you Who was she? She was with a boy and she was constantly asking about you Who was she? She must have told her name Her name was difficult, I forgot. But she gave me a paper with her name and address on it Okay go and get it Who could it be? Madam that girl was saying that she is your daughter? What? Go find that paper and bring it here quickly They’re finding excuses to send me money. I don’t want there charity Gaiti, they are your parents. You should not doubt on your parent’s love Love is not expressed through money Badar. Love needs sacrifice And why did you tell Neelum that we will attend her wedding? I am not going to go Why won’t you go? Because I have not forgotten what those people did with me You love them all but you don’t want to admit it You just said it yourself that love needs sacrifice. Then sacrifice your ego and go over there No. I will not be able to do all this If you can’t do something yourself then you should not keep expectations from others to do the same If not for anyone else, at least care for Neelum. She invited you to be a part of her happiness with so much love and affection. You should go I will think about it I know you have already made your mind. Be ready on the 27th You’ll go with me right? I will drop you over there and come back No, you will go with me Why hasn’t Khan come back yet? I think he has lost that paper That can’t be. He is a very responsible servant. He can never do that If it was really Gaiti then how did she come after so many years Did you find the paper? Show it to me Oh my God. Look Nafees. it’s Gaiti. Gaiti came to meet me After so many years my daughter came here to meet me and I’m so unfortunate that I was not even here Relax Gaiti came Nafees. Why did I go abroad. I could have stayed here. At least my daughter would not have gone back dejected like this She came after ages. She must have come with such a great desire to meet her mother Okay don’t worry. It was important for us to go that’s why we went. And look she even left her address. You can go and meet her yourself Yes you’re right. I can go and meet her myself. You tell the driver to take out the car I will go right now Hey listen to me. You have just returned from such a long journey. I don’t want you to exert yourself further, please Look Nafees I really feel like going right now to meet her I know what you wish but I will not compromise on your health Get rest for a few days and I promise I will personally make arrangements for you to travel to Hyderabad, okay? Nafees… Please sit down Did she seem happy over there? She did not seem happy to me but I think she has accepted the circumstances she is in Life has played a strange game with my poor girl First she was living over here a life full of unfulfilled desires and now she is compromising over there But aunty, mother has always told me that girls have to make compromises Your mother is absolutely right. This is actually the compromise which first Jahan Ara made, then me and now my daughter You must be missing her. I miss her everyday but since the day I saw her running after cabs and motorbikes, I’m feeling bad. There is alot of difference between their life style and our life style. How does Badar and his family members treat her? I couldn’t meet everyone in their home. I met Badar and his younger sister. They seemed fine to me. Will Gaiti come for you? Gaiti will come. Brother Badar promised me to bring her. Thank God she is gone. She doesn’t leave once she’s here. What is this? It’s a wedding invitation of Nargis’s wedding. She used to be two years junior to me in college and she’s getting married. and here I am. Why don’t talk to you aunt? Have you gone mad? Your father and brother have forbidden me. Do you want me to make them angry? This all is because of Gaiti. She has convinced Badar. He himself has got married and now becoming hurdle in my wedding. Enough! Quiet Me and Badar are not interested in becoming a hurdle in your wedding. You don’t deserve that guy. He is fraud and a liar. It is you who is fraud and a liar. You are very interested in talking against Jamshed. Come on, what has happened to you? Tell me when is the wedding and who is invited? It’s only you and me. Wedding is day after tomorrow. What? I can not go, I don’t have good clothes to wear. I’m not going. You can go! I don’t understand what is the problem with this girl. May be your brother and Gaiti are right. Jamshed might not be a good person. Wow! So you also believe them. Jamshed is not like what they think. Yes sister! Rafia come here! Yes sister! If you want to go to the wedding then you can wear my clothes. But sister your clothes are very expensive. So what? Sit, I’ll show you. How is this one? Green? This will look good on you, The fitting is also perfect. Wow! What an amazing dress! Yes, Gaiti sister gave it to me. I stopped her and told her that this very expensive but she said she will like it if I’ll wear it. She has a big heart. Enough! Lets go now, we are getting late. Okay! What happened? Why are you sitting like this? Nothing! Are you fine? Nafees I have to go to Hyderabad. I have been away from my daughter since long. I can’t wait any more. She came here to meet me. There must be some reason. Look, I can not see you stressed you know that. I’m just waiting for your reports. Once they are here then you can go to Hyderabad Nafees, I’m fine. Nothing has happened to me. You will stay well with God’s will. I’m just saying it for my satisfaction. Who is it? Open it! You are back! What happened to her? She saw Jamshed with another girl. What? She still doesn’t believe us. Let me talk to Rania about … Leave it sister. She is very angry. Yes, hello? Where are you? I’m at home. Home? Don’t lie. You were giving a ride to some girl. Girl? Who? Yes a girl! The one who sitting very closely to you. It seemed as if you both know eachother since long. Yes! I know her. We are living together since many years. Look Jamshed I’m very tensed. Who is that witch? What are you saying? You are calling your own sister in-law a witch? What do you mean? Noreen was with me. Noreen? But she didn’t look like Noreen. Oh how do I make you believe that she was Noreen. It was her friend’s birthday. I was going to drop her. She had put some make-up may be this is why you couldn’t recognize her. Yes, may be. Listen, can I call you back after some time? Okay fine! Okay then, good-bye! Zafar? Listen to me. Speak up! Be careful today. For what? I have to teach you everything. Gaiti is coming today and Badar will come also be with her. How do you know that they both are coming? I know that. Now you have to insult Badar so much that he would never look back at this house again. Don’t you worry. I will teach them a lesson which they will never forget. and listen, be careful about one more thing. Nothing should happen infront of Iqbal. Afterall she is Iqbal’s daughter. I’ve understood! Sister hold this. Have tea. Are you getting ready to go at Neelum’s wedding? I’m unable to decide what to wear. Wear a bright color sister. You are going at a wedding. Yes but I don’t want to. I just want to … No! You will wear some bright color because you are going at a wedding and do you know that brother Badar likes such colors. But … No but. You are going at a wedding so choose a nice color. You will wear some make-up too and I will do your hair style. Okay!


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