Do Bol Episode 9 | 2nd April 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Where are you going? Greetings I asked where are you going? I’m going to do your work WHich work of mine is that? Going to get uncle Shiraz’s phone number Who will you get his number from? That’s my problem. You have your breakfast. Just ask Rafia to prepare it for you And when will you be back? Why? Just asking You must have asked just like that. This heart starts getting excited for no reason Just quickly find a solution to this problem. I can not live here much longer Badar? Your wallet Gaiti? Come here dear May you live a happy and blessed life Oh, were you talking to Badar? I want to talk to my daughter The same daughter who considers us dead for her? Don’t forget one thing Nafisa. We do not talk to servants Give me a cup Now how am I supposed to pour it in? Oh Rania you can at least do something by yourself Please come sister. Brother Badar had told me to ask you for breakfast. I was just about to come So tell me what would you like? Should I make a half fried egg or an omelette? No I would just like to have some water Okay then I will get you a glass of cold water Is Rania angry at me? She stays angry with everyone No she was fine with you before, she acted strange when I came here Actually sister, you and brother Badar got married that’s why aunty took back her proposal of Jamshed for Rania But why did she take back her proposal? Aunty wanted to marry Badar to Naureen. But now that can’t happen. That is why she took back Rania’s proposal as well So does Badar like Naureen? He didn’t like Naureen and never wanted to marry her either It was just what the elders had decided Don’t worry sister everything will be alright You can call me Gaiti instead of sister Greeting Shakira Badar, what are you doing here? I need some help from you How can I help you? Please take this number and give it to madam Nafisa. Please ask her to call me on this number One more thing Shakira. Don’t tell anyone in the mansion that I gave you this number okay? Goodbye Listen to me. One second. Rania? Get me the bag. Come and sit I have something that belongs to you. You had thrown it out but I had kept it. Here, take it to your room I don’t want it, you can keep it Oh why would I keep it? Your mother sent it for you, why would I want it. We might not be as rich as you people but we do not have dirty intentions Come and take it Whatever circumstances your marriage with Badar took place in, you should try to accustom yourself to the environment of this house Badar is a very good kid. Very responsible and loving Anyways, taking care of their husband is the first responsibility of a wife Do you understand? He deleted Badar’s number from his phone infront of me. He thinks that this is how I will forget Gaiti. Sister can I say something? Iqbal brother is also as sad as you are. He doesn’t express it This is your misconception Iqbal has a cold heart. Tell me what should I do? How would I talk to Gaiti? If we’ll say anything to Fazal-u-din or Karim, they will inform brother Iqbal or Munawar Munawar doesn’t allow me to touch his phone and there is no way that we can go to Badar’s house. Greetings sister! Greetings! Why are you so late? Sister I got late on my way. Sister, Badar came to my place in the morning. He asked me to give you this number and to call him. Did you see sister? Your love is true, this is why God made ways for you. I’ll call him! You did a good job Gati by accepting these things Your mother forced me to take this bag. I didn’t want to accept it What do you mean by your mother? Either you call her mother or aunt. What about the work? I’m trying. Lets see what result will come out. Sister, call her! Sister, shall I make tea for you all? No! We will make tea ourselves. You go and sleep, its too late. Okay! You are not trying. You are only wasting my time and forcing me to live here. Greetings! I’m absolutely fine. How are you? How’s Gaiti? Can I talk to her? Okay! She wants to talk to you. No! I don’t want to talk to anyone who lives in that house She just went to toilet Okay fine! I need a favor from you. Okay! Ask me Sir Iqbal would have Mr. Siraj’s number who is a cousin of ma’am Jaharan. Do you know him? Yes he talked about him once. What will you do of his number? Actually, Gaiti wants to meet ma’am Jaharan. Doesn’t she want to meet me? She’s angry with you. You know this is how children are. They get upset from those whom they love the most. You tell good stories. Is this how you tell stories to Gaiti to make her happy? Pray for me, please! Okay! What? Why have you stopped my way? You fat boy, let me deal with you. Ask her the important thing When can I get Mr. Siraj’s number? I will try I have being punished once for touching Iqbal’s phone. For Gaiti’s sake, again I will … I will call tomorrow. What happened? She is saying that wait till tomorrow huh! again tomorrow. I thought to serve my brother in-law today Don’t embarrass me sister. You and mother took really good care of me. Why not? We are worried for you. Okay tell me, do you want juice or soup? No! Have a seat. I’ll help myself, please! Can I say something to you? Yes sure! Look Sameer, if a person looses something important, its absence hurts him for his whole life but if we realize that either that thing was a pain or relief in our life, then it doesn’t hurt so much. Sorry sister, I didn’t understand I know that you loved Gaiti and wanted to marry her and it is Gaiti’s marriage which is the reason behind your condition No sister, you are taking it wrong. Its not like this If you don’t want to tell me then it’s an another thing, otherwise I already know everything What do you want to say? Listen Sameer, I’ll be very open with you no matter you find it harsh or not. Gaiti is my niece and it is true that brother Iqbal was stressed out because of her friendship and involvement with guys these were the things that forced him to get Gaiti married to Zafar But Gaiti For God’s sake Sameer, atleast you don’t give me clarifications about Gaiti’s character I know Gaiti very well. I have spent a long time with her. Infact, I would say that whatever happened, happened for the best. You have a long life ahead of you Sameer. You should get married to someone now. No sister, your Gaiti would be like this but I’m not. It is not possible for me to give a place to someone in my heart now. I can understand your feelings. You will take time but you will move on. There has always been a distance between Gaiti and sir. Iqbal. Gaiti has always been desperate about his love and attention. When she didn’t find that love here, she started looking for it among others So, which of my sister will make tea for me? Ask your wife, she will make tea for you You have always made tea for me. Have I become a stranger suddenly? Brother I will make tea for you Rafia, can you make one cup for Gaiti also? Are you angry with me? Look Rania, we wish and dream for many things in our life but we get what is written in our fate. Sometimes our fate brings us everything that we have wished for but sometimes it doesn’t happen Your dream has fulfilled What do you think? The way you are after Gaiti, this is what I think. Maybe yes! But someone should ask Gaiti as well that what has happened with her. Anyways, if I and Gaiti were not married Rania, even then you could not get married to Jamshed if he is not written in your fate. Don’t try to teach me Badar. You are saying this all because your wish has been fulfilled. I don’t know either my wish is really fulfilled. I can’t say anything. Be happy now in this prison? to get freedom from this prison I have got Mr. Siraj’s number. Call him and ask him ma’am Jaharan’s address Hello! Uncle Siraj? I’m Jaharan’s daughter speaking. Do you remember you gave me her address once? You must not be disliking my presence in this room now. This is the last night of my helplessness. Tomorrow I will leave this place If ma’am Jaharan would not let you live with her, then what? Why do you want to ruin my happiness by talking like this? No but suppose I don’t even want to think about it. Do you understand? Will you not come back to me, Gaiti? Am I mad that I will return to this cage? What problem do you have with this house? I don’t have a problem with this house but everything with is linked with you Now go to sleep. We have to leave early for Karachi What do you mean? Tell me? I have solved your biggest problem and you have a problem with me? What do you think of yourself? You will not go anywhere from here. I was your father’s servant but now I am not. Badar! I’m sorry! This is what you are and here you are saying that I should come back to you. Never! I said sorry. I’m a human I got angry. You also get angry at me. I can but you don’t have a right My right, Gaiti? Let it go You have no right on me. One can have a right on someone if their hearts are involved and I will never fall for you Badar I will wait for that time This time will never come Time will tell this Stupid! Praise me in the morning. Got to sleep, its already late Do I look fine? My shoes are not polished properly Shall we go uncle? My child, your education will be suffered. After your exams … No uncle, there is nothing like that I don’t like it that you do all the work alone. Don’t you worry I will study at night Thank-you my child! I asked the contractor that Badar … But when I have our own son then why would I need anyone else Yes ofcourse! He has to look after everything in the future and look my child, you have to take good care of your uncle. I don’t want any complaints Come on mother, why would I give a chance to uncle to complaint but I would be learning the work for the first time but I would be learning the work for the first time so if I will make any mistake, uncle will forgive me. Right uncle? Why not? You are my son and if a father will not forgive his son then who else will? Shall we leave? Contractor is waiting for us Give me your blessings! Give me your bag please! Its okay my child! I’ll hold it myself. O please, it’s fine. Give it me. Come Live long! Okay sister Do pray for me! How are you feeling now? Me? How do you know that I’m not feeling well? I woke up at night and saw you disturbed due to pain Yes! I had a little fever. You can take rest if you want to. We can leave late No it’s okay! I’m not that sick Are you ready? Yes! Shall we leave? Let me see you properly! Who knows when will we meet then. Stop talking rubbish and move quickly. I can not stay here for one more minute. Okay mother, I’m leaving now. It’s too late Okay my child, go! Give you father this cup of tea Put it over here! Good-bye! Good-bye my child! Greetings mother! Greetings! Are you going somewhere? Um! Mother a friend of mine told me about a job in Karachi. I thought to go and give an interview for it. Karachi? It’s too far away. It was better if you could find a job here somewhere. Father I have to do a job no matter where I get it. Do pray for me. Why not my child. If we will not pray for you both then who else? Where is she going? Mother, I didn’t take Gaiti anywhere after marriage so I thought to also take her with me. Gaiti, take care of Badar He doesn’t take care of himself When will you come back my child? Let’s see mother. Either till today’s evening or tomorrow. Okay, come back soon! Yes! Our house will be empty without daughter in-law. Yes! Do inform us about yourself on call, understood? My child, don’t you have a shawl? Go bring her a shawl. Take this my child! Good-bye! She has no manners. She will learn manners, Qudsia. Give her a chance. Why did you lie? You should have told them that I’m leaving forever. When I’ll return alone, they will come to know about it. Also, I didn’t want to give them stress by telling them at this time. I have an amazing news to tell you. You will be shocked after listening to it. Really? If this is so then tell me quickly. Things are different from what you all think Our Gaiti was not running away with Badar but … But what? Stop telling me riddles and speak up Sister, the truth is that Gaiti was having an affair with Sameer. Sameer who? Your brother in-law? Yes my brother in-law, who else? Wow! Things were happening infront of our eyes and we had no clue. How smart Gaiti is. She is completely like her mother. Thank God that we have gotten rid of her. By the way, is there any news about Gaiti? Why would I keep her news? She has left this house. O I forgot to tell you one thing. Zafar has started working with Iqbal. Now he is looking after all the lands and factories. Finally your dream has come true. Zafar has got lucky as soon as Badar left. O Fareeha, what are you talking about? There is no comparison between Badar and Zafar. Badar was a stranger and Zafar belongs to this family. Okay leave it! Tell me when are you coming to Karachi? I will let you know. I can not say anything right now. How will we travel? I’m thinking to travel by bus. Journey by train will waste our time and by the way, you have no good memories associated with railway station.


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