Dolemite Is My Name | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s showtime, y’all. You love him and I love him. Put your hands together. Dolemite is my name! Dolemite. Auntie, I was thinking
about putting out -a comedy record.
-Comedy? You been a singer,
a Shake dancer… It’s real hard to break in. I’ll do whatever it takes
to get in. I come up
with a new character. Dolemite is my name, and fuckin’ up motherfuckers
is my game. What you do to your hair?
You look like a pimp. It’s all pretend.
I just created a character. -You a trip.
-Pull on that. -That’s a wig.
-A wig, that’s right. Whatever it takes,
I’m ready to do it. I got to be totally outrageous. It’s filthy. You’ve got a product here
that you can’t sell or promote. All my life
people been telling me no. Rudy, sometimes our dreams
just don’t come true. A man slam a door in my face,
I just find another door. I want the world
to know I exist. This ain’t funny. And it ain’t no brothers
in it either. If I get up in that light
with my own movie, I could be everywhere
all at once. Let’s bring Dolemite
to the screen. The actors we hire, you’re a bit doughier
than them. Doughier? That’s D’Urville Martin. I’m offering you a role
in my new motion picture. You think you can just
walk up here and hire me? -No.
-What if we let you direct? In storytelling, it’s always
best to write what you know. Ain’t nothing to talk about
in my personal life. I deal with the nightlife.
Club owners and mobsters, lots of pimps and kung fu. -Do you know karate?
-No, but I’m a fast learner. I can learn
how to chop me a mother– Action. -Dolemite, give it to me.
-Put your weight on it. Pretending like
he could be a sex machine. What planet is this cat on? -Damn!
-This thing flops, you’re working for free
the rest of your life. I’m so grateful
for what you did for me, ’cause I never seen nobody
that looks like me… -Oh, yeah!
-…up there on that big screen. God damn, Dolemite. -Cut.
-Was it as good as Shaft?


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