Don’t Choose the Wrong Soap Slime Challenge!!!

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina…
>>it’s Ronald from… SIS VS. BRO
>>and today we’re playing, Don’t pick the wrong
soap bottle challenge. We got a bunch of
soap bottles here filled with slime ingredients that
we’re going like, hmm…
I want this one, and Ronald’s gonna be like, hmm…
I want this one.>>Then everyone’s gonna be like…
Mickey Mouse.>>Sure. And then we’re gonna put the–
whatever is inside the soap bottle, we gotta put inside a container,
we’re gonna mix it up. At the end,
I’m gonna find out what kind of slime we got.>>Ooh!>>Let’s go rock, paper, scissors,
who picks first. Rock, paper, scissors,
shoo–>>Eh-eh-oh!>>Ronald wins again.
>>Oh, yeah.>>All right, what’s
your first pick?>>All righty.
Hmm… I want to go
Mickey Mouse. [chuckles] So no one else
takes that. Oh hello. Oh–
Oh, no.>>Well if you’re going
for Mickey Mouse, I’m going for Minnie Mouse.
>>Wait, I just– [rattling sound] What? No, you have to take
their heads off.>>What,
take Minnie’s head off?>>So guys,
in order to get my… beads, I have to take
this guy’s head off. So…
let’s do just that.>>Why you…
why you bullying me?>>Ha-ya! [giggles] Danana-dana-dana. Ooh– Wait, I think their fish–
fish things.>>Bowls.
>>Yeah, fish bowls. Red ones, I think. No, they’re yellow! Ooh. There’s water? Oh wait,
no, there’s more. Hey. This is nice. Okay, we got loads actually,
way more than I expected. I think it’s going to turn
yellow with all these fishbowls.>>So guys,
I got my bowl and I got Minnie Mouse
right here and just gonna
rip her head off.>>Aww, that hurt.>>Oh, I think I got
blue fish bowls. Let’s dump them
in 3, 2, 1.>>No!>>What do you mean no?>>I don’t want you
to get blue fish bowls.>>But I got blue fish bowls.
Yey. Okay, so we are done
and what I want to do, I want to swap heads with Ronald.
Do you want to swap heads?>>Oh, yes.
I want to swap. You have to put
your cap on though.>>Look at him.
>>Look at this dude.>>He’s gorgeous in
a little pink dress. Okay, now I’m done.
I’m gonna put the head back on. Whoops, oh– [sad music playing] So guys,
round number two.>>I’m gonna pick.>>Yeah, Ronald.>>Ooh,
there’s a minion one? There is a minion one. Ooh, I’m gonna pick
that bad boy.>>All right, I think
I want to go–>>Activator.>>Lucky…>>Yes.
>>I’m gonna pick Spider-Man.>>Spider-Man… glue
or shaving cream? Is it heavy?>>I think it’s glue. Pretty heavy.>>So guys, let’s open up
it’s head very aggressively. Ah! Ah! Ooh-lala, some activator
inside the house. [liquid pouring sound] That–
That sounds so satisfying. Ooh… [liquid pouring sound] All right,
I guess that’s enough because there’s
no more left. So now all I need is some glue.
200 IQ.>>So guys, I got
my little Spider-Man dude, I’m gonna rip
his head off again.>>Oww…
That must have hurt.>>Oh, I think I got purple glue.
Okay, three, two, one. Yey…
>>No…>>Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.>>It’s like last time,
your theme. Hopefully,
it doesn’t add up.>>It’s so hard to squeeze
anything out of here. Really difficult. Ugh! Never knew Spider-Man
have purple insides.>>Oh my goodness.>>Ugh, this is
a workout. There’s a lot more in there,
but I just can’t get it out. So…
that’s that.>>So guys, right now,
it’s round number three. All righty, this kind of looks like,
light and dark at the bottom. So I want to take it. Hopefully it’s activator. So you don’t get activator.>>Is it?
It’s glue.>>It’s glue.
No– [giggling]>>Okay.
So now it’s my turn. I think I want to go for… this pink one
on the side.>>Mine smells weird.>>I don’t know
what’s in here.>>Rice or sand.
Rice or sand, please.>>No.
>>Please… All right, you guys,
it’s time to find out what is inside
the magical land of Ronald’s green
soap bottle. All righty, what’s
inside three, two, one. What’s this?>>It’s white glue.>>Oh, I thought
it was like– like shaving cream
or soap. All righty,
looking pretty good. It’s like floating around
in the activator. It looks so cool.>>It’s like clouds.>>Yes, clouds in water.>>Ok guys,
so I picked this. This is really noisy. So I could use
these as a maraca, if I felt like it. [samba music playing] So let’s open it up
and see what’s inside. Okay, open it. All right, 3, 2, 1. Ohh–
>>Yey.>>Yellow balls.>>Wait, why did I say yey then
if you’re happy of it.>>I think purple goes
really cool with yellow. So I’m happy.>>My thing is so boring.>>So round number three.>>I’m gonna go. My awesome sense. All righty.
I see Frozen. Frozen like,
little Olaf is like, ooh.>>Ronald, you have to pick it
because you just touched it.>>Oh.
Okay, fine. I’ll pick it.
>>All right. I want to pick
this little dinosaur because he has
this little thing on it and looks kinda
like a dinosaur–>>In the top of his head. [laughter]>>I think I got a– Like, really thin glitter.>>Or maybe sand or rice.>>No.
>>Hopefully. All righty guys, Olaf is about
to get ripped open. Ah! It’s activator.
>>It’s activator.>>Is there more?
>>I don’t know.>>You don’t know eh,
maybe that’s activator. Okay, I’ll just put that much. I don’t want
to ruin my slime.>>So I got little
dinosaur dude here. I’m trying to open
up his head out. There we go, okay. [giggles] 3, 2, 1.>>[inaudible]
>>Blue glitter!>>Why are you saying yeah.>>Ooh, look at that. Oh yeah.>>Oh yeah?>>You have done me
well dinosaur dude. Ow, got it on my face. So guys, we’re about to do
round number five and I really like the way
my slime is turning out. I think it’s gonna be
really pretty in the end.>>All right.
Now, it’s my ultimate turn. Oh, well I touched that,
so I mean, I have to pick it.
Ooh.>>You just wanted to make it straight.
>>Yeah. Dove…
All right. So what am I going to pick? All right, I’m going to pick
dinosaur dude’s sister.>>I think.>>You’re dinosaur dude’s sister.>>Officially. All right guys,
I have a sense of smell and I smell glitter. So hopefully that is it. Ooh-la-la. Ooh, what’s this? Ooh, it’s white balls. Yes, I’m so excited. OMG, it’s like, matching with my–
with my clear– Well not clear,
white glue and my activator. I feel like, I don’t know,
but it feels good.>>So guys, dinosaur dude’s
sister right here is another
of pair of Maracas. [samba music palying] You’re a better maracas
than your brother, okay. So let’s pop open her head. There we go.
In 3, 2, 1.>>Wait, what?
>>We got rainbow balls.>>Are those fruits?>>No, those are
rainbow balls. Shake, shake
them all out. Shake them, shake them.
Shake it off, shake it o-off.>>All right guys,
I already got activator twice, so hopefully there’s
no more activator for Karina. Ha-ha-ha. So, let’s begin
round number 6. 6. All right… Incredibles 2,
there’s no head to that one though. Oh well, I touched it,
I’m gonna– Ooh my goodness,
it’s heavy. Yey, it’s glue finally.>>All right. I think I want to pick
this black one.>>That’s boring.
>>It’s– [giggles]>>All right guys,
I’ve got a Lion Guard and he’s guarding
my slime from Karina. Ha-ya-hoo-hoo-hoo. [laughter] All right guys,
let’s open this guy up. All righty, 3, 2, 1. Yay!>>Wow. It’s turning pink
because you have white glue.>>Yehey! Hey! Pink with yellow
fish bowls.>>So guys, now I’m going to open
up my boring black bottle. All right, 3, 2, 1. It’s gonna be… ooh, pink. Yay…
>>No…>>I got pink, yeah. [laughter]>>Oh my goodness. [laughter] Okay guys, it’s time
for round number 7. And today,
I’m going to pick Incredibles 2 because I just feel like it. Activator!
Yay! Acti–>>There’s probably
one more.>>Yeah, there’s probably
one more… totally.>>Yeah, totally [inaudible].
>>Totally.>>All right,
and I’m gonna pick this one.>>What is it?
>>Activator.>>No, it’s not.
I can– I would be
able to hear it. It’s glue. Karina, to make a slime
you need activator. Stop adding so many things,
you need activator.>>I am.>>All righty guys,
Incredibles 2 is about to get open. Ooh. I did not see inside. 3, 2, 1. Oh, I forgot
it was activator.>>You can give the rest
to me, you know.>>No, no,
this is like… for a hundred
million dollars. Yes, very worth it.>>Okay guys, I got
my pink bottle. I’m going to open it up. All right.
Let’s ## it, 3, 2, 1. Huh, Blue!
Yeah.>>Karina, you’re getting
all these nice colors, but you need activator. I’ll get my activator besides
if I don’t get activator it will still be beautiful.>>Yeah, but
it won’t be slime.>>It will be goo,
it will be beautiful goo.>>Goo?
Eww.>>Squeeze. All right, perfect.>>Okay guys, only
four bottles left. Can I get
the last activator? Is there
no more activators? Can I get it? Can I get
all the activators?>>No.
>>All right. I’m gonna go first
for round number 8. This one–
No! It’s not activator. Okay.>>Okay,
I’m gonna go for…>>That’s not activator.>>It’s not activator.>>Isn’t it?
Oh, my goodness I’m so lucky. I just need to pick
the right one. So guys,
let’s find out what’s in this
sensitive shower cream. Very sensitive. Ooh… 3, 2, 1. Oh, it’s air. Oh nice,
I really like this. Okay, I’m just kidding.
It’s pink glue. Oh hello, pink glue>>I think that might be
glow-in-the-dark glue. But maybe,
I don’t know.>>If I do say so myself. Karina doesn’t even
have activator. So bless her soul. Okay, I need to continue
adding this pink glitter. I think my slime is going
to be red plus pink plus… white equals pink,
I think. So yeah, I think
it’s gonna be pink.>>So guys, I got
this very interesting bottle, has words on it,
has a little flower. So yeah, I’m gonna
it into my slime. Egh, open.
Open! No, I got it
on my pants.>>Oof.
>>All right, let’s add this thing
in 3, 2, 1.>>Oh, nice air. I really like air.>>Come on,
come on.>>I really like air.
Karina, I’m so jealous.>>Come on,
get out. I know you’re in there,
one little bit fell. Come one,
come on. I know you’re in there. I don’t think there’s
any more left in there.>>Okay, that’s all
you’re gonna have.>>Yep.
That’s it.>>Totally.
All right. So guys,
this is the last round. The fight for the activator,
which one is the activator. I’m going first
because I’m so awesome, and I won at the rock,
paper, scissors. So…
I’m gonna pick this one. No!>>3, 2, 1.>>Yes! Yes, I got all
of the activators. Ooh, you don’t even
need to mix yours. Ooh-ooh. So guys, this is the moment,
the period, the awesome time
because I’m going to open this, so… Aah! Come on.
We can be friends. No, we can be friends.>>Do you need help,
No, I got this… Yay. Right, 3, 2– 3, 2, 1,
we’re going on a trip– Okay, just go. Oh nice,
another air? [giggles] There’s nothing in there.>>There’s a little bit in there,
you can see it at the end. Oh, actually,
there’s no–>>There’s like, nothing. There’s literally nothing. Guys, look inside,
there’s actually nothing. So yeah, I guess I got
air for Christmas. Early Christmas present. I really like it. But that’s okay because
my slime looks so beautiful. And that soap had
lots of red glitter, or not lots, a little bit. So even if I got
red glitter, I wouldn’t really like it
because it was dark.>>So guys the final
bottle is mine. I got this green bottle. Another maraca. [music playing]>>I forgot [inaudible]
>>Okay. Let’s open it up.>>Minnie Mouse.>>All right, 3, 2, 1. I got silver flakes.
>>What? No, you’re lying. Is it activator?>>And it’s blue. Yay… Oh, yeah. I got the best now. Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of in here so
I’m going to be shaking for
hours, actually. Itsy-bitsy spider,
come out the water spout. Down came the rain
and washed the spider out.>>Dab.
>>20 minutes later.>>a, b, c, d, e, f, g–>>2 hours later.>>q, r, s…
>>200… I-I-Q. [laughter]>>So guys,
as you probably know, I don’t have activator. I didn’t have any activator
to my slime, so that means I already lost
this challenge but I added some activator and to see
how my slime would turn out. And before we mix
our slime together, take a close look
at our color combinations. So at the very bottom,
I have blue fish bowls. I got… purple glitter. I got some,
I don’t know what that is. I got some yellow balls. And of course,
I got some silver flakes at the top.>>All right guys, welcome to
the magical land of Ronald’s
soon-to-be slime. So at the bottom
of Ronald’s magical land, we have
yellow fish bowl. Topping it off
with white glue, then some activator,
lots of activator because we need to activate
or else bad thing will happen. We need to flip
the lever to activate. Okay, you get the point. So, now we got
some red glue, some white foam balls
and some pink glue to top off like a cherry. Let’s just pretend
it’s a cherry.>>So guys now is the moment
we’ve all been waiting for, it’s to mix it. We got our little
mixing spoon wand-y thingy and it’s ready to mix. So I’m gonna go first
in mixing my slime. All right, 3, 2, 1. All right. Ooh. Okay, I got a lot
of glitters up in here. About to take it
from the bottom up to the top. It looks very yellow-y, very blue-y as well because
there’s a lot of blue glitter and also quite rainbow-y
because from the rainbow balls. All right.>>Okay, it’s time to mix
with my magical device. Hi-ya! Ooh, the white glue
is making moves. White balls
are making moves. Yellow fish bowls. Everybody is making moves
except for pink glue that’s basically
doing nothing. All righty. Ooh, some yellow fish
bowls out came to the top like the savages they are.>>So guys, we’re gonna
keep on mixing this, and we’re gonna do
a slime reveal in 3, 2, 1. So guys,
these are our slimes. Mine is blue
with yellow balls.>>Mine is pink,
with white balls.>>So guys,
this is my slime. It’s all blue has lots
of glitters in it. Yellow balls all over the place
and little other pops of color. See, there’s green,
there’s orange, there’s red and pink. Other kind of balls
and there’s this also like, little flaky just shining
through, like that. This kind of also
a purple-y sort of slime. It’s like on more of the
purple side of blue and I really like it, and I think
it’s so pretty. Look at it.
Whoo! Hello.
So guys, even though I already lost the challenge,
you can still vote for me if you think my slime is nice.
If you think my slime is the winner comment down below,
KarinaWinsWithoutActivator.>>So guys,
we are entering the person
that actually has activator. So I have a 99.99% chance
of winning no matter
how bad it is. So…
it’s pink, obviously. You can see from the start,
it has white balls. Yellow fish bowls. It’s not that stretchy. Too much activator. I mean,
I got three activators. What do you– What do you expect? Like, it’s literally like pieces of–
a piece of paper. That’s it. Like that’s all my slime has
but it does have got activator. So comment down below,
RonaldClutchesWithActivator.>>So guys, don’t forget
to comment down below who won this challenge. We hope you liked the video.
If you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time.

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