Hello, I’m Jim Carter, and I play
Mr. Carson on Downton Abbey. And I’m Phyllis Logan,
and I play Mrs. Hughes. Have you not seen Downton Abbey yet? Or perhaps you need a refresher? We meet the Crawley family
and their domestic staff at Downton Abbey the day
after the Titanic has sunk. The news hits Robert Crawley,
the Earl of Grantham and his wife, Cora, especially hard. Since their eldest daughter,
Lady Mary, was expected to wed her second cousin who
just went down with the ship. The marriage would have kept
the estate in the family. as Downton must
go to a male heir. Whoever marries her
will be a lucky man. It will not, however, be me. And as you can see,
no male heirs, lots of girls… The least complicated member
of the family being Lord Grantham’s loyal
dog, Pharaoh. Fortunately, Lady Mary easily
attracts suitors. But when the ridiculously
handsome Mr. Pamuk seduces her and ends up dead in her bed from an apparent heart attack… This is a scandal of such
magnitude, it will never be forgotten. Well it’s lady’s maid Anna and Lady Grantham who helped cover up
the indiscretion. Thus protecting Mary’s reputation. Enter the dashing Matthew Crawley,
the new heir. Another distant cousin
and not very aristocratic, but a working lawyer. After much back and forth,
the Great War, not to mention Matthew’s fiancé,
Lavinia keeping them apart, Mary and Matthew finally
profess their love. And what a proposal it is. Will you do me the honor
of becoming my wife? Yes. But at Downton Abbey, joy and sadness go together
like tea and crumpets. Hours after Mary gives birth to
the new heir of Downton, Matthew is killed in a
motor car accident. Downstairs, the kindhearted
housekeeper Mrs. Hughes… played by me, keeps all
the female staff in line. While Mr. Carson, the butler,
keeps all the men in line. At least in theory. Head cook Mrs. Patmore is
very hard to control. She runs her kitchen like a tight ship. Constantly scolding poor Daisy.
the kitchen maid. Especially when Daisy has the nerve
to introduce modern technology. It’s a mixer! Embracing the future seems to
be a challenge for many at Downton Abbey. Molesley, our favorite valet,
sees the writing on the wall. Large estates cutting back on staff.
The working class rising. So he jumped ship… when offered a teaching position
at the nearby school. Well done, Mr. Molesley. Anna and Mr. Bates, the valet,
have instant chemistry. Which at Downton means watch out,
iceberg ahead. Mr Bates gets charged for
murdering his first wife, receives the death sentence, but is thankfully exonerated
at the last minute. Phew! Anna and Bates get married,
and it’s all very romantic. For a while. Until… Anna is raped by Mr. Green. The footman of a Downton visitor. Mr. Green later ends up
dead. And Anna’s arrested for murder. It’s never plain sailing for
Bates and Anna. But just know Anna
does get off. They end up alright and
even have a baby. The women of Downton Abbey upstairs and downstairs, do not suffer fools gladly.
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Violet Crawley, matriarch of
the Crawley family. loves getting the last word in. And it’s usually a zinger. How you hate to be wrong. I wouldn’t know. I’m not familiar
with the sensation. Her favorite sparring partner
is Matthew Crawley’s mother, the middle class, former nurse,
Isobel. These two disagree on
almost everything, which gives Downton some
of its biggest laughs. What have I done wrong now?
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Oh, please. But deep down,
the two respect each other, and when Isobel’s kept from
her companion Lord Merton by his two nasty no good children… What did you imagine? That we would welcome you with open arms? It’s Violet who steps in with
some choice words saving the day. And why have you stayed away? She didn’t stay away.
She was denied entry. Mrs. Crawley wants to take you
away from your son and your family, and kidnap you into marriage. How perfectly marvelous. And who can argue with that? Now back upstairs… Lady Sybil’s storyline not such
a happy ending, I’m afraid. The youngest and most spirited of the family… I’ll run away. I warn you. …falls for the family chauffeur, socialist-minded Tom Branson. And before you can say “cricket”
the two are off to Ireland fighting for their
shared causes. When they return, Sybill’s pregnant,
and all seems well. In a shocking turn of events just after giving birth
to a healthy girl Sybil succumbs to eclampsia, and dies leaving poor Tom
with a baby daughter, Sybie, and a family who barely
puts up with him. But Tom’s a fighter,
also a standup guy eventually winning
everyone over, even snooty Mary. Lesson there, never underestimate
a chauffeur. And we’ve waited this
long to bring up footman Thomas Barrow for a reason. He’s complicated. When he comes to Downton… Thomas? Mr. Barrow to you. He’s the most despicable, lying piece of… I’m sorry. But the man would sell his
own grandmother down the Thames. And when he and dastardly
lady’s maid O’Brien team up, no one’s safe. But in his defense, as a gay man
living in 1920’s England, having to keep that secret
to avoid arrest would, I think, make anyone
a bit uptight, don’t you? I went to London for
pills and injections. The purpose of which was? To change me. To make me more
like other people. Of all the characters
at Downton, Barrow’s had one of the
greatest transformations. Second chances indeed. Somewhere, he found a soul.
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And when Mr. Carson had to step down from his duties as the butler, Barrow stepped in. I don’t want to force
your hand, Mr. Barrow. And I don’t to twist
your arm, Mr. Carson.
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My only fear is the position
will go to his head, and he’ll revert back
to his old ways. Let’s pray not. Now if you’re wondering if
Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson, after spending years
together, strictly as colleagues,
found love. Well, of course, they did. Are you daft? Did you not see their
hand holding on the beach? If not, look here. Honestly, that writing
was on the wall. Life at Downton Abbey is
all about second chances. Take Lady Edith,
the middle daughter, who’s always lived in
Lady Mary’s shadow. You’re not content
with ruining you own life. You’re determined to ruin mine. She finds love, or thinks she does in the older Sir Anthony Strallan. But when he dumps her at the altar, What? Yes, worst timing ever. Lady Edith has a mini breakdown, then hears feminism knocking
at the castle doors. She gets a job writing a
newspaper column. And before you know it
has fallen for her publisher who’s sadly married
to a mental patient. And as per 1920’s law
can’t divorce her. He travels to Germany to
try to get out of it. And ends up being killed by
Hitler’s stormtroopers. And, wait for it… Lady Edith discovers she’s
carrying the publisher’s child. Well, there’s a jam. Her aunt Lady Rosamund,
the only one who knows, encourages her to give the baby up for adoption in Switzerland to avoid scandal. She does. Then abruptly changes her mind, placing baby Marigold with
an adoptive family on the estate. Allowing her to visit her in secret. Well, of course, that doesn’t go down well. The truth eventually blows up in her face. But wait! All is not lost. Just when she needs it the most, Edith inherits a boatload of money from the dead publisher, takes Marigold back,
her family accepts the situation. I believe we should offer
little Marigold a home here. Well then uh… I suppose that settles it. And she finds love with
a country land agent Bertie Pelham. Well, I think we’ve come to the end.
Oh no no no no wait. Lady Mary… Well, what do you think? Of course she found love again. With the dashing motor racing
Henry Talbot. And when Lord Crawley had a
near fatal health crisis it was clear to all except him
that he needed to step down. So Lady Mary and Tom Branson
now manage the estate. Oh and Lady Cora has
taken on a new position as hospital president. Me? Why? Which at first irked Lord Grantham and his old-fashioned ways. But there’s no denying how good she is. And he knows quite well holding back any woman in his family is futile. Everyone is healthy and happy at the moment. Let’s all hold our breaths. Now as for the future in Downton Abbey, as it soars into a new era, no one knows for sure. But through wars, pandemics,
and bankruptcies, as well as small celebrations, to grand pageantries, the house still stands proudly. And as the family grows, and the staff come and go, it’s your guess as good as ours what could happen next. What have you got there? Wouldn’t you like to know? The King and Queen
are coming to Downton. Oh, here we go. I need your help, Carson. I’ll be there in the
morning, my lady. Your majesties,
welcome to Downton Abbey. Remember to pray for us. I’ll put in a word.


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