Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (3/10) Movie CLIP – Picking a Fight (1993) HD

[Exhaling] [Indistinct Chatter] – Time’s up. Come on, man.
– I’m not… finished yet. Yeah, you are.
We work out at 3:00. See that clock?
It’s 3:00. Come on. – Where does it say that
in the rule book?
– Ooh. The rule book. You been readin’ the wrong rule books.
Read the ones in English. – What’s that mean?
– [Chuckling]
See? That’s what I mean. Your kind
don’t understand English. – My kind?
– Yeah. Gooks, chinks. You guys
killed my dad in Korea. – You think I’m happy
to see you in my gym?
– Don’t touch me. [Friends]
Ooooh! – Or what? Huh?
– Or I’ll touch you back. [All Laughing] Come on, touch me, dink.
Come on. – Come on, touch me, chink. Come on.
– Hit him, Joe. Quit looking at him
and touch me, chink. Come on, man. – [Growling]
– He’s scared of you, man. – He’s scared.
– [Indistinct Talking, Laughing] – [lmitating Chinese Accent]
Mr. Henderson, we so sorry.
– [Bruce] Are you coming? I have to finish
my workout. Might as well finish
on you. [Chuckling] – Finish him, Joe.
– Okay, chink, let’s go.


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