Dragnet: Helen Corday / Red Light Bandit / City Hall Bombing

hair story or here who’d on the the names came who n_b_c_ brings you right neuro detective sergeant you’re assigned a homicide somewhere in the tangled web of your
city there’s a killer on the move young woman has been brutally murdered
eleven as field bludgeon your job is to get him fragments the documented drama of an actual crime
investigated installed by the man who unrelenting leased and walked on the
security of your home your family and to align well the next thirty minutes and what
were some of the los angeles police department you’ll preval step-by-step on
the side of the law through an act paint from official police files from beginning to end from client a
punishment magnet has the story of your restores
inaction was will was foggy in los angeles we were working in a quarter website you
know my partners than romero the boxes etc
baxter and he could be taken lines fraud it was nine fourteen pm when i got to
deal central jail building third floor the crime lab ideologue a commonly costano
spectrograph that’s fine the paint blatantly victims had much of
that pain on the hunt the pipe indifference uh… type was clean no latent prints
with that you know not those blood test reports couple
slides for a look at under the comparison michael thankfully apart you
know when you’re coming was looked like them thing is blood test report this was blood found on pieces packed
but i think systems but know that fretboard doesn’t mean too much though if you look at these slides under the
microscope fellowship now this is your country lately at the light okay take a look mhm yeah going on well this slide here on the right that’s a slice of hair from the victims
had on the other sliders hair found on the
steel pipe yeah she had to be here both statement of flat standard room got anything on that piece of flattery
knuckles uh… corner steel pipe fourteen inches long well she got the plaster impression sandals
footprints we found the body you down great so ten issues no one size nine good
impression round the soft man about a hundred and
fifty pounds according to the length of stratton roughly about five feet ten
inches tall and knew she was all right you can still read the manufactured
lehman dr made by the sport keen company write something to follow-up yeah sure
you could start with the tennis courts only about a thousand a soul in l_a_ it you know that these particular ten issues of the
biggest over the country no they’d like to start minneapolis or
pullman washington what about that yeah and i look for a missing glove gal they go well with issues as far as
common white cotton work gloves of the blue top here’s the right glove you find the left but i don’t know i think was good evidence jones but where is the
lead look i don’t ask you to pay my parking tickets you want to be blow-ups helping right
over here this is a vacant lot where they found
the body yeah that’s right here’s a close-up of her showing the
location of the murder weapon the glove in the footprints relative to the
position of the body upset that yesterday sordid worker overdid there after these are more chill uh… check them this morning which is
an awfully and i want to do it you want to go over the stuff in the
press again you find anything wrong no nothing you haven’t seen already the
usual hair clip eugene stones in it loose change according to a few pennies reidy cup and coordinate thirty-three naomi please age twenty one forty one that’s not very old as italy not to die
in phenomenon helen cody who could in or do you live
you say that mister meyer that goodpeople came from and he’s really
cute one him and what they did not know if the no
bullet point the piano she was a good way aka fight him when they die says the union
twenty one months flight that the union’s intelligent sure so are the
girls come from the union but none like a lab commercially on this creditors masterminded you know anything about her
personal act who knew that she was a good mood servicing and she took home isn’t on
this please did you ever mentioning mandy you anyone at all knowledge and managua them like minded
to make here uh… paid had lunatics donna citizens
immediately to steve live lives that it was a much work but
dips a very good myself this her home address thirty-three naomi
place city to reno that’s right now thank you very much mister my free time when the what kind of that this does
things like that one nobody like him cartier uh… thank you lining up lloydmorgan or app will you the head of the union duit
minimalist escorting colonel obviously let you look
like marlboro net not flattering here’s a pic yeah villages g all issuer like your if i said it best seller i my assets are he seemed to think quite
a lot of her uh… i want it uh… or always write if well enough i dot i didn’t him that year place right away you know anything about
a personal life well in a minute all these questions and in court date was murdered you know anything about it personally secrecy side drove undergrowth take a raincheck amount uh… his name to me that i see a
picture of him you would not see any boyfriends union waiters busboys that i wouldn’t know identity certain i
wouldn’t know how they go again parable dot like nike and pepsi yeah and what about paintings and how long
you been jumping in here today moms and brown clean defined helen’s landlady we talked to her
yesterday he told us to work it has been a star money what heat festivities i fell attempting to them you want to go on the deal didn’t give
no one can repeatedly happen thinking and beat them villanova around us listening to me who gave everything a
massive mitchell he took them out and problems and i
don’t know not a movie people need to continue what do you know about our personal life
coming given a boyfriend you don’t think your mitchell worked out
that i don’t know never asked helen but she did have a few dates of boston i do confused here about our standard kia attn woodland bob anybody you’re running up a
time to get a dog went if you’re thinking pollack indicated no i’m sure
he didn’t kill me the assault with a victoria no gentlemen i did not kill him into a
day you gave resources mistrust and reno
were pretty well if i gave her voice coaching buddy you know how japan is the promises not to grateful
isn’t bad girl you’re pretty well august visit that uh… stranded
injuries to take her out with nora well flooding the heavens socially at all we
know we have been so that that’s not true on it and that’s all this but you can
get to the security of the you that the other two have missed us then we can prove that you’ve been out with for the publicity zag fitness successful business units that he has
been delayed i think that’s the ruling then you have
been out with a only a few poppy nothing scary if i had nothing to do what i am
not a lot of the programs you know that withholding information that they might
be a single kinda hard for you as i know that will provide you with your estimate is
somewhere in the city right now there’s a guy obedient girl to death he crushed
her skull piece of steel pipe we need every bit of information we can get the
tracking down i don’t think so i could have come to us we would run to the
newspapers would informations confidential at the way we treated most
of the time of the people read the newspapers first then they come to us
that’s right mr oscar before their own press agents docket i’d like to know
what brought you have to invade my privacy lectured me on my you are absolutely
right after we want them in order to helen corti i kind of my friends he had
a call fourteen this morning some of you thanks mister sorry about big surprise detector dollars talent noms on them uh… extension try to five one one welcome that but i didn’t know he’s been looking for you in mine come on you know and job then then her notebook full notes crime lab full of evidence nothing the
time together movies and the people you interviewed yeah those in about a dozen why wouldn’t
take notes on privately infirm everybody sing the electives yeah and into a day no no no into single unattached girl
living alone in the city few friends and no enemies and we can’t find any way new standards and all the people you
interviewed her in the clinton i was gonna stick to the sample robbery
moldova and money and coordinate with him a
thirty how you doing outside displaying one holds something anything
right now well ample evidence across the street you’ve got a book full of names here you’ve got the pieces have been together figures no-name well
gold romantic normal room until aidid anything from the informant jonathan’s
rhino tips on anybody that’s been deliberately nobody shooting up their
mouth the guy we want won’t advertise aidid himself pretty smooth operator you’ve probably made a mistake somewhere
along the line defined aka amp uh… moment alcohol attack and planning you and then run it down call anatomy equivocal damn little the name was mrs lillian or for the past five years mister horn have
been paid regularly on wednesdays he spent all day thursday digging up his
paycheck and beating his wife the caller is no connection with
accordingly we made the usual call in the community unity can control on a key to
controlling on that probable attack but he just
wanted to know code for katie katie control one cm eight three
six m paul that was the beginning for the next three days we followed up
every lead and every call but they were all born lawyers were loaded and they had as much
information on the killer of helen forty as we get then i cruised throughout the entire
recovered every probable calling some connection with the murder the through part of the ordering nearly twenty four
hours so private limited mistake women in the
planet courtney was on monday they were all there one with future options girlfriend wheels lengthening eduardo but nobody else we had here was monday afternoon monday night was back to the older along
during the night of his life small president let no three more days of the same there’ll be more than one week after
week on helen courting body we got an anonymous phone had had havent couple had what you’re doing well and winnable saturday night than an hour that one
dozens of saturday night at the nato flight indian
women know for various dot but no unity in poland a_k_a_ control one can’t on your property more tower road
palm earlier in the vicinity we will have b it’ll any do and weird how had it’s where but political but i have an explorer moved animal and w darren development if ultimately florida capital of colombo and retire part one kill involvement that i will get over
that omega right common they can dot activity here we are going to go on uh… was work fashion and michael at the gas chamber yet they
have admin for drug treatment for speeding right come on you akin olympic committee child we let that be ok what uh… it honoring respect of uh… last year’s upon the goats when the
government but you’ve got to plan for over twenty
years of political eighteen right here on in life might or
might it over the admin usable the lapd uh… yeah had here it uh… that little girl for life police officers okay did he do grupo impacted it juditha old issue when i think the babysitter you for uh… with his way into the house peter about the mechan era but it was part of the growth of the
final pat buchanan the money don’t know weekends with blackmun quote there are other
animal the close of lead with revisionist or burned in company courting the hot spots that were
involved in the seventies with room needing to get the advancement of women
any usimanx rounded out their own did not learn about japan landfill nintendo small loose stones the rhythm
rhythm rhythm granddad got it working on now because the man of steel helen cordero abuse scraps of circumstantial evidence
and i’ve got much to go on marksman going out to the little scott
girl at the time was much of the time that we had to be
sure elected which i think my season ortiz
murder we interviewed the personnel manager runs the company where you work we talked all the talk soon manager of the hotel relive without that
everything we could about five blocks that night at ten o’clock with the
president ought to be interrogation oh is finally for them lousy weather than slowly over time i
wouldn’t know that uh… how will you uh… thirty one cents a
listing you ask where to go to school didn’t was born smart yourself close dot we know you worked the parent company
remember you told us what israel is where you guys turn that’s one of the like sewing clothes you’ve got personal bright colors one blue shirt years your screen you know close o_j_ and some of them for
five years in economics and i’m in london that how your stocks in title
wasteful to man style books in but you always know the right things the
way i don’t see you wouldn’t wear black shoes with a
brown suit would thirty people meaningful styles well with you wins was people deware branches of the time she died welcome player here aguilar lockton nickel about would you ever wear brown shoes of
the tax nobody at the navy blue flag down there is no the concert from simpson it’s a good view he’d like that flannel anyway you’d never wear ten issues about the
like it would be what do you think i think you did i
think you were on the right to kill helen courting through maybe you didn’t
have the blue suit on the during ten issues sporting size nine sell for five ninety five you pick them
up at a discount cost you three court if you get that a houseboat burns in
coming you would never shoes analogy we couldn’t find a hotel room your book mister gregg used to think
about you uh… before you start drinking on the job you
commission you to run pretty high up the last couple of months what happened that keep ragged tilly you
to return or surrounded you when you gonna tell me what i eat for breakfast cornflakes cup of coffee sometimes two donuts when you’re hungry
elsie wi tung at the royal basic design kept you know someone that one effusive
present cooper cold i’d like to where the tennis shoes wall in three weeks they’d be very good to me hw little else
would you do with them you figure we know you bought the denny
hughes we don’t know where they are now finale adam batman three feet from the body helen
cordero if i want to size nine foot prints made by a pair of sporting
tennessee’s freedom and what about a hundred and fifty five you entered
fifty-eight about five foot pain your five eleven you come awfully close to being the same
goes a man who killed an encore dayton’s uh… anywhere the same size ten issues
same brand name a lot of people winners the average size so uh… sports teams to everybody wears we could find your career might make a
difference doesn’t mean your tennis shoes made the front with a binding doesn’t prove it it didn’t near but to do the rest of the from away student might make a difference our
difference credit maker thrown away a strong how bout to make this villa
anderson found his right hand glove but the body
of employed a just an ordinary cotton work gloves everybody wears an we could find a mason
left without were might make a bit size medium beverage to analyzing an
initial work closer with no nobody bought workflow seventy not opposed to
enact this knowing she won’t go along what kind of work was good about headed
by name he decided that i never said i bought a
new word reebok tennis shoes noted near i could have brought the tennis shoes and i tell you i don’t know you didn’t
tell us we told you find out who brings a company we work alright you told me i
bought any and all that same kind of tennis shoes made
footprints but an encore days but it was a major why would you tell us what you
did with my daughter to look after a long way they were only three weeks old
at the one out of i didn’t say what they had to return to
know you told us they were not remember my side i remember what i told her but i
don’t know way no you don’t have mellowed the filters think it’s a very ride last yes issues that’s what i said and i and i
don’t know how i haven’t gotten a are not just for the record likes of which
was filegate two thirty two the where operation before you said both before i
should or if you haven’t gotten on me but that little scott girl statement
last night she says you try to kill his line attorney should live at nine i want
to use the phone he said he had with the time began with an acknowledgment of
scare i didn’t hear with any and had to get those marked ronan ekman
police dot this is an army that i don’t care what your doctor says i didn’t know
what do you mean laxmi didn’t harriet inhale exhale one i just wanted to use
up all night you know i can apply their knowledge and upon i just woke up i not
to find out what i find out if i could use up all but she said you didn’t know
she had a phone i don’t know when you were you pushed everything around sucks they want the truth of a cigarette yeah his lap budget where were you wednesday night
march eighteenth from the judge miscreants and question
just wanna make sure we got it right attorney this morning which we showed up at about eleven of
them went home but then again about eleven thirty did you stay high went to
bed what you see it this year i never
remember the names we are trying to remember this is pretty important and i was a deluxe figures spencer
tracy’s what was on when you walked in and those are never going in the middle
of a commuted the last bullet implement now has tried to go on the box office
doesn’t remember seeing you go in and she knows key lawmakers have been
crafted you anything and everything about it to get priority
member they give away a lot of money goes neighborhood theatre i would
remember who it today but what you’re doing dog you remember
if anybody when the judge told you know but they haven’t yet puppet show ideas
who do i don’t know i know it with keno nike should not read it yet but maybe
they had a jack but i don’t know i will not personal use of the cartoon was only walked in
what do you wish prescription i told you the news was on when i went
in member anything about community was ten days ago i know i resent it allen also knows relied so now i
actually check your albina manager the theatre had a couple israel wednesday
night at the show was running along with you know that you didn’t go to killers
magick alright maybe i did not know remember what’s a definitive answers you
could’ve been unethical at the same night the night helen corny was mike i’m
sure you can provide it interrogation room right ideals your positive uh… yeah ok thanks lee carried on a calculated into those
initiate i’m not going to go back over all at i told you guys all uncommitted you know the core digger was murdered
palatine illinois moaning about it fill our way home from work as usual but midnight because you were home in
bed about that time mitigating but they still have not gotten our way home helen
quite a always took a short cut across a vacant lot he was about half way through the latin
america and a grabber curse she screamed instructor there several times the
pieces steel pipe fourteen inches long it be the death of a thesis feels like
they dropped the batman arriving in cottonwood eleven f two footprints at
nine fourteen kenny g_ final election is something you don’t know when the telescope the paper money out
of girls percy accidently took a lot of loose rhinestone a stone with a lot of a cheap
barackobama burbank betrayed its own home with my return spot at the bottom
of the start of the ranks on fell on the floor we found a dry summer reading your hotel
room eleven lived in that hotel room all my
life maybe to china before me dropped it but none of this way we take the cement the held in denver at
the back to the door on a stone though arson at rhinestone came from a
haircut that helen cordero or before she was murdered that’s enough to take you
to do is to get going with from are supposed to say we want to tell us the
truth why did you tell uncle a day uh… covet when when my contract would not be
a long time and and yet coveted and back mine and looks good what time you want martin amb he’s never work on down in valley gilman norplant’s multi-level
right now that bill breakdown carpetbagger lineup rising treasure this washington out of town met behind them bites would like to be done then runs great and it’s now like that drinking coffee anyway life is getting
hotter it it they will only call us that are
different they’ve margo summer racket the story will get hurt his through only the names were changed protect the innocent frank plus interest right and convicted
of murder in the first degree he was executed emily billdesk chambers
at the state penitentiary and unit been interested authenticated from
official files technical advice for dragnet furnished by the plainclothes
police department tonight’s program is dedicated to police
officer charles a brady of the chicago illinois police department who won the nineteen th september second
nineteen forty-five gave his life so that your might be more secure and that dragnet came to from los angeles this is handy padding-top kohinoor here’s school on protecting
innocent and these people in general dragnet world uh… detective sergeant are assigned to
robbery detail a ruthless the grown between masquerading as a bully pulpit one helpless the row beaten and wasnt
tim criminal twisted union vision your job is to get him fragment the documented problem an
actual ryan investigated and found by the man who unrelenting weight and
walked on the security of your own your family and reliable overnight thirty minute in cooperation
with the los angeles requirement you will travel to advice abnormal side of
the larger one-act locate promoted required from beginning to end from crime to
punishment pragmatic the above party at your polly
oris inaction when june fourth pharmacological we’re working on a quarter of reading my partner’s ben romero the boxes air
bags can keep the detectives my name’s crying was on my way back from communications
eleven thirteen pm returning property cardio by them the apartment is a calm and bad news or
some other doggone it in mind taking for will again last year it was a mom here
before that the maze and every time i get fit for a vacation he decides to
kitson won’t forget that ben franklin property is going to be in your old age go ahead atlanta you’ll find it helpful yeah higher graduate diploma five what can we do port you don’t look like you remember me
among women claims savages and johnny said ninety-seven momentum pollster or those
liquor store ever gotten a little bit that six seven years ago when ten years
and you know i remember that it was a time
we testify in court ever wait ten years is a long time longer in the state penn
latham you cried a little bit trial didn’t see
seventies that we’d be that confession out of the yeah that’s why i think in a
drop in for lou visit that kind of apology if it was you gave me a square delay you’d think i
lost my head a because of the police’s unauthorized seventh but in a week ago i did it the hard way lieutenant plant animal mandate find a
job yet an friday more connect with perugia
labor in warehouse seven of them the federal level ten years in prison too long time they learn a lot of things night so long you think a lot to get things breaking them hope you
mean that your immune writing and that everything straightened out well my friend uh… no it wasn’t you sound like maybe on the right track
i’ve got a friggin romero like you to fellas it got me a red head of the news send me
a protease well you did all right seventy five armed robberies he got off
pretty easy you’ve got a break failing make the best of sure undertaken and news via break that’s right well and does dup invalid visit may be out of three of the list and amp all right thank you economical fuel not being you just took ten years of my life
pencil it looks like we have a man going to
have a matching penalizing them click in both directions come and learn the lesson that program
behind bars minority group in the good yourself minimum or record grown coming on well yet nine annihilated again uh… purebred uh… store ourself with that uh… soul and able to eleven
at night uh… we got the story from the uh… or or for the most part it was the usual
rundown of an early morning holdup with only one except what did you know travel
deal all that there was nothing like this one i mean this uh… where we came
in here just before clothing and ordinarily arctic night out at and look for but the stock into the dorms but it was
a policeman parliament the plugged up what drives me in the white comic-con
oregon and she’s remain here in the paper but
by the grand with boy that inevitably a board people don’t realize never write
by when in doubt and costs four blocks away from alaska uh…
called right now in canandaigua the american seventy-one
were already there victim was telling a story prospectively that will mean grape
kindest make the hill when i hear this stand behind me you know to this red light working and studying
there that we’re probably caribbean which is rejecting my driver’s license
when the cop runs out directly out of the crime studs plugging in a place where the body you
again linking the banner brain going around and declaring that red light on
the car looked on while everything won’t while on too w the me all right with him the pilot program now tiring vel he would pull technique and art it the uh… forgot breaking we’ll get the kind of manual clinique worked with the whatever the boss clamoring for night you wouldn’t believe
in their london’s was feeling that they could do it their if are due to its head that was a
red light yesterday with the red legged posing as a policeman why hadn’t been picked up not much about
it as we deliver we got our first call around midnight in october a drugstore
out of somalia to stop working since indian it definitely down in the
description of light and minimum installed bays and back here either of you got any ideas could be
anybody skipper with that description issued more than anybody in the book we
celebrate those down the personnel lori schiller mug book of all police offices
was one of our men works way drugstore motors there’s been a housewife up a
little bit right in the house after or a ratner all
time uh… the twenty year old kid in the
next room came in just before you got here couple hours ago it was getting a car
with his girl of the mollen grant is red legged and incomes one good thing
didn’t have to go he admits economic one case twenty seven people have a good
about the cato wouldn’t do it if you have to go impact on them had a bad time pioneer book okie wid that he would be more question canceled misjudging friday entered the room and i think for me can you tell us what time of trouble
started ten fifteen ten thirty personally were hitting or review burning where from the american car pools of the christmas spirit touching the rates are going on here the gunman problem when he was a did you
get a good-looking carping he wasn’t working you look at them and he reminded it was breakdown from he kept
hearing that require it all happened so fast and then he starts telling me how
would that what happened in poetry sally was dreaming than one million showed me how
implicitly party video of the other hand accomplishment billy my got me started working playing again
malignant usually will go on they have to be here betting romero let’s go that led to a mountain lion ok given had
at the end of the projector were wounded that camp hijacked were different no it but none of their current redefined over there beside the road somebody driving by assorted they call
it and and and the kitchen this bracelet on earth mhm my dearest stanley and the twenty fifth nineteen forties
and that’s a good all right or the tenant and uh… i wouldn’t bet
on them pretty bad shape belet huen enough yeah unimelb call the
crime lab unchecked the area of a footprint in contract arrive back into the room she regained consciousness i want to
talk to her right for him a meeting of the by eight thirty working straight through to we get this
guy developers you’re hello bear out then for while neither they’d cut their
ahead let’s take a look at a recommend in that people are requirement word of
god reveal growing give and get them out of
world war i a because arrive at the ground in the light the or less driver had a alia allowed the reality
the and driller right arm arigato recommended you’re during the day week-and-a-half red light
them in a real will pick point out electric program in oklahoma replied
pyrotechnical reply been beaten davis written taken over by the name of
the time of the image of the elite or within word will come from a panel of
pentium use for stolen cars already we got to
make the numbers on the twenty about the darker than was randomly mammoth the boy
i think that this morning out-of-pocket which i think the president was fine
david only description only guy uh… na like that you know viewers to pass
nothing at all then the u_n_ called black hair big
hands loves community aa in a minute ok
theater speculating on activities then repeal and prepared to they appear
in and ability and up to date okay and discovered that there wasn’t really wild
and it go for him to remember where he’d been in pretty bad shape since we
found up there and some of the room when she took a turn for the better he’s confident that they think she might
be able to talk to us a little bit goodwin than an hour included with the doctrine with her
family it would be able to pick up on it to
make the most of them until orion which has been delayed okay great job that will become a hurricane
cleo pose while you were gonna look like mark we’re going to repair sorry about
that we’ll be back cover okay there’s been a couple of phone calls to
anything important i don’t think so and i just call this a little that his name
is johnnie cabbage discos no but lobbying dinnerware literally brag
from regarding or do you think we have not been uh… and you understand of
course that you’ll be able to her only a few minutes and the reinvestment that bright sally and able to talk mad knocking face injuries so your questions will have to be
answered simply uh… said no and nominated weaker where we have few
questions and we want to know if she can identify them and i’ll be here from
these because we got here i started this was thank you sally the gentleman from the police
department they’d like to ask a few questions no need to be nervous or simpson on your head yes or no did you see the man who attacked him did you get a good look at his face alright selling even into the three
together just national what he called for the interactive they
have largely european into the folder yeah thank uh… just one more thing so i will show
you some pictures and take all the time you want before you make up your mind
about each one if you recognize anyone of these men is
a personal attack you just nigeria alright frock that is the first one now is the next this one recognizing u determine is yourself thank you saw what’s wrong been that doctor will get besser didn’t care goody-goody main savage doctor bellman
jennings damage and in five minutes an all-points bulletin
the full description of the suspect broadcast every radio cari motorcycle
officer every share of the law enforcement in los angeles in southern
california more than a dozen main bowman whether they want to be one hundred madam anhydride heroes it ever bank weapon that the defense up advection
nanogram filming an act of a lawyer johnnie savage and good as doorkeeper
last night is that a juror victim identified and commitment hack indianapolis and again tonight for life we have to do now to get in look the way we figured this red light
bennett is using stolen cars with coldplay so there’s no way a tracking
down the cars of regular commercial garages he’s got to be running private
garages someplace around ten and look at the neighborhood patrol on the job
advertising all over town that video wouldn’t admit people in private garage is a dime by a
lot of register the car and license number with the police then a campaign if you want but ltd nextgen with it into the hospital at the new family everyone what about five minutes ago at night everybody went back to my job
as usual recruiter drive the ball mcclanahan about a dozen people like uh… armed
writing or cars are parked in the only privately doctor osborn archiving news from the garage repaired
so there’s an agreement we kind of an ict around everything was using except one thing we’re tracking down to
the deepening or status like a people’s faces en route to get america and was a perfect mechanisms thank god
normal i gave them to do when i heard what if i don’t have time to time unlock
five dollars because until seven minute morning wasn’t even in that we had breakfast at the federal a little
restaurant down the street from the city hall was about eight fifteen we got back
to the office retires pretty you know scott it from there read your paper by talking arm-twisting going with past history of the floor was uh… for a personal trying to work very
busy guy what’s this all about it was a speaking park fight hero make contemporary compare and started for used to stand here
committee okay my partner size of a maryland two
i’ll be brief kid and the father john city i wish for you to catch him hard an
artist name or mailbox if that meant the spending nickname in i’d change my name ten years
ago and john first cut of the problem my only and i had to change the chain
always from him my son mister savage as your son been home
since he got out of prison uh… many times to ask for money i would like you
may be so he struck me last night day read a newspaper who can he beat up she’s been tonight make up my mind you know where your son is known as the
senate let mom know about garage is a card in their does not decide no ozone in the garage i’d find many
license plates i’d find spotlights with the red graduated if you don’t have any idea where we
could find nobody would come back you always comes back for money we’re going to station officer in the
house was just i mean anything you want to treat will catch him he’s bad sergeant legs something poison oracle pat is formed a u worked really vehicle before these dot he did he get proved legend for didn’t use cheese three
buffet didn’t you she stays in life to see him from prison and a circle he did not even come to the film yourself have any idea that you might
call a no no i don’t think so with the new kitchen if you go my own to land and killing johnny’s tonight had before we left we call it background of
the day because indicating a truly neighbors
tomorrow we call them together that night after dinner and extra and
i’m not really been remarked return carmen who lives next door apparently soccer at about nine the three of us at the front windows in
the dark and we’d the interviews are gherig’s the city three hours when but awaiting got monopolies do come out with
a lively yet pollute rivers or clocks enough to put anybody to sleep but then again for recreating the clock kept ticking we worked on it with japan’s keeping each other way at ten minutes passed to a look at my
wife and i settle back and try to find some kind of a comfortable position they started to think it was just like
the people of the poor sameer mimicking plus interest on the galleria extended came up with this man traffic
romero yet arafat when i went to prison ending estimates come average yeah what happened at waco uh… one ok body parts contact at anecdote maybe history at that time that they have a chronic
magnetic attractive him eleventh-hour he came home it where record hammered for really heartbreak higher and overall higher time pierre the
what echo right control or like allowing polyamide at their plan coming up captivated cried the argued here right fire word camp here corp the you know with we’re you that it before user or adjusting roasted disguised bug river but would you do been your son was a
murder the three-word oncoming there the transplanted was tried and convicted
of murder in the first degree he was executed in the lethal gas
chambers at the state penitentiary brand your with the new period it will
probably shouldn’t technical advice or dragnet diverted
brentwood police require right program everywhere role officer robert field abundantly highway patrol who on the morning of november second
nineteen point seven gave his life the your might be more secure uh… um… right now endured found lines here best depending the national broadcasting or here who’ve on remain whom n_b_c_ brings you dragnet detective sergeant you know indeed throughout receive an emergency hello complected and baad cities will your job reported once the document drama than actual den
investigating assault by the man who unrelenting leased and bought parody of
your home your family unreliable well the next thirty minutes in
cooperation with the los angeles apartment view of travel step-by-step
along to enact locate official police bios from beginning to end from private
placement dragnet is the story of your police force inaction it was tuesday november fifteenth was raining in los angeles we were off
duty reporting in an emergency call what has been romero busted extreme cuba detectives mining right it was a thirty two a m when i walk in
the spring street entrance of the city hall you started talking gal attract pilots are sincerely want to
service following up to sixteen delia sticking politically uh… you know club and in english and
became a soon as i got a call in fedex reinventing you worked last night
and yeah limited this morning kanan cases here for a while in russia
when we get inside posted number one of his own position amigas bridges i can every minute camps
which ended up writing eight thirty three and it is fifty five minutes ago man walked into
this building with a homemade bomb under his own we don’t really see rather than the
county jail by nine o’clock this morning is reasonable to you in the bombing
little building him who was the guy instrument landing his package in his brother than in and out of jail
since nineteen thirty seven smiled and free whereas the f_b_i_ kickback we had once
before bottom when his name is elwood journey of attached to being remains to
be because that means that he will with a bomb on his way that’s right management what kind of obama’s it’d if he’s bluffing could be bluffing but
the crime and says no meet joan from that you love you financial as one and the boxes glass so you can see much of them a closer
look but you can get him again we want to do the baggage and begin
take-it-or-leave-it and ability to do it highlander the shul wannabes it is when we know it
doesn’t and he’s got a family getting another single man will give it a try
wait a minute joe what makes it got this job to do it need and we can’t go and we never know
what on earth is that’s what makes a difference this time we do million of
them cut me out not the only time i know what i’m getting maimed chandler’s giant hannan davis once and
they will try and this guy cunning knows what he’s doing
is no pushover somebody’s got to get that done with
them if your baby now i looked at my watch it was a thirty six experiments on animals i want to make good threat to blow up
the building by nine o’clock nearly two hundred twenty more minutes to come here and i think it would better looking over her homework that somehow
the plan maybe this talking to and would do it people sitting in a straight back
kerrigan’s the firewall facing the door he was seated between listening lol role six wooden chairs in the center
of the right wall wasn’t connecting door leading to the office were back in the
briefest those long long time just off center and they bring the left
of the role of a small filing table another printer in the office for the
deaths in this part of the connecting door like does it take the form of this maneuvered corner shoot by a white
screen as a small wash basin possibly benton county was mentally cataract holding the black box in his
life you know his right hand side one into
the box demise today for a minimum we want to
remind but you say to a man with a bomb close enough cigarette running non-smoking right now what are you trying to prove you know
what i want when i met your brother out ideas you’ve gotten till nine o’clock change
your mind burden of that clock on the law you got
twenty four minutes if we go you’re going with this kind of
big much of the brain to figure that copper what made you think you could get
away at their have injured today nine o’clock lafayette park slope eventective against some pocket watch
lately that’s the one who’s running this show
have you given any thought dolly innocent people that are level for the
thing is they’re my brother’s innocence i want him out of jail the court says
he’s guilty japanese serves his time that’s where
you’re wrong copper he gets out at nine o’clock this morning tomorrow that you have the facts at the box on the table you think i’m
bluffton don’t you i’m gonna let you get within five feet
before i make a lot out of here something turning like if you mean business you can take three more steps and find
out for sure when we did that your brother we did
come out and they came up again you’ll only if you could find this let’s get
this straight if we met your brother elwood out how do we know you’re going to go from
promised i made any promises you just get alot done here first and
then we’ll talk about there’s only one thing i can’t figure coming you know what’s that if we don’t let your brother acche se
you’ll pull the trigger on the phone because a lot of people but even approve of it’s a thirty-seven you’ve got twenty three minutes left i
wish you’d answer that one for me forty-one killari innocent people down
credit connie copper i know they cleared everybody out of this building forty
five minutes ago i know they clean up the whole block they got roped off or to
get information i got a couple in the theater lagata and do you think it’s about time to send
somebody over to get elwin meant going we’ve got a way out of this we don’t have to let your brother i mean i heard that before what’s to stop us
from leaving the building along with a few officers met you stayed here and
pactel fatwa go ahead it would be a long week without it who you kindly kid you got me blow up
ten million dollars worth of taxpayers’ money uh… you’re gonna let out without you wait
till the last minute to do it with you living room the ed unselected impeccably says in one
injured it about elections furnace but let’s face it uh… by a prize given when you mean people of the train on that machine he
killed us about has given him for however my own i can handle it laptop memphis drawings
with active ling demands about student maybe falls in his reflex action pull
the trigger health care bill winging my stopping perky it just kept walking in shooting down
why not to do the same thing with armed criminal never join first alone unit the
issue to me if i never thought i must get it in the kind of a million years
and i don’t know the answer we can turn into a positive because of
the nine o’clock might have been going on hwy located county department of the
detail of the checking it now the chilean wines you’ve got any ideas on who to trust as
michael gillen and elizabeth any further than you did
just now just one thing i want to know for sure
yeah friday is if there is indeed we all want to
know here where we’ve got to get that blocks away from extend now stand a direct line and his happy answer that was the jelly
is on twenty eight sticks of dynamite in chinese apartment a renew wasn’t kidding we could see in the bombing of the glass
window and one in that looked like dynamite inside and it
was not a heightened when he’s wrong we did not hear the nerve to pull the
trigger novel uploaded but with only minutes remaining nobody
wanted to take the gene from here on him loves agreement when incarnation in the
next grumbling in these two hands of course part one of the destroy assault we had to get the packed away from and
to get the we have a plan i wont willing morning twenty minutes till nine o’clock we get
away from and idea might work connie sitting as the firewall between
to windows live although for if we could get a man through one of those windows
would like to come from behind and again with regard to the what it’s like when he doing somebody grabs the box the
crime lab can tell us what to do with the how do we get a man who has windows
in the second floor there’s some kind of alleged runs around the building on each
story white in the form and the local penicillin within their annual too good eighteen
inches could be done to risky ran an ad that legislate for it strongly and update you with him and out
of the building history mr loh at about eleven sixteen
floors give might be a win my department would know that under the
bed and she fiction lee jones in the building now is over
the crime lab i gave him a good too animal fighting maybe the word stuck to
it and i look at medical minister set this up we’ve got to know what kind of doing
every second of that sample about date the form and be good headed on without him seeing look for the divine as connected to this one in
him this room two sixteen fourteen you got that yeah i’ve pushed down key
sixteen forty nine am machine and then leave it down papers here of the book
and leave it up reversing roe at threat you know if it is not the book we will
be able to getting it that kent connecticut where’s my brother solar cell property long on but short on time and
when i’m telling where your own good you’d better get a
little over here on that we get your but on the phone
here hit and he doesn’t want any part of this
uni email would bill mauna since one joy wants them talk your way
he’s only got a year to serve salim alongside told a lie told him i’d
get him out you’d think i could do it but i’m doing army tibet connie let us get your brother on the phone he won’t walk out of here with me getting on the five waited on the bond over here after use
of the two phone i don’t know fee from the chief though
it’s still a prison what’s the matter with the former operators you know that
there has been cleared veda okay you can use the date that song this friday ed i want to talk to his brother yeah i know you have to send somebody
over haven’t put the collar extension but i think number ban two three five
one two three five one ad we’ll take a minute yeah and kinda like to talk to l and a couple of months since i’ve seen we’ve always been the gather me n l most
of the time you know wednesday tweaking oracle good idea boy sixteen minutes tonight takeoff but got the hang up and picked the phone
didn’t you a with the receiver beckman that and i have mailed the minimum
respectable when we got outside the door we breed
davis who want women to stick with honey it would be their job to keep us posted
on honeymoon predictable goes on we went back into the office next door
in the exam a region of the fire department would you know we don’t know
if i remember all ready there lethal fashionable women and other
independent flyover on it what it was your freedom means
nothing next and go with the plan a week and
bilateral from the street too high tea this because i’m at the very figured cope with the story that to get
ninety six p eight floors and we’ve got the latest equipment with
any religions sent to you get a little bump in a very
she only got a lot of scaling matters but nothing available come out to be
dropping down before about that right now i think a popular don’t shoot it
wouldn’t make it past the windowsill affair but you gotta put map leading the
way no what you want to live mean or mineral
team and romances quickest and requires individually mandated in jewett with the
risk none if you would right this to happen in life adam and heavy
leather gloves to my menlo and uh… it’s laxman what do you think of a benefit where we do with the bombing we get it i
think in a box literally was about a foot square it will do i get you bought it with a
foot-and-a-half mop before what yeah i’ve run outside the
door medoff’s when you get that box please in the
water will get the bargain of the buildings that weekend once we get the
bomb underwater women for their like advantage of that but as the state is
way to handle it on the circumstances how does it was a gym senator kerrey ran highlands identity
delegate man down the street alike are ready to take the boat was a period of
the commission workers that dick and the monthly david hale that’s right whatever
if you want the rover the ball people activations as a lead as men on the road
menu right out at the bottom of the building okay that’s routine but carry this with you it comes down a group that went in to
make good is going to make it count because
there’s no second tractor and joe when you read that but you gotta
get away from kind of way to squeeze the trigger andy geiger down the street the elevator
you know how to operate it was pretty simple but i’ll double check with the
operators better do it right now both days that we better get cut his brother on
the phone form seem anxious might be a pretty good still andrew natsios outcome
diversity gents campus beyond reading day csrs let me see if i know i worked at thing you take it over the elevated them a
couple minutes u wanna check me out nothing too exciting here’s the controls lee you push his
legal right to go out left to go down if you go to a trigger on the other side
of the handle that’s a safety lock be sure you squeeze in a catholic chip right to go up let the group like
to go up left to go down the africa does automatic they were
caught the control either when a control levers locked in the upper down position
the doors will close together in case they jam this rhetoric easy button up there if that doesn’t close in we call the
repairman i think i got it the shona i’ve had my orders to get out
of the building obviously the elevator right here and
take the stand a sergeant just curious you can take the bond down in the sky we’re gonna try you won’t have any
trouble we have an elevator failure in eighteen months millennium intern and went on the stand but that i am for volunteers in a man
with a bomb city hall was not clear they started on the court in med them
outside the office bataao vividly jones and cheap erickson
were on their way up in the elevator at the rear of the building with the
necessary equipment the complaint women volunteers with them bangalore been put through the city jail
in a moment elwood connie would be ready at the other end of the line we went off until tomorrow to give group booking one
extension two three five one when the concern right now got a little bit buckeye we told you we’d get on the phone for
you the college on a minute minutes a long time cop you only got problem where that was going to talk you out of this sure everybody’s been in touch me out of
this first had with her mother to cuffs
little porky gotten out of the month annual inundated noted here now at that
would moffett witty and get my brother over
here your brother cardio endurance table
chills discover yourself all you want to talk to your brother don’t you have take
care of the whole we’ll just ho the the flop headed your way to go out candidate you that big box around you uh… a piece of advice for you security culture and get out there
without headlining likely vibrato from you’ve got eleven minutes at done on that william blood all right it’s your show we gotta work last night account of a ticket for you at the
bottom of the water right here uh… waiting on the street right actually i
was reading upstairs waiting and we all know what to do a good anti-semitic i
mean with connie when he falls i’ll be in a way of writing go upstairs to an example one thing
you’ll ever know with their strongly incoming of going out there
about they’ve been allows isn’t known as the new increase this way and allow for
claiming winds like mister we’ll owe you just to the right of the
window i think it correctly went to the rest vigorous but we don’t control the
weather i can do it then tunes i gave a position
that we can put one on his right usability might get you on the right side of the
same one good pictured putting away let’s make it to be sure right renting
liska abhi here used to as a giant writing eight fifty shouldn’t take you on the couple of
minutes for them and they get down and window list vineyards in trouble gently issue
sticking around and give friday and as mention gotta keep you
alive to decommission the bomb blonde joke seattle’s scared writing i think is even but and pakistan and iran into the next
problem our job is to keep him occupied program talked before about that was going to try it one oh one
hundred somehow we have to keep his attention on
us away from that window bernie when ronald kinda got out of
position the plan unveiled then was spotted by what they are the jackson did mislead the court
incorrectly events like planning my timing and
working by with him at my watch was eight minutes tonight anything we can say to make a change in
my hand i have asked you a hundred times now i’m
loading you’re going to get to a full and have
somebody similar would over here right now i’m through late ammu europe dot the phone karne mein
aata i told you i’m sticking it to a bit
stone we’ve gotten to neglect to make in your mind about this u and until nine that you wouldn’t do it i thought non cut you short you guys i’ve got exactly one minute to
get a phone in this room where i can hear you call a jail and a little bit the said nine connie mago given what he wants we got it how difficult it lewd road rage and whether the president you can access to these under a
protection began places like in jeopardy why not
leave it up to and his opponent that stand one elwood county over here to the awb
brother wants to see him explain the situation if you want to
come get a movie live it up to him room sixteen fourteen at the use of radovan and tell them to
her andheri the only smart thing you’d end today going to go next door and figure out
another will wait for a while to you’d think i’d love to get out now the we’re all gonna wait right here for my
brother in case you don’t show up you’re going
to see me pull the plug dissident not that close right where you are stepped down blogs lochana didn’t hold u she runs an unplanned newland union with a look at your elector
nominee they put anyone balked at the land somebody out here you big but haggling but right wind that i win you know i’m covered you didn’t think i’d like to think like
that does old big uh… market yesterday with a guy named uh… told you i’d do it did not has fired up for the rest of it don’t come on you’re crazy very you’re crazy that’s what they’ve been
convicted we’re going to how you’re doing is a million cops outside people all
over town heard about this wrote in the crowd and main gonna stop us now we’ll
never make it either way i’ve got in this five two
nine looming mcgregor don’t pay you you’re going to get a car ready for the
past them right in front of the building parents i think it would be tragic u_n_-backed by nine o’clock a deal still
holds photo mindful of in at nine oh if they
didn’t like you are reform-minded rectitude really broke for miles you know what that means that but they won’t richard forward we did not uh… at copper get the car you’ve got for men and and partly yeah sometime between the
lesser for him we have been kind of battle from the
jail i don’t think you can speak out on that just must use the bomb into some crazy
reasons why till nine was temblor bus informant about their lives if you can do it strong wind nothing like a fly you would attract same plane every second count i can’t be said is in the room with a
guy you mean alleged results hold for me if you don’t know yet right and claiming windows one is right powerful on the left gabi ready in two minutes abroad vinyl allowed yes here and wait going to be good bien back together
higher we always worry it would be delivered yeah that’s the way brothers
ought to be together all the time bernard you better with a girl we don’t need no gamail we got the bomb really need a german weeded out
rigmarole pulled me they give big they are gone lei you’ll get in your an enduring again
that the other uh… burkhart without a gun wicked group left that the other room
great debate going on you don’t want up time for the car and
bill managed by the time here like it cannot and childhood on the divisional allied seemed like maar
hi watching the denial on it hospitable denied plant cut i missed the first step teleport about online prob light on the
sidewalk i waited explosion didn’t go off he was a good chance lee was all there at least of dozens sticks of dynamite natalie here they all the time is why it didn’t go off that a grade for a hot tradable with taking a good yankus epistle you know you exploring heard only networking
protecting innocent lenin connie was examined by five
different psychiatrist supported by the superior court and was found to be
incompetent he is not confined to the state mental
institution for the criminally insane that would connie is now serving the
balance of his sentence with no time off for good behavior pandemonium visible on the picket line
by or dried department tonight’s program dedicated to tom
marshall arms dealers the mount pleasant utah or who on the night about over fifteen
nineteen point five in his life so that your might be more
secure right now into your problem and this national broadcasting


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