Dolunay / Full Moon Synopsis And Cast Turkish Drama (Can Yaman & Özge Gürel)

The series “Dolunay (Full Moon)”, which is
produced jointly by Med Production and Yağmur Ünal, comes on screens. The series, starring
Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, will bring a magnificent love In the director’s chair, determined by Türkan
Şoray, the full name of the directory, Çağrı Bayrak’s full moon is alread meet with the
audience Since we are not sure we are in Istanbul,
the shootings will be made in a luxurious village in Istanbul during the season. Synopsis of Dolunay (Full Moon) Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman) is a successful business
man who is also looking for the perfect layout at his house. Every day he cooks a cook who
will cook before he comes. But none of them can work for a long time because of Ferit’s
rigor and perfectionism. Gastronomy department graduate student Nazli
(Özge Gürel) is looking for work urgently to pull the house where he lives with his
friend and his brother, but he can not hold jobs he finds because of his attitude. These
two opposite people’s paths cross Ferit’s kitchen. Nazli and Ferit find themselves in the arms
of love in a full moon night, while Nazli’s business relationship, which begins with a
dissociation, seems to be long-winded due to her talent in the food. But love; It is
a much more complicated matter than cooking in the kitchen from the projects of million
pounds. The living misunderstanding is a midnight;
Under the full moon, they find themselves in a mixed situation where they can not get
out! Cast of Dolunay (Full Moon) Özge Gürel as Nazlı
Born on February 5, 1987 in Istanbul, The beautiful actor is also released on the Fox
screen, and he knows many viewers with the Story character in the Cherry Season’s sequel,
which we finished last season. He has been involved in many productions before. First,
in 2010, Zeynep stepped into the play with the character of Kızım Nerede. After that,
he took a part in Hizur Street, Magnificent Century (Rana Hatun), Medcezir (Ada) and Yıldız
Şahidim (June). Can Yaman as Ferit
8 November 1989 Turkish actress born in Istanbul graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty
of Law. When he was a lawyer, he decided to be an actress with intense interest from his
friends. In 2014, the young actor who started his career with Gönül İşleri, then liked
himself to the screen with his inadına aşk series. The handsome actor finally gave life
to Tariq’s character in our unfriendly lineup. Alara Bozbey as Nilüfer
December 7, 1986 Born in Lithuania, the actress previously appeared in the line-up of foreign
gods, Adana, Back Streets, Sorrow for Me and Price. After her mother married a Turk, she
settled in Turkey with her mother and started acting.


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