Dominic Hill on The Macbeths | Touring Scotland this October |

My name is Dominic Hill. I’m the Artistic Director of the Citizens Theatre and the director of The Macbeths which is touring across Scotland this autumn. I’ve always loved the play Macbeth. I’ve directed it and I’ve also directed the Opera version of it. I think it’s an extraordinary work of art I think as an examination and an exploration of the psyche of two people and what happens to them when a crime which they commit goes wrong and then ends up sort of destroying them. I wanted in this version to really think about that psychology to think about that relationship because the plays is absolutely I think focusing on the way these two characters interact with each other. So we tell the story with just two actors. Two brilliant actors Lucianne McEvoy and Charlene Boyd as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. and in some ways that makes very little difference to the story that we’re telling. It’s still the story of two people in a relationship. It’s really I think really interesting and important that when you do something that just shifts a play outside of either its time or its usual gender it just makes you as an audience I think think about the characters in a different way you don’t take anything for granted. It’s really crucial when we’re putting on classics reexamining classic plays to make sure that they seem different and fresh and relevant and allow an audience just to be in some ways just jolted into a new way of looking at the action in a play. But we’ve created a piece of theatre that I think is very intense it’s pretty dark it’s pretty bloody it’s very much focusing in on on the psychology of the characters. There is a sort of limboish nightmarish out of time quality about the show which i think is absolutely there in the play. It’s there and the extraordinary language that the characters use. Hopefully we’re creating a really exciting, interesting, intense 90 minutes in the theatre

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