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hi there Doug Cockle here you might
know me better as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher video game series I’m here
at London anime and gaming con and there have been some questions sent in
via Facebook and reddit so I’m just gonna I can’t answer all of them there
were a lot of them so I’ll just pick out a few choice ones and and and answer
them for you the very first one on this list and I
understand the people kind of plucked from many other questions
so um gigantisaurus86 he asks was he able to contribute a lot of his own
ideas to the Carol character of Geralt or was CD Projekt RED strict and how
they wanted him to be performed I think there’s several answers to that question
I’ll try to keep him really short one is that the character was defined by Andrzej Sapkowski the author of the novels so CD Projekt was actually kind of
interpreting that in their own way obviously and when they came to me and
when we started recording there was a certain amount to working together to
develop what the voice of Geralt was but they had very strong ideas about it
about who Geralt is who he was and who we were meant to be in the games so so
there there was some of my contribution particularly in the later games but not
so much in the early game of CD Projekt one of the really tight control over it
in the year the games but as my relationship with them and with the
character develops it was much more collaborative and in the end I felt it
was a very creative process I hope that answers your question gigantisaurus86 a
question from Dark1337 how I asked him how he liked that silver I liked that
silver very much it’s one of those funny questions people
ask and I never understand quite why well I do understand why but you know
what am I supposed to say about it Geralt however might have something to
say about it he likes the silver for monsters so okay and grunge969 he asks
is he tired of the boys or does he fully embrace the Geralt voice as part of his
act as he played the three games and does he have a scene in cyberpunk 2077
that’s three questions there dude okay so am I tired of the voice Never I
love Geralt s voice and of course I fully embraced the character I’ve always loved
Geralt but it particularly as I grew to know him I’m as for your other two
questions I have not played witcher 1 & 2 all the way through i have played some
of them but I have played witcher 3 all the way through and do i have a scene in
the city in the cyberpunk 2077 not yet I don’t know if I will I had this honestly
ste I don’t know but we’ll see we’ll see 5unnay with five ask him for a few rounds of Gwen’s honestly
I’m here in front of the camera and you’re at the other end of a reddit
forum how can we possibly have a round of Gwen’s. Davakaan
think about it does his throat hurt after recording for a long time yes
it does but really depending on what the nature of the material is if it’s Geralt
yeah it can get tiring after four hours or five hours of recording but I’ve
grown too you know adjust the voice so much
that I it see much easier for me than it was when I was when I was first starting
out with Gerald’s Lisap17 asks does he have an explanation about why some axe
accents in the game or American while the majority are British accents you’d
have to ask CD Projekt really for that but I do recognize that most of the
witcher’s have American accents and most of the other characters unless they’re
Nilfgaardian have kind of British accents or from the British Isles
you’ll notice the Nilfgaardian Guardians they have kind of a faux Dutch accent the
reasons why I have no idea perhaps because of the semi Germanic Slavic
nature of the beginnings of the game that in the end the roots of Sapkowski’s novel and the float folklore of the region I don’t know that’s just a guess
but shiupz94 asks does he get recognized in public what are the most common
things fans asked him to say do I get recognized in public no now
only at things like this the London anime and gaming con sometimes people
recognize me because they’ve seen me in interviews as about that but no people
don’t generally recognize me in public it’s kind of a good thing because I can
get on with my personal life what are the most common things fans asked me to say well one as we heard before is how do you like that silver
dammit Roche sometimes it’s really varied actually when people ask me to
say all kinds of silly things whitewolf whispers hello white wolf whispers he
asks please ask him how quickly did you jump at the chance to be Geralt again in
voicing the dialogue for a monster hunter world
well first easy answer is as it was a paid gig really quickly because I had a
mortgage to pay against the feed a life to live so money is always good for
those kinds of things but in terms of you know just revisiting Geralt
absolutely I will always jump chance to play Geralt because he’s part
of my soul now dude you know assuming that white wolf whispers is a dude you
could be a dude s I don’t even know there was such a thing as to do this
we’ll never know maybe we know somebody tell me Yuzaneim I’m if fans recognize his
voice in public it’s a question I think no no I’ve never had anybody recognize
my voice in public so I think I’m safe there and as you can hear actually my
voice is not really Geralt boys and girls voice is much lower
so really Geralt’s voice only comes out in my personal life like when I’m walking
around the house and I kind of talking to myself when I go Damn I got to do that laundry I mean I’m not
really trying to be Geralt but I can hear it because Geralt you know of
course does laundry Michael synder asks this is the long one
so I might only be able to answer part of it what does he do to prepare for his
role as witcher geralt does he have to focus on any certain emotions or past
experiences from Geralt dream himself because there seems to be a subtle
current beneath the famed unemotional responses attributed to his inhuman
condition that’s a big one I’m gonna have to say that’s probably a longer
there’s a longer answer that question that I can do here today the short
answer is over the years I have not had to prepare for Geralt in the same way
that I did in the earlier years because I know him so well now I understand what
he’s about when we did Witcher 1 I needed to help with the developers
because I hadn’t been able to read the novels because they weren’t in English
yet and I didn’t know anything about The Witcher world so I had to rely on the
developers in their description of the world and this character and how he
responds to his world to help create that character but you know as as I grew
with CD Projekt and their understanding of The Witcher characters yes there’s a lot of me and Geralt
there’s a lot of Geralt in me hope that answers your question John Vincent he
asks what does he prefer while acting as Geralt Yennifer or Triss it’s it is a common
question you’re absolutely right and my answer is both of those women are
absolutely gorgeous women they’re anybody would be proud to have either of
them on his arm and you know Geralt kind of has a both until you choose which one
my personal my personal predilection is for the Triss personality but that’s just
me so there you go Thomas Thomas Lannie what who did he use for
inspiration does he play the games or read the books
that’s two what are his thoughts on the upcoming Netflix series that’s three and
I’ll leave it at those three okay so for inspiration now it’s me and the stories
and the character of Geralt but initially when we were trying to find
the voice there was a suggestion that I should use as an inspiration Clint
Eastwood from the Dirty Harry films so that’s partly where
The Witcher boys came from and you know go ahead punk make my day have I read the books myself yes I have all of them to date except one there’s one I haven’t
read it’s a series of short stories it’s not the last wish it’s another one
that’s more recent the next Netflix series I’m actually not going to comment
on that at least it’s not beyond this let’s give
them a chance guys let’s give them a chance there’s a good team there let’s
see what they can do I’m just looking there’s so many good ones here I’m gonna
give you one that’s I can’t do that I don’t remember the pam pam params I have
no idea ages ago which game ending do I prefer nobody’s asked this question
before so that was by Murat Kuscu so yes he’s behind the camera as we speak
so which game ending do I prefer well I can say with all honesty that I got the
ending I wanted which was Ciri of Witcher and Geralt was with Triss but there is at least one other possibly two other endings that are very very
excellent so I would have been happy with either of those
there is one ending that nobody really wants and I’m really sorry if you made
the choices that got you to that angle thank you very much everyone who sent in questions it’s really great to be here at London anime and gaming convention
here in London at the London Metropolitan University it’s been a
great day I’ve only been here for one day but I’ve met loads and loads of
really great people and hopefully I’ll be able to come back next year to have a
great evening everyone or day or whatever it is and we’ll see out there
and the Witcher universe


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