Do Bol Episode 18 | 17th April 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Did you like Rameen? She’s very nice Both me and Fariha liked her a lot My son, she’s very nice. She did her MBA just this year. She’s well educated and has a pleasant nature I liked her a lot. She enjoys baking like her mother. She served us a cake with tea which she had baked herself Mother why are you in such a hurry? We will sit and discuss this matter when I will come next month My son what else do we need to discuss in this matter? Me, Fariha and Hassaan, all of us liked this girl a lot You can meet her when you come here Don’t you know how quickly proposals start coming for good girls. There is no shortage of proposals for good girls What if I sit and wait for you over here and Humaira arranges her daughter’s marriage somewhere else Mother, how can I marry her without even meeting her? Sameer, I am only going to give our proposal. You can meet her when you come here. We all have already met her and like her And look, you had it your way one time. This time you try doing as I say I’m not coming over there so that you start discussing my wedding and proposals I know. But this time I will not let you leave like this. You will have to listen to what I say You know what I told Fariha? That my Sameer is very obedient . For my happiness, he would never refuse to anything I say Please maintain the honor of my words Sameer, please What can I say? Do whatever you want. What’s the matter? You look tensed. Yes, I’m tensed. What happened? I went to factory. There seems something wrong. I came to know about it when I went there. But why? Zafar was going to office daily. Yes he is going but he is a child. He will gradually understand the work. He is not a child. He has been looking after the business since many days. And you handed over the whole business to him in hurry. What else should have I done? Was there anyone else who was trustworthy? There was someone who you trusted the most and who never broke your trust. Who? Badar! Do not take his name infront of me. He broke my trust and hurt me the most. He shattered my honor and my faith in him Stealing of money is a small thing. He attacked my dignity. Badar! What will you do of Zafar now? I will see. If I will take him out suddenly then sister wouldn’t like it after all he is my nephew. I will go to factory myself as soon as I will recover. What happened? Are you fine? Do you even care about me? I do not have anyone other than you for whom I will be worried. But now you have many other people who are more important to you than me. Gaiti is my daughter. She is not a stranger. I wish we had a child then only you could understand the love of a child. You were very rude to Gaiti today. She got scared and was insisting to go from here. Nafees I will die if she will go from here. What are you talking? If anything happens to you then would I be able to live? We have to support each other. We have no one else but us. Since the day Gaiti is here you have forgotten this. You don’t care about me anymore. This feelings makes me rude sometimes. There is nothing like this Nafees. Your position in my life can not be lowered due to someone else. I do accept that my attention is less towards you these days but let me give Gaiti her happiness back and settle her in her life, then all my time is yours. And when will this happen? If you will support me then very soon. Okay! You know it Jahanara that I can not refuse you. But whatever you want to do, do it quickly because I want my peace back in my life which I had before Gaiti I will try but you have to treat her with love and affection. I can not promise about love and affection but I will try not to be strict with her. I shouldn’t have come here. Why am I here? You go back to Hyderabad. You will soon receive divorce papers. Brother Badar! Brother! What happened? Father! He health condition is not well. Come quickly! What happened? Why are you wondering here and there? Is there any problem? Uncle! You brother is my problem. What has he done? He came to office early and started asking random questions like why is everyone coming late and why am I late? Does he think that I’m some fraud? So what if he asked you few questions? There is nothing wrong. It was me who helped him by looking after the business. He should be thankful to me. I’m not going to office from tomorrow. I can’t listen to his criticism. At first I handled his characterless daughter and now I am handling his failing business. Have you gone mad? You are missing a big opportunity. This business and property is worth millions and you will loose everything because of your rashness Badar and Gaiti will not get anything. It is only you who will get everything. Work patiently and do as Iqbal asks. Your hard-work and trust will make place in his heart. You want to make me Badar but I can not be his servant for my whole life. I will not go. If you are a servant today then you will be the owner tomorrow. Try to understand. And do not ever say this again that I will not go to office. I will go but I will do things according to me. Gaiti my love. Hey you have a high fever. No I’m fine. No you are not fine. Keep lying. Let me bring thermometer. Mother, nothing has happened to me. Please send me back. Gaiti do not say this again. Let me bring thermometer and medicine. Fazeelat! Fazeelat! Bring the medicine box quickly. Are you fine? Um.. I’m fine but Gaiti is having high fever. I’m checking her. But do you remember that I have to go to Hassaan’s place tonight. I just told you that Gaiti is not well. I will not be able to go so ask them to excuse us. Bring it quickly! Fazeelat give it to me. Bring water Fazeelat be quick! Mr. Jameel you should have informed me on call. How could I call you sir. Mr. Zafar shattered my lifetime honor in two minutes. He blamed me and kicked me out of the office. Sir we spent our whole life in this company because of your trust. You gave me so much love that I couldn’t tolerate the insult done by Mr. Zafar. I couldn’t. Anyways, forget what has happened Mr. Jameel. Now recover quickly and rejoin the office. Sir me in office … Don’t you worry. Zafar can not ask you to leave the office again. It is me who is the owner of this business not Zafar. Sir you know that I’m ole and sick now. I wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibilities in office like before. You and Badar were there before … Anyways, life doesn’t stop when someone leaves. But sir old-age and sickness makes a person weak. Take care of yourself and take this. You will need it. Sir, there is no need of this. Badar is already looking after me. His father, Qamar, your old employee is also very sick He is also admitted in this hospital. Badar also takes care of me with his father. He is a very obedient child. God bless you also. Mr. Jameel … Greetings! Mr. Jameel I have brought your medicines. Okay Jameel, I’m leaving now. No sir, you stay. I came to only give medicines. No I have been here for an hour. I was about to leave. Good-bye! Fareeha, can you pass me your laptop please? Thankyou! I already knew how clever that girl is, but mother still proposed her for Sameer’s marriage Hassaan do you know how confidently she was telling mother that she has been offered a position in a multinational company and that she wants to do a job And look at mother. She has no problem with her doing a job. She immediately agreed to it Hassaan are you even listening to what I’m saying? What are you talking about? Hassaan you have no interest in what I’m saying, isn’t it? Hey sorry I was a bit busy. Okay now tell me what were you saying? Leave it. I don’t have the energy to repeat all that I’ve said You tell me, your boss and his family is supposed to come for dinner tonight, isn’t it? So what should be the menu? You can discuss that with mother Okay. Besides, a woman doesn’t get a day off even on a holiday. She has to do all the work in the kitchen Yes Sir, how are you? You have a very long life, we were just now discussing about you Okay Sir. As you say Sir You can be happy now. Your kitchen work is cancelled now Why? Is everything alright? He’s saying that his wife is not feeling well so they will not be able to come tonight Oh, I’m relieved. We should invite them on Sameer’s engagement. No need to invite them before that We’ll see Badar? Yes sir? How is your father’s condition? Sir he had a heart attack. His condition is not good May God bless him with good health. Don’t worry he will be fine Okay. Can I go sir? Yes, you can go now Listen Yes? How is Gaiti? Gaiti should be fine sir Should be fine? What do you mean? She has left sir Where did she go? To her mother, madam Jahan Ara, in Karachi She’s not with you? No sir she is not with me. She is where she wanted to go I should go now She has gone sir. She is not with me. She is where she wanted to go I was not running away with him Sameer? Why is your skin looking so dull? Didn’t you used to eat anything over there? Mother, he looks absolutely fit to me. Why are you saying that he looks dull? What could I do over there? I just ate whatever I could get my hands on. You were not there. Yasir was not there, who would make delicious meals for me over there Aww.. There’s nothing to worry about Sameer. Now you will not need to worry about food anymore. Rameen will be there who knows excellent baking Wow, she knows baking? Now you can eat cakes day and night Enjoy yourself brother. People here don’t have bread to eat and you’ll be eating cakes, isn’t it? By the way mother, I’m fine but you look a bit weak to me. Looks like you did not take much care of her sister No Sameer, it’s nothing like that. I try to take care of aunty as much as I can. Obviously, aunty was depressed since you were not here Brother now Rameen is coming in this house to take care of mother Not at all, every one here takes great care of me Listen, we have to go to aunty Humaira’s house in the evening. She has invited us for dinner. Don’t go out anywhere with your friends Now go and get some rest Okay mother Fariha, dear just go and check what has Asif prepared for lunch? Yes aunty I wonder how Gaiti is doing after hurting me and betraying me she must be happy as she had an old relationship with Badar. But Gaitiara what have you done with my life while playing this game of love. Mrs. Nafees, the divorce papers are ready. Get these signed please. Gaiti sign these. Lawyer, leave these papers with me. I’ll get them signed. Okay! I’m leaving now. Good-bye What is it my child? Are you worried? Don’t you want to take divorce from Badar? No! I’m not able to understand what to do. Don’t you want to end the relationship which is made by force and without your consent? You are not happy with it. It only involves humiliation and dishonor. Why do you want to save such relationship? Remember one thing Gaiti, no matter you make the relationship forcefully or with your consent but if doesn’t involve peace then it is better to end it. Like mine and Iqbal’s relationship. It was made with happiness and consent But what did I get from it? Only dubiety and distress. After ending that relationship, now I’m happy and satisfied with Nafees. Are you really happy? Don’t you feel empty? Yes, I’m happy! There was one thing missing which was you. Now when you are with me, I don’t have anything missing in my life. Gaiti, I’m sure that your life ahead will be filled with happiness and satisfaction only. Now sign these divorce papers. I will find you a rich and handsome man. You will see. Don’t think so much. Come on But mother … I told you not to think so much. Sign the papers. You don’t need to say anything. Do you trust me? Love is useless without trust. Gaiti, no matter if you love me but I love you with my whole heart. I need some time. I can not decide in a short time. Gaiti there is no time to think now. I can not see you stay in this forceful relationship anymore. Sign it. When did I refuse. I just need some more time. Don’t pressurize me, please. Sameer, how was the weather there? Very nice, aunt Actually, we are planning to visit next week. It’s a must visit. Amazing place. Aunt do you know that Sameer was waiting to come here since morning. He wanted to meet everyone. Aunt, he was meant by Rameen. Hassaan why are you annoying my child? Mother, do you remember how much he teased me when I was getting married? Now it’s my turn, I won’t let him go this easily Well this teasing will keep on going. I think we should have dinner now. What do you say Safina? Well there isn’t much room for dinner since you served us such a lavish tea No but you will have to eat dinner Aunty the Kababs were delicious Come on kids, let’s go. Good Sameer and Rameen, if you two would like to sit and talk then you can join us for dinner in awhile. Is that fine aunty? My dear I have no reservations. You can sit and talk Come mother Have a seat So, are you happy with this proposal? Mother gave our agreement before I could even tell my preference Sorry I didn’t get it, don’t you agree with her decision? No it’s not like that. Actually, I wanted to spend some time free right now. You know, first I was studying and now getting married So basically I just wanted to be free and enjoy a bit independently and focus on my career and do a job Look, I don’t have any issue if you want to do a job. You should definitely pursue your career. If you’re not mentally prepared for this I can talk to mother We can call off the engagement Not at all. You could talk to your mother. But my mother would immediately figure out that I am behind all this. And besides, I have now already accepted it Look Rameen, all this is happening in a hurry and all of sudden for me as well. But I don’t want to hurt my mother anymore. I have already worried her a lot And if we look at it, whatever our elders do or think for us, it’s for our own good And if we accept this fact alone then I think we should go ahead with this engagement Yes you’re right Look, I need you to understand that after our engagement I would be your friend first and then your fiance’ You can come up to me and share with me anything that’s bothering you Right, and you can also talk to me I think we should go and have dinner now. Everyone would be waiting for us Yes Gaiti dear, you’re still not ready? Mother is it necessary for me to go? Yes it’s very important. If you won’t go then even I won’t go. Then Nafees would be angry because last time we did not go for dinner with him either So mother you should go then I’ve told you Gaiti, I will not go without. Please, get ready for my sake. Good girl, get ready quickly we are getting late Not just fine, you’re looking very fine Come quickly, they are waiting Gaiti is just coming


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