Dr.Cuties-Chinese Drama

English Subtitle By Yoyo
Alih Bahasa Yulia Chan- My Ig @Chan.yulia The Tittle “Dr. Cutie” at this moment, there’s a sound in my mind Tian Qi At age 19 Die – When A Hodo Meets “A lucky Lord” – I’m merely an imperial doctor of the imperial medical academy Shifu Are you willing to take me to Mansion Ji? 200 guan You will serve me from today And be my private imperial doctor Army Anton’s Jiedushi, Ji Heng, who is called “General J” It’s My honor to have the chance to fan for general J This Man, it not easy to get along With How long do you want to lay on my legs? He has a cold personality How dare you sleep beside me?! And he’s also Moody Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you The flower blossom, you live The flower wither, you die Go find doctor Tian General Ji wants him tonight want me? I refuse! The cute love accidentally begins now Why I could sleep well as long as he’s beside me? That boy Is like a woman I saw you out of the mansion once At that time you were wearing woman’s cloth Someone said I’m seducing you Are you? What are you doing? Take him! He is mine! Who dare to take him? If you are not the one she chose I won’t easy give up I’ll protect you? but I won’t give her to you as well As long as I’am alive I’ll always be there for you I’ll never betray you You made so much efforts to enter mansion Ji Are you planning someting behind? Kneel Down! You really think I’m a person you can fool? Take him away, Never show up in front of me again! Ji Heng is the one who placed to order killing you parents I’m gonna to take Tian Qi back Even if I must turn against you I won’t hesitate to do it If Ji Zheng is really gonna revolt Although he is my brother I definitely won’t forgive him Tian Qi is the only reason that could let you come even though you knew it’s a trap It’s your general J sent you to my mansion And he also said your life is mine now Ji Heng Listen up You live your life, You live your life Can superb medical skill cure a broken heart? Sun Qian As Tian Qi Huang Junjie As Ji Heng Zha Jie As Ji Zheng

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