Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)

The infinity orb has been swiped Call the police! No, I know someone who(m) specializes in covert artifact recovery Ah, a thief. She prefers the term… Explorer. Dora… Hola mis amigos. The cameras captured the man in (a) purple mask and gloves removing the orb. Swiper… You old fox. You know where to find him? No, but I know someone who does… I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the – *Grunts* Cut the crap Map! Where’d Swiper take the orb?! Last I heard he was in Guadalajara. Gracias! There’s someone I need to see… Hola Diego. Dora… It’s been a while… I haven’t seen you since… I was this many (7) Backpack, activate! Hola Dora. Soy backpack. What do you need? Miracle beans, starch (???) Join me Dora! Together, we’ll be the greatest swipers the world has ever seen. Boots! Vaminos! That means let’s go! Swiper, he’s right behind you! Where? Right behind you! Do you see Swiper? Uhg! Swiper no swiping. Oooooh, man!


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