DOLORES Official Theatrical Trailer

Dolores is an icon she’s a civil rights hero. She’s a first general that I followed in the war She’s not afraid to speak truth to power dolores Huerta who was an old friend of mine FBI knew how dangerous Dolores was dolores came up with the slogan SI se puede. Yes, we can You are a young girl. Growing up in America in the 40s. You must have had a dream After I’ve seen the miserable conditions of Farmworkers. Ceasar Chaves said We have to organize a union you had this ambience all around you that you could really change the world Beyond question the largest gathering on behalf of Farmworkers in California history I wish they would all go back to where they came from. We have no labor troubles Wasn’t asking for permission. She just did what needed to be done She has such a firm belief in what she’s doing. We never get out of that she insights you with it 90,000 people were poisoned in the fields of the united states of America farm workers founded the Co idea of environmental justice Men were threatened by her powers. She’s a volatile individuals, They wanted to see her in a more traditional Role. I left a couple of my children behind that’s part of the sacrifice that we made And that we had to make and it still pains me when I think about it people in power Have no idea of the true heroes of this country I would not have been able to see what’s hidden in the fields of our country without Dolores. We’re knee-deep in sexism, when it comes to why she isn’t studied, and why people don’t know her Latina girls need to see statues of you. We will try to set the record straight I mean women cannot be written out of history

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