Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings | Official Trailer | Netflix

Songs, they’re just stories 
put to music. The songs that I’ve written,
they’re stories of my life. Every triumph, every struggle, every smile, every sorrow. It’s the melody 
of my memories. It’s the sound 
of my heartstrings. Jolene, would you get 
your pretty butt up here and help me sing? You is a beauty.  Those eyes be enough
to turn a man to salt. I think it’s about time 
I took you out. I know the perfect place.  I think the lesson is
you really have to live, find what makes you happy. I stand here in the presence 
of a love I don’t deserve, praying for the courage
to be worthy of that gift. Well, to new beginnings. Act like y’all like each other. We’re paying you for pictures,
not color-commentary. Y’all sure are a fine looking
bunch, I’ll tell you that. -You’re an outlaw. 
-Some say.  What do you say?  Stick ’em up.  Women don’t get 
cases like this. I have to win this for them.
I have to win this for me.  Are you out there?
Are you coming back? Tell me, please. Let’s take a trip 
back to Sugar Hill. Ain’t you the cutest thing? The songs that withstand 
the test of time are the ones that are written 
from the heart. Thank you.


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