Do You Have Your Friends Back Through Thick and Thin? – “Englewood” – Drama – Free Full Movie

♪ Good morning to America ♪ Let the sun in,
it brings character ♪ My eyes oversaw,
might as well see ♪ Seeing is possible
only with the Lord ♪ Transported, thanking
God I wasn’t aborted ♪ You forgave me, so
loving you is important ♪ You brought life
again, I never backslid ♪ I only miss a step,
I got a third wind ♪ I’m so alive
again I’m doing fine ♪ Living for the Lord,
got people on my mind ♪ And if I leave Him
I am just like them ♪ But no offense,
I’m full like a blimp ♪ And I used to feel
shade, that all fade ♪ Late night phone calls,
bittersweet language ♪ (mumble) for the details ♪ Through my brain
cell my soul prevails ♪ Come on ♪ He speaks to my
eardrum, His voice spit ♪ But do I move by
fate or what I fear ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ See Him through
Genesis, found my covenant ♪ See my wrong then I
miss the God loving it ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ I gotta listen to
His final teaching ♪ I believe in the Son,
it’s the Father we breathing ♪ I got a new fate,
it’s called my King ♪ Though I train big,
I’m thinking positive ♪ I gotta be right,
the Lord is able ♪ To do anything,
so I will not follow ♪ The voice of a stranger
who keeps me at danger ♪ Consumed by self when
my friends get tangled ♪ I can’t slow down,
I’m surrounded by angels ♪ I need this love
that (mumble) fable ♪ For you and yours,
see ignore the voice ♪ I had a bad dream that
they came with torches ♪ It all worked out,
He overcame the forces ♪ Your life is real,
you are so important ♪ My life is real,
I am so important ♪ Your life is real,
you are so important ♪ Come on – Hey. I thought you were
suspended, Dennis. – Hey, my mama already talked
to Ms. Johnson, I’m good. – Oh, okay. Take that hat off
in my building. – [Dennis] It’s the
end of Senior year and Mr. Jefferson is
still taking his $8.50 an hour way too seriously. To be honest, I didn’t
think I was gonna even make it to Senior year. Now that I think
about it, I might not even make it past today. (tape rewinding) These two guys right here are like brothers to me. The one to your left is Calvin. His parents died
in a car accident, so he had to move to
his grandma’s house in the South side of Chicago. The guy to your right is Josh. Well he’s the only person I know in the hood with both parents. (rap music) – Hey D, what are
you doing, man? – Hey man, get out of the fucking dice game, G. – Hold on, hold on, G, damn. – Man, get your ass out the dice game before
you get whooped! – What you doing, man,
it’s eight o’clock. – Man, I’m out here getting this money, man, what you doing? – [Calvin] I’m on my
way to class where you need to be going. Come on, man! – Roll the dice, nigga. – Man, I’m gonna take
care of you in a minute. All right, you go to class and I’m gonna catch up, all right? Hey Josh! Where you going, man?! Man, come over here and get this money, man! It’s sweet out here
today, I’m telling you. I came up about $100. – Nah man, I can’t. – [Dennis] You lame, G! (mumble)… Look man, coach
talking about putting me on the bench ’cause I keep missing first period. Dude, they tell me
my college scout’s supposed to be there. This could be my shot, man. – [Dennis] Fuck outta here, man. Slap it on the 10. Coach be talking
all that scout shit to pump our heads up, man. Ain’t nobody coming
to see you, Josh! Nigga, you think you gonna be on TV hoopin’ like D. Rose? – Trying to. – Get real, that
nigga had parents at every game. Coaches that helped him progressively get better, right? Who we got, huh? Who we got? Nobody! You feel me? – [Voiceover] (mumble) – Nobody. – (mumble) – [Dennis] Hey nobody
smoke around here, man, get your ass
outta here, boy! Hey man, you better
stop dreaming and get this money. Hoo! Broke your ass, boy! – Your boy here stepped on my motherfucking dice game (mumble) that’s all right. – Man, please, nigga, you broke. – Hey don’t listen
to his bitter ass. – Bitter? – Bitter. – I just speak the truth, man. You know, I’m a realist. Sorry everybody ain’t
spoiled as shit like Calvin, you feel me? – I’m not spoiled. I just like to do what’s right. When you do good, good
things come back to you. – What, and that’s
in your world? – The world! – Whatever, hey, you
keep listening to this nigga, you gonna be
broke, I’m telling you. – Come on man, it ain’t
like that (mumble). Look around. What you see good coming
out of where we from? – Josh, man, you got a
lot of potential, man. Don’t blow it. – Man, that’s a good
game you got on you, boy. Better keep hoopin’, man, that’s gonna take you some
places, trust me. Fuck all this bullshit out here, man, that’s where it’s at. – Josh! It’s not about where you from. It’s about where you going. Remember that. – Fuck are you
talking about, man?! Man, you trip, here, smoke this. – Get it out of my face, man!
(laughing) – [Dennis] Fuck outta here, man. – What you do, reading
a book all night with quotes in it,
come back and fill our heads with this stuff? That’s what you be on? I’m going to class
’cause he tweaking. – Hey wait up! Wait up. Calvin and I had different
views on the world. You see, he comes from a
place called false hope and I’m not gonna let him
brainwash me nor Josh. Some people call me a bad
influence or something, but hey, I don’t care. – That piece was written
by Doctor Maya Angelou. Amercian Literature is
all about expression. The pen allows one to convey every thought from
mind to reality. Groups of people
coming together often find it a form of escape. – Like music, right? – Exactly, yeah,
music absolutely is a form of escape as well,
and not only the lyrics, but the instruments as well. So class, your
assignment was for each of you to bring in
a piece of writing. A quote, a poem, or
even something you’ve written yourself and
perform it for the class. It should be
something that speaks to your current situation. So who would like to go first? Great, Angie, why
don’t you come on up? – Okay, my name is
Angie and I like long walks on the beach,
holding hands on the rain– – [Johnson] Okay, all
right, get on with it. – Okay, I’m just joking. But for real, this
is something I wrote about two days ago, I
call it Dreaming of You. I hope y’all like it. (clears throat) Every night, I
rush to my bed with hopes that maybe I see your face when I close my eyes. I’m going out of my head,
lost in a fairytale. I’m sorry, Ms. Johnson,
this is hard for me. – [Johnson] No,
you’re doing great. – Can you hold my
hand and be my guide? Clouds filled with
stars cover your skies. And hope it rains. You’re the perfect lullaby. What kind of dream is this? – Okay, so does that speak to anyone or anything
in particular? – Man, that ain’t
her poem, that’s Beyonce’s Beautiful Nightmare. – Man, shut up! It speaks to my
situation and Ms. Johnson and Calvin said that
it’s just like music! Man, forget y’all! You talk too much. – Okay, okay. All right, who’s next? Mr. Anderson? Mr. Anderson! – D! – Are you prepared
with your assignment? Mr. Anderson. – What assignment? – Dennis, I’m sorry
to have to remind you that one more failed
class from anyone on your team and that
forfeits the game. Do you want that kind
of responsibility? – D, look man, I know
you don’t care, man, just do something for the team. Don’t matter what
it is, just go. Come on, man, just do something. – Life is a struggle
filled with pain. I can’t see some
of the sunny days because of all of the rain. I do this poetry,
like Ms. Johnson said. I can release my pain. Sometimes this life
is a messed up road. Sometimes you happy,
sometimes you sad. But you definitely cry
more times in your life. I wonder when this
pain will ever end. In a world this crazy
and filled with sin. If I do this poetry,
I can pretend. And my pain will surely end. What are friends? Something I’ve never known. What is peace? Something I’ll never know. What is love? Something I’m never shown. I would even like to
know what Heaven is. I guess when I’m
done here in Hell I can call it home. – Wow. Was that an original piece or… – No, just something I wrote. I mean no. I got that from a Lil
Wayne CD or something. Think I write like that? Nah, Dawg. – Hey man, that
don’t even matter. That was hot, kid. – Yeah, nice poem. Or song, or whatever. – Come on, Calvin, ’cause you can’t beat your grandmama. See, I told you,
you can’t beat me. – Whatever, it ain’t
over, it ain’t over. – It ain’t over? There it is right there. Boy, I done beat you again! – You only beat me
’cause I’m tired. – Okay, excuses
excuses, you can’t beat your grandmama, I don’t care how much you
try, you can’t. – Well we’ll have to
see some other time, I’m about to hit
the sack right now. – What?! – That’s enough for me. – Calvin! – I love you. – Baby, wait a minute,
let’s play one more. ‘Cause grandma wanna talk to you for a minute, sit down. – All right, what
you wanna talk about? – It’s about your friend Dennis. – What about him? – I think you should put some distance between the two of you. Just for a little while. Calvin, Dennis is trouble, baby. And if you keep
hanging with him, you gonna find yourself
in a heap of mess you not gonna be
able to get out of. – He’s not trouble. And I’m not gonna
get into any mess. He just needs help
like everybody else. – Yeah. – Right? – Yeah, that may be true,
but he may need more help than you can afford
to give him right now. Now did you ask that boy to come go to church with us? – Yeah, a couple times. – That’s all you can do. I just need you to
focus on graduating and applying to those colleges. Leave all this other
foolishness alone. Can you do that for grandma? – You’re right,
granny, I hear you. – I hope so. – Will do. – Now after I beat you again, then you can get
yourself some sleep. – All right, come on, one more. – Okay. – You ain’t gonna win this time. – We gonna see. – All right. – I did teach you
how to play though, so you might beat me, I
don’t know, let’s see. (laughs) – What up, Josh? – D, come on, man! – What you (mumble)? Hey who is that?! Angie, that you, Angie? – Man, get out, stupid! – What’s up, Angie! Angie, what’s up? I want some! – [Angie] Get out! He’s so stupid! Why you laughing?!
(laughs) – Dennis, man, he’s stilly. – Nah, you silly! I’m naked under your
covers, your boy’s coming in laughing,
and you laugh right along with ’em! – Look, I’m naked
up under here too, what you want me to do? – I want you to get
up and lock the door! Act like you care, show
me some kind of respect! – Hey, that’s Angelia, yo. – You need to chill, man. – Man, shut up, that’s
Angelia in there. She didn’t let me hit. – It’s none of
your business, man. – Whatever, I’ll (mumble). – This guy never learns. – Get away. – What? – That’s Calvin and Dennis,
you know them though. – Oh, so because
I know them I want your boys in the bed with us? Wait, you told me
everybody was asleep. If everybody sleeping,
how’d they get in, Josh? – I don’t even know, man. Look, you acting like they gonna come in here and bite you. I mean if you into
that thing, baby. – Don’t play with me! You know I’m not like that. – I don’t know nothing. You trippin’ right now. – Toya tried to
tell me about you. – Toya. – I just couldn’t listen. – Man, you talking about the same Toya that’s into Dennis? – What?! – Yeah. – Man, I don’t know
nothing about that, but what I do know is I’m about to be out of here. – I don’t even
know why you still sitting here talking to me. Hurry up and get your stuff. Don’t wake nobody up
neither on your way out! – Move, fool! – What up, Angie? – [Angie] Get off of me! – Josh, what up, boy?! – [Josh] What up, D? – Chillin’, man. – Man, you bogus, man. – Look here! – [Josh] Man, she bogus. – Hey, wasn’t that
Toya’s cousin? – I don’t know who
cousin that was. I know she got that good
though, you feel me? (laughing) – Hey, don’t tell
that to Calvin. You know he’s celibate. Saving himself for marriage,
saving himself for Keisha! (laughing)
– Aw man, whatever, man. Just because I
choose to stay loyal to my girl and I
ain’t out here just screwing everything
in sight like you two, what, that supposed to mean I’m some kind of punk or something? – Hey, you’re
starting to be a man, that don’t make
you no punk, bro. That just make you a virgin. (laughing)
– Get out of here, man! What about you, Mr. Funny Man? – What about me? – I mean we don’t ever
see you with anybody. – [Dennis] What? – Yeah, nobody. I mean you see my girls. We both know Josh
got plenty of girls. But we don’t ever see you with anybody, man. What’s the problem, huh? D? You pitching for
the wrong team, man? Is that what it is? I mean ’cause you can tell us, man, we ain’t gonna judge you. – That’s ’cause I’m
out here getting money. And your (mumble)
tricks out here. (laughing) – Yeah, I’m sure, that’s it. – Hey man, fuck y’all! – [Josh] Your man, he’s serious. – Bad choice in words, man. – Mr. Funny Man. You have no idea what
I go do, Prince Calvin. Always talking that
love shit, huh? I’m gonna leave that love shit to you and Keisha. But don’t come
running to me or that nigga over there when
she fuck you over! – Calm down, man! – Man, fuck you!
– What’s the problem with you? – [Josh] Man, y’all cool out. – [Calvin] What’s with him? – [Josh] Let’s go to the gym. – Come on, man, let’s go. Now he be trippin’ off. (rap music) – Let’s go! 20, come on, push that up! That’s what I’m talking about. Good set, bro. Hey, your boy Calvin
got some hands on him. – Yeah he do. – You better stop
fucking with him before he whoop your ass. – What?! Yeah, all right, believe
it if you want to. – Hey fellas. – [Josh] What’s up, Keish? – Man, what’s his problem? – Don’t worry about him. He just having a bad day. – Hey man, I’m about
to get out of here. – Hey, I’m gonna leave
with you, I got a date. – Who you taking
out with no car? – Nobody, she taking
me out on her car. She play out of
college where I might (mumble) on the team too. (laughing) Hey, you know I’m
Chi-town’s finest, boy! Hey later, Keish. – See ya, Josh. – Let me feel it. Let me fee it, come on. Let me feel it. Come on, come on, that’s
all right, keep going. Yeah, that’s it, come on. Yeah, I see, one
two three, come on. Again, one two three. Come on, one two
three, there you go. Come on, one two three. All right, one two
roll two three. There you go, one
two roll two three. There you go, come on. One two roll two three. (phone buzzing) – Hello? – What up, boy? – What’s up, man? Josh told me why you
was tripping earlier. Is everything cool? – Yeah, I’m cool. Just rough out here, man. Ended up punching his clock. The landlord talking
about kicking a nigga out. – Whoa. Is it a money issue? Need some help, man? – Nah, I’m good. I’m out here working
on it right now. Shit, ain’t nobody out here. I don’t know what
I’m gonna do, bro. Shit rough. Hey, let me hit you back, bro. – Okay. – Is everything okay, Calvin? – I hope so. (dramatic music) Bitch, you know what
this is, don’t be stupid! – Please, young man, just take whatever you want, please! – I want everything you
got in this motherfucker! – [Driver] That’s all I
have is my rent money! That’s all I have! – I don’t give a fuck! Now it’s my rent money. Don’t be stupid! Shit! – God, please! (sobs) Oh my God! – [Dennis] Ever since
I was a young boy, I always felt like I had
to take care of my mama. The older I got, she
would depend on me more and more to
do things I guess my father should’ve
been around to do. I got money by any means. Because I don’t wanna be the second man to hurt my mom. – Hey ma. – Hey, baby. – Ma, what you doing
washing dishes? I thought I told you I was gonna do that for you when I got home? – Well I figured
you’d be tired once you left school and
practice and everything. I’m good. – Are you sure? – Yes, Josh! – Okay, mama. – Now go on, get in the tub ’cause your dinner’s
in the oven. – All right. Ma, you sure you’re okay? Wash this last dish for you? – Go on, boy! So silly. – Hey mom. – Yeah, baby? – Any mail come for me today? – You still looking
for that letter from that coach, that
guy, what’s his name? – Coach K, ma! – Oh excuse me,
what’s the big deal? – Oh no big deal, you know, only that this guy happens to be the coach of a
Division One college who also coaches the
U.S.A. Olympic Team. – Really?
– And, he got interested in me, so
I’m playing for him. – Oh excuse me, Mr. Superstar. The mail’s sitting
on the table, baby. – Thanks, ma. – You’re welcome. I tell you, this boy all leaving his stuff in my kitchen. – ‘Sup, man? – ‘Sup, pop. – Anything good? – Nope, not yet. – Well… Since you ain’t paying
no bills around here, why don’t I let you know
if anything came for you? – Come on, pop. Coach told me there was a lot of scouts at the game last week. Said some of ’em
might be interested in me and I should
be looking for a letter in the
mail, that’s all. – Well last time I
checked, he don’t pay no bills around
here neither. Now I said I’ll let you know. – Whatever, man. – Hey, baby. – John! – What?! – Why do you treat
him like that? – Like what? That boy needs to stop dreaming and go get a job like I did when I was his age. He needs to understand what I go through every day! And I’ll tell you
something else too. – What? – I hope like hell
he don’t expect me to pay for him to go to
some big college neither. – See, that’s the thing,
Senior, he’s not you! He’s a good kid with
a bright future! And you would know
that if you were more involved in
his life and focused on his future rather
than always complaining about how much of
an expense he is! – Oh okay, so that’s
how it is now?! Oh it’s like that now, huh?! – Like what?! – You my wife, right? – Yes, Senior. – Through thick and thin, right? ‘Till death do us part, right? – Yes, Senior, so?! – So you gonna take another
man’s side over mine! – What?! I ain’t got time for this. – Don’t you turn
your back on me! Do you know how many women I coulda had when we
were growing up? That’s right, I said it! When you was
pregnant with Josh I could’ve left and ran
off with any one of ’em! But I stayed. And you gonna take another
man’s side over mine. – He’s your son, Senior! – No, what he is is a man first! And you put his ass before me. – Senior! – Let me get a little drink. That’s what’s up. ‘Sup, D? – Shit, you got all
the candles lit, you got the music playing,
what, you setting the mood? – You know how I do
when I’m in my zone. – [Dennis] Okay. I feel you. What you (mumble) watching? – Psh, something on
TV, I don’t know. Why you over there eating? I know you done made
mama some money! – I made me some money. – The fuck you mean
made you some money?! Boy, you better quit
playing with me. You know there’s bills
to be paid up in here. ‘Cause dude been all
over my ass for the rent! And this cable your ass
watching, that ain’t free. Quit playing. – [Dennis] Man, I have
school and practice. I ain’t had time. – Who give a fuck
about a school, always bills to be paid up in here. D-Money my ass. More like D-Broke. – What? You sound crazy. – Your ass sound broke as hell! (muttering) There’s bills to
paid around here. Aw hell yeah! D-Money! See, that’s what
I’m talking about! You wanna hit this? – Hell yeah. – Don’t get that grease
all over my blunt either. Now I can go pay this
rent, pay this cable bill! Oh no, hell nah, I
gotta get my shoes, some (mumble) this weekend, woo! Yeah buddy! – Your ass always going out! – You know how I do. – Hey, where (mumble)? Hey where Didi at, I
bought her some food. – Her little badass in her room. Didi! – [Didi] Huh?! – Your brother wants you. – Hey, what’s up, Didi? What your little
badass in there doing? I got you some
food, you want it? – Yeah, I hope this
shit ain’t (mumble). – Hey, watch your goddamn mouth! See, that’s the
reason why you getting your ass sent home from
school now every goddamn day! I don’t know where you
getting that shit from and quit fucking laughing! Where my food at? Over here laughing. Aw hell no! Dennis, that
motherfucker at fucking (mumble) ain’t put no
mayo sause on my shit! I told yo ass six
wings, Minute pepper and heavy on the mayo sauce,
this shit dry as hell! Fuck (mumble) eat this. – What, you don’t want it? – You know I’m
gonna eat this shit! (laughing) I’m madder than a motherfucker,
but I’m gonna eat it. And let me find out
your ass cussing again I’m gonna fuck you up! Just make no damn sense. – Here, babe. – That’s a lot, baby. I appreciate it. – So have you decided yet? – On what, the college? – Yeah, what else? – Choosing a college is not like choosing a pair
of shoes, Keisha. I mean this is one
of the most important decisions that I’m ever
gonna make in my life. It’s very important to me
that I make the right one. – You’re absolutely right. This decision is very important. And it’s not my
intentions to rush you into a haste one. I just wanna be a part of your decision, that’s all, Calvin. – Keisha, we’ve been
together for three years. What makes you think that you’re not gonna be a part
of my decision? What, you think
that when I go up to college we’re not
gonna be together? – Out of sight out
of mind, right? – How could you say that? What’s all this talk about us not being together? You wanna break up? – No, I love you. – And you’re
confusing me, Keisha! First you tell me
that you don’t want to pursue my boxing
career full time and that I should
go off to college. Now you’re acting
like you’re in fear of me going to college because you think we might break up. What’s going on, Keisha? – You’re confused? – Yes. – Well then that
makes the two of us. You’re so focused on
boxing and going off to school that we
don’t have time to talk about our future together. And that scares
me because I don’t even think you see me
in your future, Calvin. – Keisha, I want
you to listen to me. When my parents
died, I lost a lot of my faith and my trust in God. I didn’t know how I
was gonna deal with it. Honestly, I was thinking
about ending it all, you know? And you helped me through that. I thank God every
day for you and your love for me and for you having the courage to stick by me. Through all my pain
and my trust issues and my insecurities. Keisha, I don’t even see
a future without you. – Calvin, I’m just afraid. – You don’t have anything
to be afraid of, Keisha. I’ll never leave you. – That’s just it. Calvin, it’s not
just me anymore. – Come here. Come here. It’ll be all right. – Okay guys, so I
hope you brought your reading material
because I wanted to go over some more of
Doctor Angelou’s poems with you today, I was hoping… (sigh) Nice of you to
join us, Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson! I’d like you to please join
me at the front of the class. Just… Open your books and
start the reading please. I’d like to know
what your problem is. – I don’t have one. – Dennis, obviously
there’s a problem. You don’t come to my class,
when you do you’re asleep. I don’t know how you
think you’re gonna make it through the end of the semester coming into class
late every single day. All right, Dennis,
you know what? I’m sorry, but in my
opinion you’re trying to make a mockery
out of the entire school system and
I’m not gonna let you distract these kids any longer. Dennis, you’re not welcome
in this class anymore, okay? I want you to take this
note, I want you to take it to the
principal’s office. I wanna schedule a
parent teacher conference with you tomorrow. – Are you serious? A mockery of the school system. Well Ms. Johnson, I think the school system is
making a mockery of us. – Oh yeah? Please, do tell. – Well first off
90% of the stuff that’s taught, we’ll never use. You guys walk around
here trying to act like our parents
telling us what to wear and how to wear it, but
last time I checked, you never gave me a dime for
any of my school clothes. Now you get upset
because I’m late, right? Have you ever offered
me a ride to school? No? I didn’t think so. – That’s not my job, and
you are way out of line. – You know what,
that’s not your job. Neither is being a
dictator or a hypocrite, but you seem to be pulling
that off quite well, right? – Get the hell out of
this class right now and don’t come back without
your parent or a guardian. – Whatever. I guess I won’t be back then
’cause she’s not coming. But you can give
her a call though. – [Ms. Johnson] Get out! – Ms. Johnson… Dennis? Dennis! – What?! – I just wanted to
say that I agree with everything that you
were saying back there. – And? – And graduation
is coming up soon. – And? – And if you don’t
pass her class you’re not gonna graduate! – I got news for you, Toya. I’m not graduating anyway. Why do you even care? Go back to class, Toya. Hey Josh, man, I’m about to order me some food
from (mumble)! You want some? – Yeah I do man,
I’m broke though. – [Dennis] Nigga, I
ain’t ask you all that. I got you. – In that case, let me get
a 10 piece catfish nugget with a large fry and
a strawberry pop. A large strawberry pop too. – [Dennis] Damn, boy. – You asked. How long they time
that on our food? – Shit, they say give
’em about 20, 30 minutes. – You straight, boy? – Yeah, I’m good, man. Shit just really fucked
up right now, you know? – Ain’t gotta tell me, man. Sitting here wondering
if life’s supposed to be this damn hard. (laughing) What, I tell a joke? – Man, you and Calvin a trip. Y’all niggas swear y’all life
is hard as mine when it ain’t. – D, you really don’t
know shit about my life. – Man Josh, you the Captain
of the basketball team. You can have any girl in the
school you want to, right? And on top of that,
you got the choice of any D-1 school you want, right? That’s a fucked up life? I must be in Hell right now. – Man, you sound just
like everybody else. So what, you see me and
you think “damn that “boy got the world,” huh? Man, you have no idea
what I go through. – Okay, I can see your
brother getting killed has still been a little
hard to deal with, right? You know Dave with my guy too. But you still go
both your parents. – So what? – What you mean so what? I never knew my father. I say you got it pretty
goddamn good where I’m sitting. – Yeah, and that’s the thing. You sitting on the outside. So you ain’t got no idea what’s going on on the inside, man! – What? – Look, I’m just saying. Sometimes not having a father is better than having
one at all, man. – Here, man. – D, I don’t smoke! – You need to ’cause
you sound stupid! – Man, look. I want you to think
about something. – What up? – You ain’t got nobody
to lie to you, man. Sell you dreams, pretend
like they love you when it’s convenient for them. Especially around tax season. Tell you they gonna come to all your games and don’t never show up for not one of ’em. Man, I got everybody
telling me Josh, you could be the greatest. Josh, man, you
could be the best! Only problem is this
coming from everybody but the person
that I need to hear them words from the most. A man I wake up in the
house with every day. A man I look up
to the most, man. Why he don’t love me? I’m a good dude. – Hey bro, I don’t even know. (dramatic music) You don’t cry,
motherfucker, all right? Gonna go check on
this food, man. (coughs) (rap music) – (mumble). I wonder where everybody at. – I know you not
gonna keep waving and smiling at him after what happened the other day. – Oh, you thought I
was waving at Josh? Girl please, ain’t nobody thinking about no Josh. Nobody even thinking about him. He does look good playing
ball though, don’t he? – Yeah, he looks
just as good as when he kicked you out the other day. – Ha ha, whatever. I bet you he won’t
do that to me again. I know you ain’t
talking, what about you and your boo? – Boo, who’s my boo? – Girl, don’t even play. Everybody peeped it,
you already know. – Who, Dennis? – Yeah, Dennis! – I don’t even
know him like that. – Whatever, I know you wanna get to know him like that! Hey! – Yeah, so I can
get kicked out too? Yeah! – You gonna stop
trying to be funny. (laughing) – I’m just playing, I’m sorry. – I don’t think it’s funny. – I’m sorry. I was just kidding. I do need a Prom date though. – Oh no, I know you not thinking about taking Dennis
aka D-Money to Prom. Girl please, I’d love to see you get him in a Prom suit. (laughs) Better yet,
I wanna be there when he gets there so I can see the look on Auntie Lisa’s face. (gasp) Toya, Toya,
lock up all this China! What’s going on?! (laughs) It’s a raid! – Whatever, shut up, you know he’s not even that bad. – Yes he is. – No he’s not,
he’s really smart, he writes poetry,
he plays basketball. All he needs is a
little bit of help. – [Angie] He’s a thug,
that’s what he is. – [Toya] Whatever. – You really like
him, don’t you? Oh well. Guess I don’t see
nothing wrong with y’all going on Prom together. – Thank you. – As long as you got some
bail money for D-Money. – Bail money? – Girl, bail money. Prom is three months away,
he’s always in trouble. You already know he’ll
be in jail by then. – Josh getting better, ain’t he? – Yeah man, he is. He wasn’t like that
Freshman year though. – That’s ’cause he’s
been practicing. He’s focused. – Yeah, I guess. Dude got game though. – All that
practice,that boy going to the league, I’m telling you. – You think so? – Yeah, for sure. – Nah man, he not good enough. – Yes he is. He is, trust me. – Nah man, I don’t see it. Niggas around here don’t go to the league like that, man. – Why you always gotta
be so negative, man? – I ain’t negative,
man, I’m just I’m really just
speaking the truth, that’s what I do man,
I speak the truth. – Nah man, the truth is
is he going to the league. – All right, if you say so. – Hey man, why
your mama so crazy? – Man, stop talking
about my mama, man! – You getting so sensitive,
man, straight up. – She is a little crazy
though, ain’t she? – Yeah. That’s where you
get it from, huh? – Hey man, that’s
my mama though, what can you do? You feel me? – I guess. Hey, you know Keisha pregnant. – You lying, man. Is it yours? – Come on, man, I hope so. – Nah man, you gotta
go get her tested, man. – Keisha is not like that. – All right, man, you gonna
find out in Maury, man. Gonna find out one
way or the other, man. – Whatever. – I’m telling you. – Nah, man, straight up. – (mumble). So what y’all gonna do? – We gonna keep it. – You ready for that, man? – Got no choice, man. – Hey man, you need anything,
holler at me, all right? – For sure, man,
appreciate that. – But I’m so glad I’m not you. – Yeah all right, for now. One day. – Shit man, please. I’m all about this
money, man, green faces. – What up, boy? – How’s it going? – What’s going on? – Chillin’, man. – What’s going on, man? – [Calvin] I see all that
practice is paying off. – Man, it’s hot
out here, what’s up with you and your
practice tough? – [Calvin] Come
on, man, you know I’m training every day. – [Josh] That’s what’s up. Y’all ready to get
up out of here? – Yeah, man. – [Josh] Waiting on you. Thirsty, man! – [Calvin] Man, let’s do this. – Better pay attention
to that ball, man. – Hey. – What up, Toya? – Nothing. You okay? – Yeah, I’m all right. Hey, sorry about the
other day, you understand? I just thought you being
condescending, so… – Condescending? – Yeah. Calvin said it earlier. I guess it just
stuck with me is all, what you doing out here? (laughs) – Dennis, can I take you out? – Take me out? – A simple question. Can I take you out? – But you the girl
and I’m the guy. I don’t get it. – Yeah, but can’t
a girl just want what she wants and go after it? – Yeah, but it’s
backwards, don’t you think? – Somewhat. But you still didn’t
answer the question. – I don’t know,
Toya, you look good, you feel me, but… I don’t think you wanna
mess with a guy like me. – I think I’m capable of making that decision for myself. – Okay. Don’t say I didn’t
warn you though. – Here’s my number. Oh, and I really don’t
think you’re all that bad. And I’m not being condescending. Angie! (rap music) – Where are you taking me? – Just come here
and I’ll show you. – All right, this first
lady I’m about to bring up is one of my favorite poets,
people, women in the world. Such a wonderful
chocolate woman. Clap (mumble) chocolate, man. (clapping) She is chocolate,
she is wonderful. Ladies and gentlemen, Kayla. (cheering) – Generational curses. Generational curses leaving the next generation in hearses. Mothers carry more
caskets than purses. And streets repeat crime scenes like the block is rehersing. And (mumble) by kids. Like it’s the final act,
you better send them packing in their
backpack under the self defense act,
it’s like that. You better keep a
glock in they lockers. Nurses in the nursery. Bulletproof vest in each desk and you better take them to the shooting range to take tests. ‘Cause if they can’t blast, they probably won’t make
it home from class. And it’s sad. Some got the nerve to ask why I never gave life, why I’d rather keep my legs closed
tight, let them put my eggs on
ice than to lay up with labor pains
and have my baby’s life snatched in vain
before it ever starts. And though I’ve never
been called mother, somehow I still suffer
the stretchmarks and you’ve probably
never heard this, but even though I’ve
never given birth to anything other
than spoken verses, I ache for these
babies like my cervix spread (mumble) the surface. I love with a passion,
like I suffer contractions that hide them, and
every time one dies, my uterus cries, my
ovaries become overwhelmed, it’s hard for my
heart to bear and it’s like a miscarriage
and my womb weeps more than a broom
sweeps and I lose sleep over the thought of
five year olds who lose they life before they
getting to lose teeth. I’m starting to hate to look
at pencils and loose leaf. It only reminds
me of the supplies that Darian Albus
won’t be using. And while these cowards
were videotaping his innocent death
for the Youtubing, he was taking more hit than
a video could ever get, and I guess, I guess
it made good for a good piece of evidence,
but I can’t stop myself from thinking maybe
instead of watching this somebody could’ve
been helping him and I can’t scrape
the image off the back of my cranium,
how are they gonna laugh (mumble), I
saw eyes with no remorse or shame in
’em, like wild hyenas no taming them and
when it came to him, nobody came for him. The system dissed him. (cheering) – (mumble) is dope. – So this is your surprise, huh? – Yeah. What? You don’t like it? – I mean yeah, it’s cool. But how did you know
I would like it? – Dennis, you walk
around school with a smug look on your face and
this tough exterior trying to fool everybody
into believing that’s who you are, but me and
you know that’s not true. – How can you be so sure? Maybe you’re fooling yourself. – I’m not fooling myself. I know you’re not like the
garbage on the streets. I don’t know if no
one had the time to tell you how great
you are, but you a special talent. You just need to
recognize it, apply it, and believe you can do it. What made you get
into poetry anyway? – I don’t know. I just learned that
there’s more to life than this bullshit out here. – And we’re back! (cheering)
Yes, clap it up again! (mumble) Before we go into
any else in the show, are there any other
open micers here? – (clears throat) Right here. – [Host] All right,
volunteering services over here. I think she really
wants you to go. – Yeah, come on, Dennis, go ahead, it’ll
be fine, trust me. – [Host] It’ll be
good, man, come get something off your chest, man. Clap it up for this
guy now, come on! (clapping) He looks absolutely
excited, everybody, absolutely excited! First time, yo, show
some love, first time. – This something that
I just came up with. Last time I seen my pops,
he said he was making a stop at the cornershop
to get some pops. And I ain’t seen him since. For all I know, he could be that three piece in the drop, or that (mumble) collecting bottle tops. When I was younger, every
time I heard a knock I thought it was my
father, but it wasn’t. So the old hens on the
block became my pops. My pops ain’t sell rocks,
but he was a rolling stone. I just wish his
last stop would’ve been my fucking home. I wish my pops would’ve
gave me the shot. Or at least shot off
blanks, pop pop pop. Maybe I wouldn’t
be a son of a gun. And my mama calls
me a son of a bitch. Because I look like you. Truth be told, if I saw you on the streets today, I wouldn’t even know if it was you. I’ll tie my first tie
without the hands of my pops. Reoccurring thoughts of
death bring tears to my eyes and I couldn’t
share with my pops. Now today every time I hear a knock I hope it’s him. Not because I need him. It’s my first time,
guys, you know. – [Voiceover] Good
talk, good talk! – Nowadays every
time I hear a knock, I hope it’s my pops,
not because I need him. I wanna show him my resilience. The stones the builders rejected has now become the builder. I’m the son that you
shun, but one thing about the sun, it’s light is too bright for you to ever block it no matter how shady you are. And at the moment, I don’t care where you are or who you are, I got this far without you. I got dreams that
don’t involve you. I’m misunderstood. I just wanna make
good, but sometimes they don’t turn out right. People judge me by my image. But we are all made out of the likeness of our fathers, right? That’s all I got. (clapping) – Awww, look at that! Yes, that’s wonderful! One more time (mumble) poetry. – [Dennis] For the first
time in my life I felt free. Like I could finally just
be me and it felt good. I saw the world
different that night. – [Toya] No, stop, your
mom’s right there, quit it. – Hey, y’all. – [Dennis] What’s up, Shay? – [Shay] Where’s my food at? – I didn’t know you
was gonna be here. – [Shay] What? You ain’t know I
was gonna be here? – No, I didn’t know
you was gonna be here. – Where the fuck am I going, D?! I mean it ain’t like I
got a job or something. See you brought this
bitch something to eat. – Shay, you trippin’. – [Shay] But you can’t
buy your mama nothing. You know what, fuck
you and that bitch! – Hold on one second. Shay, why you trippin’?! If it was that serious
you could’ve had my food! – It is that serious! This bitch come
in my house eating all up in my face
and then she didn’t even offer me none?! I should’ve thrown that
bitch food on the floor. – What would that prove,
you still gonna be hungry! – But I bet you that bitch
would be hungry too though! – [Dennis] Man, you sound crazy. – And what you mean
what would that prove? – [Dennis] Y’all
both gonna be hungry! – I get it. This bitch making you soft, huh? Got you thinking you
high and almighty like you better than somebody. Well you ain’t shit, Dennis, just like yo daddy wasn’t shit! You wanna know why
your daddy left? Huh? After I had your sister
Didi, he left us. While I was in the
delivery room having your sister, he left us! (dramatic music) I fucking remember. He would hold me in his arms. And tell me he would
never let me go. He would tell me
how beautiful I was. And how he was so
lucky to have me. (sobs) I kept the house clean. I cooked every day. I loved your dad. He just didn’t love me back. And if you think I’m
gonna let some bitch come in my house and
take you from me too, you gotta be fucking kidding me! Get that bitch out
of my house, Dennis! Now! – Stop, Calvin. Stop it, Calvin. Stop, you’re supposed
to be studying, you’re over here
messing with me. – I’m tired of studying. It’s time that we take a break. – Calvin, Keisha! – Come on. What’s up, granny girl? – Hey baby. Hey, Keisha, this letter came for you today,
Calvin, and I think we should open it together. Well are you gonna
stand there, Calvin, or are you gonna
open up the letter? – Open up the letter, Calvin. (mumble)? – Calvin, don’t be discouraged. We just gotta apply
to other schools and apply for more grants
and you’ll be fine. – Nah, man, no we’re not. – What do you mean we’re not?! – Calvin, what
did we talk about? – Calvin, you have
to go to school, I’ve worked too hard for
you not to go to school. – Look at me, what
did we talk about? – They want me! – [Voiceover] What?! – And they offered me
a full scholarship. – Calvin, no! What school are you going to?! – He’s going to TSU with me. – [Voiceover] Oh my
goodness, Calvin! That’s wonderful! Now you and Keisha will be able to start your family
the right way. – Family? – [Voiceover] Boy, you know your grandmama know everything. – I haven’t (mumble)– – He’s got a big mouth. – [Voiceover] It’s okay,
don’t matter who told me. Listen, I just wish
your mother and father was here to see you today. – Yeah. – But you know I remember
when you were christened and the pastor was
holding you in his arms and giving you back to the Lord. Boy, I said that
day that I would never stop loving
you and giving you all the encouragement
that I could. Look at the man
standing here today. You know what they
say, when you raise up a child in the way he should go, when he get old he will
never depart from it. Calvin, I’m so
proud of you, baby. I’m so proud of both of you. – Thank you. – Hey ma. – Hey baby. – Why you smiling so hard? – Oh nothing, I was
just looking through the mail today and
ran across this letter from Duke University. – Duke University?! It actually came! – Well open it up,
let’s see what you got. Come on, open it up! – Ma, I got it,
ma, I got it, yolo. – Well? What? – It says I didn’t get in, mom. – What?! Josh please, stop playing. Come on, what it say? – No, mom. It says I got in,
but they not giving me a full scholarship! – That’s a good thing! Listen, don’t worry about the money right now, baby. Listen, the important part is you’ve been accepted! And that’s all
that matters, Josh. Right? Come on, cheer up. You in there, baby. – You don’t get it, mom! – What? – This was my one chance
to do something great, prove everybody wrong. Now I’m just stuck! – Stuck? So when you say “everybody,” you mean your father? – What you wanna prove to me? Hmm? That you can go off to
some big ass college? Now what that mean to me? (heart monitor beeping) I know. Hey everybody, Josh
is going to college. Hmm? Now what the hell does that have to do with me and my life?! – I guess nothing at all. – Mr. basketball big
shot superstar, hmm? What we got, pimpin’ ass Josh. Got all the ladies. Don’t have no kids,
don’t have no bills, not a worry in the world. Now Duke University. That’s it, you the
man, huh, Josh? – No, pop, I’m not the man– – You goddamn right
you not the man! I work ten hours a day
Monday through Friday! For 24 years now to keep
a roof over our head and food on our plates,
I’m the motherfucking man! – Senior– – Where’s my round
of applause, huh?! Where’s my job well done, huh?! Nah, I don’t get that! All I get is a swift
kick in the ass and the bill for
your college tuition! That’s my life! – That was the
choice that you made! I didn’t ask to be here! That was your choice! – What did you say?! Goddammit, don’t you ever turn your back on me! – No, baby! – Well you just don’t get it! You really don’t get it. – Hello? – Hey, what’s up? – Nothing up with me,
what’s up with you? – What do you mean? – I mean I’ve been calling you for the past week,
now you just not answer my phone call. What’s up? You don’t mess with me no more? – No, it’s not
like that, Dennis. – Then what is it? Don’t tell me my mom’s
got you trippin’. – I’m not the one
who’s trippin’. – Okay, so what are you saying? – Dennis, you have
a lot of potential. And I believe you
can do whatever you put your mind
to, but it doesn’t matter if I believe it. You have to. I just don’t think that this
relationship is gonna work. – What?! See, I knew this was a
bad idea in the beginning. But you didn’t wanna
listen talking about you capable of making
your own decisions. Now you don’t htink
it’s gonna work out. I knew I shouldn’t
have got serious with any of you bitches anyway. – Bitch?! See that’s what
I’m talking about. Growing up, my father
taught me never to let a man or anyone for
that matter disrespect me. And that day I was
at your house, I will never forget how your
mother treated me! – That’s my mom though. You act like it was
me saying that stuff! – But by your just
sitting there and letting her say that, it’s
just like you doing it. – What you mean let her? What was I supposed to say? – Whatever you felt
was right at the time. I mean Dennis, you
know when I come over to the house I always
show your mother respect. I mean tell me this,
would you let somebody talk to her like that? – You don’t even know what
you talking about right now. Know what? It don’t even matter no more. Do what you want. – Yo man, watch the
fuck you going, man! – Fuck you! – Yo man, hold on
hold on hold on, we got a problem here, nigga?! – Get your fucking
hands off me, man! – You remember me, motherfucker? – I don’t even know you! – This motherfucker,
yeah you do, nigga. Yeah you do, nigga,
take a good look. You that same bitch ass nigga that rob my moms at the
bank the other night! I know you remember
that shit ’cause I don’t forget nothing, cuz! – Man, I don’t
even know what you talking about right now. – Oh he don’t know what
I’m talking about, right? He think it’s all
good, so you calling me a liar, motherfucker?! If I say you that
nigga that did it, you are that nigga that did it! – Aw yeah, whoop
this nigga ass, man. – Fuck off me, you
ain’t that same bitch ass nigga
that let me do it! Fuck off me, man! – (laughs) Hold
on, nigga (mumble). Kill back, dawg, kill back. Yo man, this (mumble)
got heart, dog. This little nigga
got heart, hold on, let me give a hand for this
motherfucker right here. This little nigga got heart! This little nigga
done stepped up, grabbed a nut and got some
motherfucking heart, dog! I can’t even be mad at
this nigga right now, dog! I can’t be mad, kid. For real, dawg. Man, that don’t mean
shit to me, motherfucker! Now what?! – [Gang Member] Oh shit! – Nigga’s gonna (mumble) weak at the knees right now. Hold on hold on hold on. I smell bitch on you, nigga! (laughs) This
motherfucker ain’t got nothing on me, dawg. – Hey man, y’all ain’t
even gotta do this, man. – Man fuck that
shit, you should’ve remember that shit where
you did what you did! – [Gang Member] Shoot
this nigga, man, come on– – I’m playing with him,
motherfucker, I want this little nigga die
slow right here, dawg. For real, kid. All that nigga bullshit, man. – Man, get this shit
out my face, hey, good that you came when
you did, Officer. They was talking
about killing a nigga! – (mumbles). – (mumble)! – Hey, I thought you
was suspended, Dennis. – Hey, my mama already talked
to Ms. Johnson, I’m good. – Oh, okay. Take that hat off
in my building. – What’s up, granny girl? – [Voiceover] Hey, baby. – I’m about to head
over to the gym. – Calvin, did you
forget it’s Tuesday? We have Youth Services tonight. – Come on, grandma,
I go every Tuesday. It’s not gonna hurt
if I miss just one. Besides… Josh and his father
got into it again. – Oh. – I guess he just
wants me and Dennis to come over there
so that he can vent. – Dennis? What is this talk about Dennis?! Now didn’t I tell
you I didn’t want you hanging with him anymore! Baby, I know you think
he’s your friend, but anytime a person
doesn’t care about hisself or anything else,
what makes you think he cares so much about you? – Man, that tape is
a waste of time, bro. ‘Cause when it come down
to it, nobody cares. – I know you only have my
best interest at heart. But you can’t choose
your friends, you know? Weren’t you the
one whole told me that you have to love
your friends and family no matter how they are or what they may be going through? – Yes baby, I did. – Okay. – And you can’t
choose your friends, but you can choose what kind of friend you are to them. And I did teach you to love
your family and friends in spite of their flaws. But there’s nothing wrong with loving from a distance. Now you’ve tried to help Dennis time and time again. But sometimes in life
baby, you have to let go and just let God. – Hey, you holler at Calvin? – No, he probably with Keisha. Old (mumble) nigga! Hey, hey they probably
at home right now planning their
wedding as we speak! – See that’s where you wrong. He probably planning
the wedding. – Hey man, fuck this
practice shit, man. Let’s get out of here. – All right, let
me grab my stuff. – All right. – I hear you, grandma. You’re right as always. I’m gonna go. – Calvin, wait a minute! – Come on grandma, if we don’t leave now, we’re not gonna make the Youth Service. – That’s my boy. That’s my baby, well you
better go get dressed! – Man, what’s up with him? Why is he so angry all the time? (phone buzzing) – Calvin, don’t worry,
it’s gonna be fine. You right where
you supposed to be. – Okay, granny girl. – Look man, you
ain’t never gonna understand somebody’s life based on what you see on the outside. – What do you mean? – Don’t worry about it. – Why you leaving,
ain’t you supposed to meet that scout in an hour? – Yeah I was, but
I changed my mind. – What do you mean
you changed your mind? – Look man, this
basketball thing just ain’t for me no more. – I’ve worked here
for over 15 years and you one of the best ball
players to come up– – Man, I ain’t shit! Just drop it, all right? – At least wait to see
what the scout has to say! Josh! Josh! – [Josh] (mumble). Ready to get out of here? – Yeah man, let’s
get out of here. – What’s wrong with you? Acting all funny and shit. – I was talking to Toya on
the phone, she trippin’, man. – Josh! – So what’s good, man? I heard you and Calvin
skipping town on a nigga. Going off to college and shit. – Yeah, Calvin probably is, I ain’t going nowhere. – That’s what’s
up, man, you better stay around here, man. You stick around long enough, you’ll get like me. Shit, trust money,
man, fuck school. – Come on D, I ain’t trying to get wrapped up in a gang, man. Dude, I’m stuck
here ’cause my mama (mumble) way too much money for me to get financial aid,
and I’m not gonna do it. – Make no sense. – D, I don’t get it, man. When we go downtown
all the time we see all these white kids
riding they Benzes. Driving nice cars,
buying nice clothes. Why we can’t have that life? – A generational wealth, bro. – What the hell is you
talking about, man? – Generational wealth
is where somebody comes financially stable and they
build on top of their wealth. All right? They may buy into
stocks and bonds, maybe invest in
different properties, small businesses
and before it’s time for them to meet their
maker, they write up a Will. With certain stipulations
and conditions, you know what I mean? Making sure grandmas,
cousins, different family members don’t fuck it up. – Damn. – I know. That rarely happens
in a black community. Because we so used to
not having nothing, once we get a little credit
or some type of money, we fuck it over faster
than we can get it. – (mumble). – So like Calvin, we gotta wait ’till somebody die to have
some type of shot at life. Shit’s fucked up. – D, I don’t get you, man. – What don’t you get? – How somebody as
smart and intelligent as your ass do the
dumb shit you do! – (mumble) got this bitch ass nigga, there you
go, right there. – It’s all good,
we gonna get him, we gonna roll up
on that nigga, man. We gotta get that
motherfucker hard, dawg. – You think I like
robbing niggas and selling drugs, man? I got a grown ass woman and a baby to take care of. You can’t choose
your life before you get here, man, all
you can do is live it. – I don’t know about that. – Break yourself,
nigga, break yourself! – Better stop playing! – Why y’all trippin’, man? What’s wrong, I know
Big D ain’t scared. – I’m gonna get
that motherfucker. – Man, you don’t
even know what’s going on right now.
(heart monitor beeps) – What is going on? You play too damn much, man. – Checkmate, motherfucker! You can run, but you sure
the fuck can’t hide, nigga! What, come on, get
this nigga, man! – Got yo bitch ass now, nigga! – [Voiceover] (mumble)
checkmate, motherfucker! – Excuse me, hello. How you doing? Andrew Bants, Duke University? I’m looking for Joshua
Coleman, is he around? – You must be that
scout, he just left, let me go get him for you. – Oh no no, that’s all right, that’s all right,
that’s all right. You can just let him
know there’s been a little mixup, we would like to offer him the full
academic scholarship, assuming he keeps his grades up. That’s my number,
you think you can have him give me a call? – Will do. Will do! – Thanks, take care.
(laughing) (gunshots) – [Reporter] Three
young men shot last night on the
South side of Chicago. This is the 15th
shooting this month on a high school student
in the city of Chicago. Standing beside me is the mother of one of the victims. Ms. Anderson, is there anything you’d like to share
with our viewers on behalf of your son? – (sobs) I just don’t understand how something like this
can happen to my son? I kept him away from
people like that! I kept him in Bible
Study every Wednesday and church every Sunday! He was a good kid! He was a Honor Roll student and a valedictorian of
his graduating class and y’all took that from me! I done had him pay for my bills! I had him, y’all
didn’t think about me! Get this damn
camera off my face! – When will our youth violence stop in the city of Chicago? How many more of
our children will have to suffer before
something is done? Ryan B. Mcnulty reporting. Finally. I would not have
put The Olympics in this fucking zoo either. First you have the
incident last year at Figer High School,
now this shit? Fucking goddamn animals! Put all their fucking
asses back in chains! Or something. Hey hey hey hey! Yo, we’re still
not taping, are we? Okay. Good. Now where’s my damn
coffee, Osiris? (dramatic music) – Goddammit! Who left the cap off
the goddamn toothpaste?! Debra! Debra! (dramatic music) (gunshot) – I’m tired of all our
young children dying! We got babies killing babies! When a child is
killed in the streets people ask where
were the police. And if a child gets
killed in school, they ask well where
were the teachers at. And everybody’s quick to jump on the black President
bangwagon, come on somebody! – Come on now,
yeah, talk about it! – It is up to the parents,
the aunties, the uncles! The guardians, the grandmamas and the granddaddies to
take back our babies! Come on, (mumble)! It takes a village
to raise a child! Not just one or two people! (clapping) The bible says in Proverbs 22:6 train up a child in
the way he should go and when he gets old
he will not depart from you, come on! From the delivery room to
the college graduation, it is your responsibiltiy,
my responsibility, it is all of our
responsibility to make sure that these babies have
a fair shot at life! Even if you didn’t. Now come on, Holy Ghost. Now y’all know I like to preach. And I could be up here for
hours, come on, someone. – [Voiceover] That’s
right, that’s right. – But we have some
more important business to handle. As you all know,
Calvin, one of our brothers in Christ,
was killed before he even had a chance to
graduate from high school. But today… Mother Jackson and his
girlfriend sister Keisha have decided to have their
baby christened today. So at this time,
I’d like to ask if mother Jackson and
sister Keisha can come up at this time… With the baby. Come over, sister Keisha. Now before we begin, do you have any words you’d like to say on behalf of Calvin? – I really… Don’t have much
to say except that he’s gone and I’ll
never see him again. I mean we’ve all
sat down and tried to deal with death
and how to take it. (sobs) I don’t
understand how can you prepare to say to
somebody that you love. Calvin was the kind of
guy that loved to help. And you couldn’t
help but love him. I truly believe that
God sent Calvin to me. I mean it’s like when me
and Calvin was together, it was like nothing
else existed. All I can say is he
will truly be missed. – Come here, sister
Keisha, come here. (sobbing)
Sister Keisha… I know it’s hard. But he’s in a much
better place now. He’s with Jesus. Now you were talking about he was sent by God. That means you got some wonderful memories. Now what you need to do? Hold those memories inside. If you keep those
memories deep in you… Look at that baby. You’ll always have him. Okay? – Yeah, you’re right. – You know, speaking
of which, if we could get back to
this christening, did y’all have a chance to maybe have decided who was gonna be the Godparents for this child? – We did, but they unfortunately couldn’t make it today. – I wouldn’t have missed my Godson’s christening
for the world. (dramatic music) (baby crying) – Are you the Godparent
for that child? – Yeah. – Then I got a question for you. If that child decides to follow in your footsteps, are you gonna lead that child
down the right path? – Hey man, you need anything, holler at me, all right? – For sure, man,
appreciate that. – All right, man. – All right. – Okay. Let’s go on with
this christening. – [Dennis] I realized
my mom was so blinded by the hurt
and pain in her past that she became bitter
about me and my life. She had no father around. And the only men that
loved her left her. Now I’m a man with choices. I have Calvin’s
son depending on me to teach him how to be a man. But I’m just not quite sure how. ♪ Good morning to America ♪ Let the sun in,
it brings character ♪ My eyes oversaw,
might as well see ♪ Seeing is possible
only with the Lord ♪ Transported, thanking
God I wasn’t aborted ♪ You forgave me, so
loving you is important ♪ You brought life
again, I never backslid ♪ I only miss a step,
I got a third wind ♪ I’m so alive
again I’m doing fine ♪ Living for the Lord,
got people on my mind ♪ And if I leave Him
I am just like them ♪ But no offense,
I’m full like a blimp ♪ And I used to feel
shade, that all fade ♪ Late night phone calls,
bittersweet language ♪ (mumble) for the details ♪ Through my brain
cell my soul prevails ♪ Come on ♪ He speaks to my
eardrum, His voice spit ♪ But do I move by
fate or what I fear ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ See Him through
Genesis, found my covenant ♪ See my wrong then I
miss the God loving it ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ Speaks to my eardrum ♪ I gotta listen to
His final teaching ♪ I believe in the Son,
it’s the Father we breathing ♪ I got a new fate,
it’s called my King ♪ Though I train big,
I’m thinking positive ♪ I gotta be right,
the Lord is able ♪ To do anything,
so I will not follow ♪ The voice of a stranger
who keeps me at danger ♪ Consumed by self when
my friends get tangled ♪ I can’t slow down,
I’m surrounded by angels ♪ I need this love
that (mumble) fable ♪ For you and yours,
see ignore the voice ♪ I had a bad dream that
they came with torches ♪ It all worked out,
He overcame the forces ♪ Your life is real,
you are so important ♪ My life is real,
I am so important ♪ Your life is real,
you are so important ♪ Come on


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